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Butt plugs are hand's down one of the best sex toys around. For men, butt plugs are a great way to explore the fast and sexy unknown you know, the prostate. For women, butt plugs can heighten sensation during orgasms and make for a great tool if you're into being teased, and let's face it, we all love a little teasing now and then and I refuse to hear otherwise. Why's that? If you're playing around with butt plugs and you use the wrong tool, a butt plug can actually get LOST inside your body making for one of the world's most awkward ER visits.

Also, a lot of people rush into using their butt plug. I don't mean they make the decision lightly, it's not that big I deal.

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I think these sorts of fears keep people from exploring what can be a totally bomb sex experience. To that end, I rounded up stories of butt plug sex toy horror from my friends who because they all have real jobs and parents have asked to remain anonymous. You should know that none of the people here QUIT using butt plugs because of a bad experience. Instead, they learned, moved on, and got better at embracing the butt plug! And here's a bonus story. It's not about a butt plug, but it's definitely about a butt!

It's about my ex-husband's real penis tho!! We were in his parents' camper and long story short, he took my ass virginity. The hilarious thing about it is that as he pulled out, I couldn't stop farting!

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Yes, I had uncontrollable gas!! in.

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Butt Plug Horror Stories (As Told By Really Embarrassed People)