Anal sex punishment stories

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Collected by CarolinaSpkr. Real Womens Spankings and Anal Punishments!! Schools In Session 9 stories listed. CarolinaSpanker 12 stories listed Note: Stringent, stinging pink cane lines visible on young schoolgirl's bottoms.

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Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. She is picked up by an ex-Colonel who takes her as his housekeeper mistress for his home, an old workhouse. One of her jobs is to type and translate a coded journal giving details of the life of past inmates of the workhouse.

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Gradually the modern lives and those of a past era become intertwined. He orders them taken care of and they get to experience those abuses first hand. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond. Thanks to my flirting, teasing and overall stupidity I was going to spend the night being brutally raped, abused and tormented by a real psycho.

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Lisa and Brit : by Bluebuck Synopsis: A mother and her daughter are captured by Latin American and forced to confess to helping the Communist guerillas. Rape and BDSM. Comment: Non Consest Spanking plus in one thrust he had buried that rod in her rump. Comment: Mock Rape, Inc. She is used and abused in a variety of ways. Comment: Penelope protested at this sudden anal action as the fucking burned like fire! Punk Rock Girl : by Gary Wilcox Synopsis: Melissa, a neo-punk with a troubling past, faces the nightmare of sexual slavery and her bitterest enemy in this tale of rape and survival.

This story was written for a specific person, who uses the name Melissa as her alias.

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Hope she enjoys it. Comment: The heroine began to cum from a powerful anal domination Sexual Tortures of Rebecca at the Psychiatrist Hospital : by Powerone Synopsis: This story is about a "rich bitch" that became more trouble to her family.

Her family sends her to be cured, but the treatment includes rape, humiliation, bondage and torture. This story is a collaboration between Zone and myself, Powerone. We hope that by combining the writings of a female and a male writer a better story would appear. If you liked this story, please send us an e-mail to either one of us. Comment: Summer in Paradise : by Fox Synopsis: A holiday at an island paradise, the man of her dreams, what more could a girl want from life?

This fantasy could be real Comment: Harsh Spanking and Ass Fucking Susan's Plight : by Dom Master Synopsis: A young woman is abducted from a parking lot and subjected to painful tortures and twisted sex acts by a lone rapist.

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The cruelty of the adversaries is surpassed only by the beauty of the Asian and European victims who become ensnared in their web of treachery, intrigue, and lust. Comment: The Intern : by E. In her first summer week she discovers a lot about the world and herself that the good sisters never taught her.

Comment: Submission in the Suburbs : by 4Nick8 Synopsis: The descent of a young housewife into total degredation. Comment: Lady Felicity, Potty Trained : by 4Nick8 Synopsis: The young benefactress of a boys only private school is fooled and trapped, by a scheming matron, to lewdly exhibit herself in front of the whole school.

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There, she is beaten and degraded in a most unladylike way, having everything divested from her, including her pride, dignity and all her clothes. Comment: 'Thwack. More Links.

Anal sex punishment stories

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Sheila's Punishment: A Rough Anal Sex BDSM Story (Unabridged‪)‬