Adult breastfeeding relationship stories

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I have always been fascinated by lactation. By breasts, breastmilk, the art of feeding. But in Marchthe canopy concealing this unusual prepossession even from myselfwas blown wide open by a person I had briefly known at school, who I came to know as Zoo. Most commonly, this is to feed another child as in cases of adoption, or another non-biological.

However, my fascination and subsequent research into the topic over the years has unveiled many other reasons that people decide to lactate — from feeding animals, to partners. There are those who partake of breastmilk for its healing properties, both psychological and physical, those who make art with it, and those who are sexually aroused by it. Perhaps most intriguingly however, is the incredible taboo associated with human milk. Even in its most socially approved context, we still hear stories about women being ejected from public places for breastfeeding. Zoo, or Dr Cath Davies as Adult breastfeeding relationship stories are academically known, is a Sydney-based writer, artist, provocateur, and community resource.

My inquiries were informed by my engagements in body modifications and manipulations, and long-standing fascination with existing and potential orifices, fluids and fluidities, sexual subcultures, cultural and corporeal contagions and cross-contaminations — what bodies can do, want to do, are allowed to do, and actually do. I wanted to decontexualise and recontextualise the acts and discourses of breasts, breastmilk and breastfeeding, to see what practices, pleasures, and understandings might be manifested outside mainstream conventions, expectations and limitations. Dr Fiona Giles is a senior lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney, and has an international reputation for her research in breastfeeding.

It was the story of a midwife breastfeeding a close male friend who was grieving in a sudden, spontaneous and heartfelt exchange, that catapulted me into beginning my own lactation journey. Psychological benefits aside, the immunological and inherently medicinal properties of breastmilk are well documented. Giles cites such examples as a 13 year old girl in Melbourne being given two glasses of donor breastmilk each day to counteract allergies, as Adult breastfeeding relationship stories as countless stories of breastmilk being ingested as treatment for anything from minor ills, to immunodeficiency disorders such as lupus and AIDS.

The pull towards healing others is always a strong one for me, and I began to envision the possibility of feeding others, even strangers, as a way of restoring them. To lactate, I took many galactagogues such as fenugreek and blessed thistle, and used an electric breastpump every hours around the clock. The effort was exhausting, but the benefits incredible.

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The oxytocin and prolactin that my body was producing during both pumping and feeding brought waves of intensity and pleasure. The bonding process was the most startling — I found it incredible to gaze upon her as she fed, and a fierce pride within me, that my body was able to calm and soothe age-old disquiets within her.

Our relationship was mutually healing on so many levels and this is a theme that resonates amongst other practitioners. I would treat him beautifully and gently and tell him how good he was, that I loved him… this would send him into an erotic trance. He was in such a heightened state at these times. He felt safe and nurtured and I loved being the woman that he was so vulnerable to. Besides crazy amazing heightened sexual pleasure… I saw him. He saw me. He was mine. We were both safe. No one could hurt us and it was so beautifully powerful. I felt entwined with him not just physically but also so deeply emotionally.

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For me this type of connection is so healing, so memorable. A must-do for all couples. It is my hope that in this modern age, as unprecedented discourse about sexuality becomes broader and farther-reaching, we can begin to inquire more deeply within our own socially-held prejudices, to bring the value of breastmilk and lactation to a wider populace.

Amanda is a queer, polyamorist kinkster from Sydney. She suffers from pathological FOMO and is still trying to figure out where sleep fits in with a life of parenting, partnering, partying and at least six different career interests. I understand the bond connection in this type of situation. Whether dry nursing or wet nursing. Do so love this story. Thank you for writing posting it. Very eye opening no judgement from me I understand the bond connection created by it.

Thanks for writing this lovely article.

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Maybe we could get in touch? Would also love to get in touch with Cath Davies. The entire concept was a revelation, and a new aspect of my sexuality began to crystallise. stories about: kinkrelationshipssexsexuality. Paul J Wilbert 2 years ago Reply.

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Adult breastfeeding relationship stories

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