Accidental flashing stories

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One time, I was standing on a ledge and a girl reached down for her purse just beneath me.

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Another time my friend was drunkenly wrestling with his girlfriend when her top was unintentionally pulled down. Friends have told me they've seen bikini tops rip off when girls were hit by waves at the beach. I know my stories are pretty tame so Reddit, please share your better ones. There was one really cute chick that never called me very often and whenever I got a service call from her - she was top priority I turned up this day and she was Accidental flashing stories one of those long 70s stretchy dresses with Accidental flashing stories above her boobs to hold it up She sat down and demonstarted the problem on her typewriter to me and as she slid her wheeled office chair back to let me sit down and fix the machine, I saw that she had rolled over the bottom of her dress What to do?

Should I say something? No time The world right then went into absolute slow motion and she stood up and both her massive DD boobs were liberated An image that has stayed with me for the last 33 years The fact that you are are probably at least 50 years old, telling this on Reddit, makes this all the more awesome.

There was one really cute chick that never called me very often and whenever I got a service call from her Roy: Yeah, I mean they have no respect for us up there! No respect whatsoever! We're all just drudgeons to them! Moss: Yes! If there were such a thing as a drudgeon, that is what we'd be to them. Roy: It's like they're pally-wally when there's a problem with their printer, but once it's fixed I read 'demonsharted' and got very worried about what was coming up.

If so which subreddit should I post it in? I am fairly new to reddit, is there somewhere else better to post it?

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I will keep this story shorter for the sake of posting so forgive the lack of gravitas in the delivery. When I was in High school me, my friends, and all of our d would rent a houseboat at shasta lake in california every summer.

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As we rounded a bend in the middle of nowhere we see a houseboat with possibly fully naked women sunbathing. There were some life vests buckled onto some of the rafts for handholds and as we are cruising past one of them became We moored maybe a quartermile upriver and immediatly the d were discussing who would take the speedboat to go get the lifevest back. Upon their return with the vest they told all of us hormonal teenage nerd boys that the boat was indeed "covered in naked women.

Unfortunately the shore was quite steep and covered in shale so while my friends left with a pair of binoculars i turned around, hoped onto one of the 3-person rafts and began paddling towards the nakedwomanhouseboat. Upon rounding the bend separating our boat from theirs I suddenly started wondering what the fuck I was doing. Here I was, an overweight, nerdy, star wars obsessed high Accidental flashing stories with little direct woman skillz and i am paddling a beeline for a nakedwomanhouseboat in the middle of nowhere with all of my friends watching an no plan to speak of.

I began thinking, what possible excuse could I use to get closer to this nakedwomanhouseboat and I remembered our plan to make spanish rice for dinner.

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Maybe I could borrow some salt like a good neighbor would? No, how would I get it back to our boat paddling in the middle of a fucking lake? I needed to borrow something that could be transported easily, not sound rediculous to borrow, and be an ingredient in spanish rice. I looked back and saw my friends watching through the binoculars and commenced paddling. As I neared the nakedwomanhouseboat it briefly occured to me that I must look fucking rediculous paddling with my hands up to this boat while lying on my belly on a 3-person raft.

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Didnt care, I was so damn close to seeing more naked women then my mind could comprehend. I paddled up to shore and walked up the plank to the "front door" of their boat and knocked on the door. I have to say this now, this story is true. If I were telling it to you it might be exaggerated slightly, but typing doesnt give me that luxury. I just want you to keep this in mind as I wind this story up.

The door was opened by an absolutely gorgeous and quite naked woman.

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In hindsight the whole situation played out as if everything was completely normal. She asked me who i was with a smile and I told here about our spanish rice conundrum. They act like I am the second person that day to ask to borrow an onion and go about their business. I think one was reading a book. Right as the nakeddooranswerer says she found an onion one of the doors in the nakedwomanhouseboat opened and a man and woman, who were later established to be having sex from the evidence at hand, poked there he out and asked me whats going on. Im given the onion, I thank them, hop on my raft and paddle away.

We ended up not making spanish rice and I kept the onion inside of one of those clear, plastic baseball display cubes until the day it was attacked by ants and I was forced to part with the only physical evidence Accidental flashing stories one of the best stories of my adolescence.

My dorm room is the one closest to the door to the staircase. People seem to be unable to grasp the difference between my door and the staircase door Accidental flashing stories though they are completely different kinds of doorsand have on numerous occasions opened my door and become confused, apologize, and go back out. One time I had just gotten out of the shower, hadn't locked my door, and this kid opens the door I was topless. He starts stuttering and it takes him about 10x as long as it should have to close the door.

It was amusing, but now I lock my door. Yeah I usually stutter and take 10x as long as I should when I can see boobs too. Entirely unintentional side effect of being male. I, too, have had my dorm door unlocked, been topless, or been in an area of my room visible from the door, but never all three at the same time. What were you doing? Found the internet! What are your best accidental nudity stories? Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

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And there was an angel choir soundtrack to the slow-mo, right? Go on This must be adapted into a movie, and it must star Jonah Hill. Sorry babe. Your personality enhancers distracted me. More posts from the AskReddit community.

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Accidental flashing stories

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