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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted May 1, by anonymous views 36 comments. Would love to hear all about them. I used to dress a a little school girl for my older brother, I was 12, he was 15 and let him fuck me Loved it. His cock was long, thick, and always throbbed for me. I sucked his cock sensually and cupped his butt cheeks. Me cupping his ass, he didn't ask for.

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Same here. My dad and brothers all had me sucking their cocks when I was just three. Apparently, for a while there, I was a pretty popular little kiddy porn star lol. My dad said a lot of money was made from the video of him showing the first time he took my anal cherry at age 6. My cousin also would kiss my butt cheeks and want me to cuddle him naked. In the very beginning I was quite confused but I soon learned A gay incest stories enjoy it a lot. Sucking him and my brothers. My 12 yo bro blackmailed me into letting him fuck my 17 yo ass. Over the past 4 years he has swallowed my cum and taken it up the ass many times.

I am now 17 and he is I wish I had a gay uncle, cousin, friend or something that was willing to suck me off every day. I want my cock sucked so bad I I would happily let another guy do it. I am 16 and love getting my dick sucked but it has only happend about 6 times in my life. Only 6? Yeah my bro and me started at 9 and 7 and it might have been wrong but it was amazing. I was 13 year old boy I was sucking my older brothers cock and taking him in my ass bare all the time I loved to feel his cum in my ass and suck his cock after to taste my ass.

I came home 2 days early for college break. My friend let me out and I saw my dad and his brothers trucks. I walked in the front door and heard talking in the lwer level walk our. I set my luggage down and started A gay incest stories the steps when I realized I was hearing porn in the tv. I stopped a few steps down when I realized it was gay porn as a man was telling his friend to suck the other mans dick. I eased down the steps and there in the floor in front of the sofa and tv was my dad and his brothe in a I had no reason to ever think my dad or uncle were bi.

My uncle raised his head and looked into a mirror on the other way and saw my reflection at the foot of the steps. Deer in the head lights as I caught then in the act of blowing each other, We starred at each other for however long it was before he said anything to dad. When he dad dad slid out from unger my uncle now they are both staring at me with dwendling dicks.

Not on word was exchanged until my uncle said, "look at his hard dick sticking out his pants leg. I stood there until my dad said, " do you like what you see? My uncle moved over to a chair and set down giving me and dad some time to get to know each others hard cocks and bodies, Dad finally called his brother back and told me to suck his dick, which I did. Then dad knelt and he and I shared my uncles cock.

We spent 4 hours sucking and fucking each other blowing some hard and heavy lo of cum. Mom was working 12 hours shitfs at the hospital so after my uncle went home tohis wife and kids dad fucked me several times filling my ass and mouth with the very seed than made me. The next dady after mom left for another 12 hours shift dad and I spent hours in bed fucking, sucking and sharing stories of each others activities.

That was 30 years ago and dad, my uncle, me and some of their bi married friends and some of mine had some erotic times and no one has ever suspected we are bi.

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My uncle fondled me at their community pool when I was a young teen. We were naked and showering in the locker room. He had me share his enclosed stall. I didn't think much about it until he was behind me and rubbing his cock along my smooth bubble butt. I knew he was acting inappropriately but it felt good and my cock responded by getting hard.

My uncle soaped me up and I spread my legs so he could wash my butt. He fingered me and rubbed my cock. I moaned and pushed back on his finger. I knew what we did was gay but it felt so good being fingered and touched. My uncle soaped up his cock and he pressed it to my ass. He went slow and I felt him open my asshole.

I felt no pain as he worked half his cock in me. I held onto the shower wall as he held my hips. When I felt his hairy balls touch my smooth balls and ass I knew he was fully inside me. I felt full but my body tingled. My uncle fucked me slowly first then he picked up the pace. His fucking was too loud and another man came to our A gay incest stories and opened it.

He was naked and he stroked his cock as he watched my uncle fuck me. I learned he was a friend of my uncle's and was into gay stuff even though he was married like my uncle. The man watched as my uncle came in my ass and slowly pulled his dick out of my ass. I got to suck cock for the first time that afternoon but at my aunt and uncles while my aunt was shopping. My uncle and that man took turns having me suck them as they sucked me. My ass was too sore for a second fucking that day.

Several years ago I was sucking one of my married buds when my cell phone butt dialed my dad and he heard us having sex. Good thing dad was home alone when he got the call and finally hung up when he heard enough. An hor later he called and wanted me to meet him at his office. I was shocked A gay incest stories he played the recording from my butt call.

That was the first time I sucked my dad, but not the last. Me 15 and my brother 13 did oral and anal. My Aunt dad's sister would play with my dick when I was Didn't fuck her but she would lick and suck me a bit and finish me with a hand job.

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Fucked my female cousin 15 when I was That lasted a whole summer. My husband—I'll call him James— and I are in our 60's. He confessed to me early in our marriage that he had had sexual experiences with guys when he was a kid, but he swore he no longer was involved in it. In our late 40's I finally got up the courage to ask him for details about his younger years. His mother died when he was 8 and he said that it really affected him emotionally, which I can completely understand. Because he was going through so much, he had trouble sleeping alone, and began sleeping in his father's bed.

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He then went on to tell me how his father and he would cuddle at night and that his father started sleeping nude. He taught james how to kiss and told him that he missed his wife so much and than men needed the kind of love they got from women, but without a woman in the house, he needed James to love him that way. James said they were lovers until he left for college at His father spoke to him as he would to a woman, treated him as if he was a girl, and at home he often dressed as a girl because it made his father happy. It was a difficult thing to accept, but I feel our relationship is a lot better now that I know the truth about him.

His dad passed away about 5 years ago. I am male and started sucking my older brother's cock when I was 8 and he was He and his friends were fucking my ass by the time I was My younger brother by 2 years caught me sucking the older brother's cock and said I had to suck his or he would tell mom. So I was sucking 2 of my A gay incest stories brothers until the older was drafted into the army and I got married. I told my wife about it and she was curious and turned on. She did not like my older brother but was the same age as my younger brother and took a liking to him.

She wanted to watch me suck his cock so I set it up and sucked his cock and took it in my ass in front of her. She was so turned on that the next time we did it she ended up fucking him too and I ate his creampie from her pussy. He told our youngest brother and he wanted in on the action with her but said he did not want me touching his cock so I just watched him fuck her with his big dick.

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She loved the way his cock felt in her and he had some very powerful orgasms that she said she could feel as he was cumming inside her. I did get to eat his creampies too but never sucked his cock. The first mouth on my penis belonged to my older brother. My uncle mom's brother taught me how to masturbate while out on his fishing boat. We went fishing a lot after that. I had sex with dad from 4th grade to the summer after 8th grade. I was 17 when I graduated high school.

I loved it. I remember our first 69 well my first time eating cum my first anal weekend. Hot- I started sucking dad at 8.

A gay incest stories

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Gay Incest Stories