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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 15th of May Report. He'd come within moments of realizing his dreams with Claudia, and yet his mother had interrupted and short-circuited his plans. Surely there must be a way to get around his parents.

It was a of his frustration that the obvious solution didn't come to him until lunchtime. He was, once again, sitting alone, trying to watch Claudia covertly. She caught him looking at her, and she just smiled and waved. Her Alpha and omega sex stories Stephanie turned to see who she was waving at. When she saw him, she asked Claudia, "What is it with you and that guy?

He's creepy. No, Zack's really nice, once you get to know him. Geez, Claudia And, truth be told, once Claudia had caught him watching her, he'd stopped looking, returning to the problem of how to get his parents out of the way, so he could finish what they'd begun. How do I get them to leave us alone while we make out? I mean, it's not like I can take my computer on a car trip. And I need the program to The Program, of course! It works on me, it works on Claudia, it must work on everybody Now that Zack knew what to do, he had to tolerate two more hours of school until he could do anything about it.

Once again, he took a little berating from Mr. Parks for not paying attention. If he only knew what I was doing It was troublesome for two reasons: first, he'd never actually tried to program for more than one person, and second, he wasn't sure how to script the actions to make someone NOT do something. Along the way, he made a few minor changes to the program itself, so that now not only were the command scripts external to the program, but so was the matrix. This allowed him to make changes to that more easily, so that he could save the matrices for different people.

He spent the night working on a matrix for his parents, having to adjust for age, and some other psychological factors revealed in Adam's research. By the time he'd worked it all up, it was after two in the morning. He quickly zonked out on his bed, not bothering to set an alarm for the next morning. He wouldn't see Claudia again until Tuesday, so he had time His dreams were troubled.

Unlike the pleasant dreams he'd been having, there were no ethereal maidens.

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He was enshrouded in a storm of colors, a swirling mass of unease. He was running down corridors, not knowing which way to turn. He ended up in one blind alley after another, having to retrace his steps and choose another path. He came to one more blind alley, but this time, when he turned around, the path behind him had closed. The walls slowly began to close in on him.

Just as he was about to be crushed, he bolted upright in bed, awake. A last vestige of the dream echoed through his head It sounded awfully familiar Just a bunch of bullshit my head dreamed up.

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Probably from all the weird shit I've been watching on television lately. Looking at the clock, he saw it was already ten in the morning. He got up and showered, then headed down for some breakfast. He noted the house was empty, and then remembered his parents had gone on a little outing together. They'd been talking about it at dinner last night, but he'd been so wrapped up in his project that he hadn't paid any attention. He did recall they would be back before midnight, so he figured he'd just use the program on them when they got home. For the rest of the day, he lounged about, watching TV, reading a little, Alpha and omega sex stories the Web.

As usual, he didn't have any homework, because he tried to make sure his weekends were free. He nuked some leftovers for dinner, and settled down to watch some movies until his parents came home. Grant Griffin's brother was in a sanitarium, having been the victim of chemical poisoning as. It was rather sad, and Zack didn't like to go visit him. His father understood, and didn't force him to, though he and his wife, Sharon, went at least once a month out to visit him. They were both pretty worn out as they hung up their coats. Zack thought this might be a help to his program, not having fully alert minds to cope with.

So, any luck finding a car? We'll keep looking," his father answered. I finished up that program I was working on. You guys said you wanted to see it His father stifled a Alpha and omega sex stories. How about it, Shar? He entered his password, and let the system come up. Zack wasn't paying that close of attention to his parents as the program ran. He just sat back on his bed, waiting for it to finish. As it got closer to finishing, though, he did look to see that they were "under". And it was clear that something was wrong. While his mother was acting just as Claudia had, his father was not.

He was, in fact, looking more at her now, a look of concern on his face. The clincher was when the program finished up. Zack went pale as his mother's hand traveled across her chest, and down, and across, dipping between her thighs. Oh, shit! I didn't change the gesture! Not that it should have mattered. Had they both been under, only he would have noticed. But his father was clearly not under, and he was looking at his wife with worry now. He looked to Zack for an explanation, but he just shrugged. They thought his program was just some pretty graphics: he wasn't about to hint that it had anything to do with her reaction.

His mother soon cleared her expression, however, and when she spoke, her voice was clear and strong. You have a real talent for this sort of thing. Don't you think so, Grant? Good work, son. Look, we'd better get to bed, it's been a hell of a day.

Why didn't the program work on Dad? His query was met with silence. Fine, dammit! If it must be in the dream world, then let's go in the dream world!

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Zack booted up the script he'd written for himself, having modified it to allow him to slip into a natural sleep after the special dream-state. He double-clicked the icon, and quickly moved over to his bed, where he could still easily see the screen. Once again, Zack was immersed in the sounds and colors of the program. Once again, his body relaxed into a blissful state. And once again, he was surrounded by his bevy of ethereal maidens.

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The Claudia-maiden approached him as usual, and began to caress his dream-body, sending electric charges through him. What did I forget? Your mother is a female. How could I have been so dumb as to Alpha and omega sex stories that! But, how do I integrate both sexes into a single will matrix? He saw that there were many red areas this time. Luckily, he had added commands to the script to give him instant recall of this dream, so that he need not fear forgetting it all before he awoke. He noted that the matrix was much bigger than before, almost triple in size. He wondered that it would be more than just double, but the maidens had retreated from him so that he might study the matrix.

He took it all in as it moved past his eyes, and he absorbed all of the information. Once it had all assimilated, he wanted to ask the maidens more questions, but they refused. But not now. They had gotten ready for bed, as they normally would, and Grant was waiting for Sharon to emerge from the bathroom, so that he could ask her what had happened to her in their son's room. When the bathroom door opened, however, Grant's mouth refused to work, as he realized his wife was not wearing her usual cotton nightgown. She was not, in fact, wearing anything at all.

The light from the bathroom silhouetted her figure, until she turned it off, submerging the room into darkness. She moved quietly over to the bed, crawling across it to her husband. Grant was totally unprepared for this, as Sharon was never the one to initiate sexual activity. His mind reeled as her soft lips brushed against his earlobe, whispering into his ear, "I need you, Grant. I need you now. He thought to protest, but his wife was so ardent about it, and, truth be told, her hands and mouth felt very good. She was kissing his neck now, moving around and up to his mouth.

Their lips locked, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth, dueling with his, then withdrawing, enticing his tongue into her mouth.

Alpha and omega sex stories

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