Age regression fiction stories

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News Sorry, the images are not hosted on this mirror site. To see what's new, visit the archive's Front. How do you like the new look? E-mail radiox neosoft. A Visit to Aunt Millie's - Part 1. A petite young woman takes a version of the experimental treatment that Age regression fiction stories her younger sister develop into a more mature looking woman than her. A modern chemist-alchemist seeks and discovers the elixir of life. When he samples the potion, he discovers the meaning of the warnings in the ancient alchemical treatises.

Alex's Adventures Through the Looking Glass. Alex steps through a mirror into a strange place. Chris's next mistake is sharing his find with his older sister who then.? Altered Fates: Danny Boy. Danny's uncle leaves him the altered fates medallion with an explaination of it's powers. Danny is just getting used to messing around with it behind his parents back when Altered Fates: Dennis.

Dennis stumbles onto the medallion, and when cleaning it with his wife's dirty blouse he discovers it's powers. When his wife discovers what he has found also, they have fun playing with the medallion until Altered Fates: Faith. Father Christoper getting up there in years, is looking foreward to going to heaven, but is pained that his work with the homeless is not finished yet. Then he is given a strange Medallion by a homeless woman Altered Fates: Girls will be Girls. A young woman uses a magic medallion on her womanizing boyfriend.

Altered Fates: Just passing through. An Altered Fates Trilogy: The medallion is passed on to three difference sets of circumstances. Altered Fates: Juvenile Delinquent - part 1. While exploring the powers of a magic medallion, a man comes under the authority of the Juvenile Justice system. Altered Fates: Keeping House. A family finds and uses a magic medallion. Altered Fates: Old Aunt Ida. A man and his wife use a magic medallion to deceive his Aunt. Altered Fates: Playing Dress Up. Melissa finds the medallion at her Uncle's house and being a curious child she takes it.

With her parents away she decides to play dress-up in her Mothers Clothes. Altered Fates: Spare the Rod. While cleaning out an old house they just bought, a man and his wife unknowingly find and use a magic medallion. Angel of the Backward Look. When a man starts to shrink for unknown reasons, he Age regression fiction stories admitted to a hospital to find the cause. After he is released to his wife's care, he has problems with his daughter.

Athena Investigation pt. A special corporate agent investigates an unusual case.

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Baby Box - part 1. A young genius gets involved with scientists building a time travel device. Baby Game. An infantilist who enjoys playing baby with his wife suddenly finds that he has become a real baby. Back to BabySitter - part 1.

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A 14 year old boy is babysat by a beautiful college student. A woman finds an ancient oil lamp, from which a genie appears and grants her wishes as a reward for his freedom. Bath of Artemis. A researcher has an encounter with a Goddess. Belated Birthday Suprise.

A young man receives a visit from a stripper on his birthday. Blessings of the Goddess. A divorced man poses for a female artist he has met and is visited by divine justice. A terminally ill professor steals a sample of experimental nanorobots from his best friend in an attempt to restore his health. A woman visits the AR story archive on the web. Candle Shortage. There aren't enough birthday candles for the cake. Careful What You Wish For v.

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A single mother makes a birthday wish. This is a rewritten version of an earlier story. Careful Who You Trust.

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A family intervenes with a troubled young woman. Chains that Bind. An adulterous husband is regressed and punished for his sins. Co-authored with Mistress Janice. Christmas Cookies. Troy receives Christmas gift of a box of cookies with transformational properties.

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Chronos Continuum pt. A College student receives a package from a mysterious organization - The Chronos Continuum.

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Conscience of the King. An immature man is enchanted into a baby by his witch wife. Counter Clock Husband. A woman scientist has a surprise in store for her philandering husband and his mistress. Two teens have a sexual encounter in the Magic Valley Daycare Center. Days of His Lives. A set of seven science fiction physical regression stories set in parallel universes. A woman scientist finds her husband cheating on her with a co-worker and takes revenge. Decisions, decisions The wife of a scientist has an affair.

Co-written with an anonymous author. A man invents an age-changing device and gives it to his wife. Don't Tell Daddy. Elizabeth an inventor, is now a housewife and mother. But in her basement workshop she des a machine to allow people to share dreams. But she need to test it and selects her young son to help her, but Jeckle and Missy Hyde.

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A friend's magick ring is employed to punish a drunken husband. Evening Prayers. A homeless man and a lonely woman discover that God has granted their prayers. Fabulous Machine of Professor Wiggles. Professor Wiggles comes to the door to demonstrate his incredible invention TG. Family Home. Four college boys move into a house that wants a 'Family' living in it. Flower Child. A young man has an encounter with a special .

Age regression fiction stories

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Age-regression Stories