Alpha x omega reader knotting

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An elbow nudging into your side pulled you back into consciousness, a small gasp leaving your mouth as you jerked your head back up. You gathered your surroundings haphazardly, a subtle frown finding your lips as you realized that you had somehow slept through your entire lecture, the shuffle of students as they began to gather their Alpha x omega reader knotting and slide out the lecture hall greeting you.

This lecture was actually interesting — if you had only stayed awake Alpha x omega reader knotting enough to notice. Jungkook was not a jealous person by any means — but you caught on quickly to how he would rub his shoulders against yours as you walked down the halls, how every parting hug lasted suspiciously long. You knew that he was scenting you, using his alpha scent to ward off any unwanted alpha attention. An unmated omega — a virgin one at that — was pretty much fair game to any alpha that took an interest. Most omegas your age had been claimed by now, something your parents liked to remind you every time you came home from college to visit.

Sure, it would probably be one of the smarter decisions you could make with your life as, biologically speaking, he was, in fact, a perfect match. He was loyal — having known you for years now — attractive, and physically in shape.

Everything the parents of an omega could hope their child would find in their mate. The world was simply not created in favor of small omegas such as yourself. Although not a law, it was in your best interest to pair with someone of a higher ranking. But Jungkook simply had no interest in you romantically, and you understood. Who cared if you had a tiny, itty bitty crush on him? Why not indeed. Jungkook simply nodded back at you, tucking his hands into the pockets of his sweats, never one to dress up for class.

While he was indeed your best friend and things not discussed between you two were few and far between, one thing he never seemed to ask you about was your sex life. Not that there was much to ask about. You were a virgin — not entirely for lack of trying, but still a virgin no less. Jungkook hated every single one of your partners, so he gave up on prying for more information long ago.

In fact, the concept of your virginity was never a topic of discussion, he only knew because of your scent. So, yeah, it put him at ease to know you wore his scent around campus, especially before classes you had to attend without him. He would stop the moment you asked him to, but for right now, he assumed it must give you a sense of reassurance too as you held no objections.

My treat. That was always one of your favorite ways Jungkook scented you. It felt a lot less primal and somehow more intimate. Not to mention the way it always sent your heart racing. Every part of you wished he would just take your hand into his, showing off that you were his in the most classic display of affection. How you would kill for that. Omegas onlyokay? If anything, you were far more assertive, nothing like the meek and shy omega society would like you to be. The concept of a mixed deation college was still a relatively new one — your college was one of the first in your country to implement the new policy.

Alphas purposely harassing and intimidating their Omega classmates were still very much an issue. Because even if you could study alongside Alphas and Betas now, there was no guarantee that you would be offered the same job opportunities as them.

Your biological tendency to kneel to higher-ranked individuals was difficult to fight off.

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But progress was progress, and you were excited to experience the change first hand, with your kind, albeit protective, best friend beside you. You were already slipping away from the pouting boy, fingers fluttering him farewell before he could think to further object. You had a frown on your face, head turned downwards as you stared at the set of pills on your kitchen counter, a glass of room temperature water sitting beside it. You were well aware that your lack of sexual activity had postponed your first heat. You had felt somewhat awkward sitting amongst a crowd of omegas much younger than you at the lecture.

As the years went on and your heat still failed to find you, you cared less about looking into what to expect. But once the professor began explaining the science behind heat suppressors and its effect on an omega during their first heat, you suddenly wished you had made more of an effort. You let out a sigh, recounting the information you were given earlier today, the seal of the pill package tearing as you removed the first tablet.

That is why it is imperative that if you choose to have your first heat aided by an alpha, it is someone you trust. An omega is at its most vulnerable during heat. They can become fully submerged in their submissive role, susceptible to suggestion — something that is referred to as full omega-space. We typically advice against slipping unless you are absolutely secure in your heat partner. You put down the now empty glass with a soft clang, cursing the universe for leaving you partnerless this first heat cycle. Well… there was that one pretty alpha girl in your English class— wait no, what were you thinking?

You ran a finger across the kitchen counter, giving it a contemplative tap. You tried your hardest to push back the most obvious solution to your problem — a specific dark-haired roommate of yours coming to mind. There was no way Alpha x omega reader knotting could ask Jungkook. Seriously, there was no plausible or conceivable scenario in which you went to your best friend, pleading for him to lend you his body to get off.

You brought your hands to your face, a shriek of embarrassment escaping you at the mere idea. This was the guy who had seen you at your worst, stumbling into your apartment with puke all over yourself when you were going through your hard liquor phase freshman year of college. No matter how nice that idea sounded and made your stomach flip. In all honesty, you had been on edge ever since you stepped into this apartment. Maybe you could ask Jungkook to leave? Spend the next couple of nights elsewhere? Pulling your bottom lip into your mouth, you let your teeth sink into it for a moment, contemplating the second pack pills laid out in front of you.

