Abduction rape stories

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A little girl taken from school when she was only 12, held captive, abused and raped daily, not seen again by her family for nearly 20 years. Living in Springfield, Missouri, McGinnis said her stepfather Henri Piette first raped her just days after her 10th birthday. He dyed her hair, changed their names. He called her Stephanie. He went by Bill. The sexual abuse continued. Piette Abduction rape stories Rosalynn to Mexico within a few months of taking her.

Piette reportedly drank all the time and was violent. She says he beat her daily. I'm sitting Abduction rape stories today. She says he raped her just as often. Her first baby came at age Then another. And another. Nine babies in all. Nineteen years later and still in Mexico, McGinnis eventually met the woman who would change her life. If you can ever get away I will help you.

And I knocked on her door. Her husband is Ian. We aren't sharing their last name or location for their safety. Stephanie isn't my real name. My real name is Rosalynn McGinnis. And he molested me starting at 10 and he stole me from school when I was And there she was looking almost identical to when she was They, along with the help of whole lot of other people, helped get the children back into the United States and to relatives in Missouri. Piette faces multiple charges including child abduction and rape. She wasn't comfortable talking about them though, saying they have their own stories to tell if they ever chose to do so.

If you would like to help McGinnis and her family, she has partnered with a local bank and opened an to obtain and maintain funds received from a GoFundMe. Download our free app for Apple and Android and Kindle devices. Follow us on Twitter :. Like us on Facebook :. News Local News. Actions Facebook Tweet. A little girl taken from school when she was only 12, held captive, abused and raped daily, not seen again by her family for nearly 20 years Right now, her accused captor sits in a Green Country jail cell.

Rosalynn McGinnis was a happy little girl. Piette moved the family often. He arranged to take her from school. Her family didn't see her again. The police report from states she was last seen getting into a small grey pickup. There was a search.

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But there was no trace. It was clear to McGinnis that Piette had been planning this. McGinnis and the woman had small encounters.

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And then one day Lisa didn't know how bad it was until McGinnis started talking. A year after her escape - authorities arrested Piette.

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He is currently sitting in the Wagoner County jail awaiting a competency hearing. Stay in touch with us anytime, anywhere.

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Abduction rape stories

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