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This one being far more daunting. We will be providing you all some omega grade birth control for your first heat. Depending on your sexual orientation, it might not be necessary. Still, for those that apply, even if you are partnerless, I would strongly consider taking this as you never know what your wolf might seek out once in heat.

Better safe than sorry. You felt silly. There was no way you were going to mate with your best friend. You were sure of it. You had hardly gotten a moment to register the feeling of water rushing down your throat when your apartment door creaked open, sending you five feet into the air.

Jungkook simply nodded back at you, not noticing the awkward timber of your words or otherwise not minding.

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About that… do you mind sleeping somewhere else? Oh god, there was no way you could ask. What the hell were you thinking?

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Alpha x omega reader knotting you were overthinking this. You could absolutely resist the tall, well-sculpted Alpha who smelled like the forest and hot, steamy sex…. You shook your head immediately, not trust the direction your thoughts were heading.

You could do this, right? You would just lock yours in your bedroom and suffer through your heat alone, needing no one but your trusty hands as your guide. Your eyes nearly fell out of your head as the Alpha suddenly took a step towards you, his eyes unmoving on your face. Did something happen? There was something off about you, he realized. Your words were stopped as he leaned in suddenly, your eyes pressing shut reflexively. If there was another alpha scent on you, he wanted to know; he would rip apart anyone who tried to hurt you.

His mind was racing but felt blurry all the same, his Alpha instincts and unsaid feelings for you intertwining messily. But he had found no other scent on you, only remnants of his own from earlier today, mixed with an intoxicating aroma of vanilla and lavender. It was your usual scent, but he had never smelled it this strong before as if it had amplified tenfold.

It was mouth-watering in all honesty, he could feel the way his pulse quickened as it crept up his nose. Judgment clouded and thoughts flogged, you had to step away. Jungkook could feel something inside his chest stirring; the feeling of your skin on his when you had brushed past him still lingered, radiating warmth like an old burn. Leaning back into the kitchen counter, he crossed his arms over his chest, listening in silence as the wolf inside him barked at him to follow the small omega into her room.

You were in agony. Lying on your bed in nothing but a large t-shirt and underwear, your room felt a million degrees.

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Your heat was minutes away from hitting you, and you were so wound up you could cry. How could you not have thought about purchasing a sex toy up until now? A flood of emotions had gripped onto you: you wanted to scream, punch a wall, rip into your Alpha x omega reader knotting — anything that would satisfy this searing fire inside you.

All you needed was for Jungkook to fall asleep. Only then could you get yourself off comfortably, your sinful ministrations secret, thanks to how you happened to share an apartment with the deepest sleeper ever. What you needed was for your stupid Alpha best friend to fuck his throbbing hot cock into you until you cried.

Your body shivered involuntarily at the idea, causing your arousal dampened thighs to press further together. Pushing yourself up into a sitting position, you wondered if the homicide you were planning was worth the jail time. What kind of sociopath works out at 11 PM? Could his fucking gains not wait until morning? There was no way in hell you were going to try and get yourself off with Lil Pump yelling in the background. Running your shaky hands down your thighs, you froze suddenly. It was as if everything had gone very dark, the wolf inside you taking command and instructing you to listen.

You let out a breath as for just a flash of a moment, your pain was alleviated. The door swung open shortly after, revealing a shirtless and sweaty Jungkook. And just like that, your rage found you again, sending a hard glare at him before slipping past and into his room.

His eyes followed the strange omega girl in. You were glaring at his speaker menacingly, head seemingly elsewhere at the moment. Your arousal had hit him like a ton of bricks. Clenching his jaw, he swallowed back the urge to look at your bottom half, your thighs spread just wide enough to have him curious, but not enough to actually see anything. You turned towards him, a choice set of words on your tongue before your eyes met his — a dark sheen to them you had never seen. It was intimidating and attractive all the same, the fire in your belly igniting like never before.

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Before you could even think to stop yourself, you shrunk your shoulders into yourself, a of submission in the werewolf world. The words left your lips as a whisper, throat suddenly dry. It was in your anatomy to be drawn to him — to his alpha scent, and god did his room reek of it. Jungkook read the situation for what it was immediately. His words came out emotionless, and it made your shiver. The way he was looking at you right now as positively primal and you wanted so badly to sink onto your knees and take him into your mouth.

He knew his power over you right now was immeasurable. Fuck, you smelled absolutely intoxicating.

Alpha x omega reader knotting

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