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Celebrity Story Site. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. This story was written for my good friend fenderdiesel and I want to give a personal thanks for allowing me to publish it for you all to read, enjoy! Falmouth, Maine Early morning sunrises always cast rays of blinding lights through the set of faded white wooden mini blinds covering double windows in the bedroom. The white paint had faded a long time ago, beyond the illuminated lines of blue bedroom walls.

At nineteen years of age now, Matt had found a way to sleep through the morning light after long nights staying up into the wee hours of the morning. He was finished with high school at this point, still holding off on going to college at least for now. His parents didn't mind him taking his sweet time Anna kendrick sex stories one year at home, just so long as he had a working job and was making a steady income for himself.

It was July anyway and it didn't hurt to move through minimum wage jobs to make a bit of money to spend on himself, though where that money was spent was of none of his parents concerns. Video games were among one of his hobbies, though much of his money was saved for having good times out of the house and in the real world.

It helped when his parents took off for business trips during July and August, leaving him all alone at home, similar to his teen years when he had absolute freedom in large their middle class household. Standing tall with an athletic build and short brown hair, his face was often clean shaven though at times he didn't mind having a light five o'clock shadow. His brown eyes gazed into the mirror after getting out of the shower, looking over himself again.

Today was a special day after hearing news that had followed him home about a special neighbor who had arrived back home. For many of men in the country and perhaps the world, Matt knew he was lucky to live next door to Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick. While she had grown up in Portland, Anna had briefly moved out to Falmouth outside the city in a small town.

When she wasn't making movies or filming commercials for a quick pay check, it was known across the small town that she kept to herself in a quiet neighborhood, a two story house just across the street from the home of Matt and his parents. The home itself belonged to her family, perhaps passed on to her as a quiet place of seclusion away from the lifestyle of glitz and glamour back in Hollywood. Everyone needed a bit of privacy in life, including those who's names were known throughout households.

Matt had a history with Anna, for she had been something of a baby sitter for him many years ago, long before she had reached a level Anna kendrick sex stories instant recognition among the celebrity world. Back then he was just a boy with no real desire to do anything but enjoy his time away from his parents, indulging in the activities that brought him joy. Now he was a man and knowing his history with Anna, she had quite the effect of him as the years had gone by.

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All through his teens, he scoured the internet looking at photos of her, allowing the lust in his heart for her to grow while ignoring all the possibilities of having girlfriends through high school. He played football beginning in his freshman and sophomore years, serving as an offensive lineman which would've instantly given him a special status among the school social cliques and unlocking a door to many girls who associated with the jocks.

Despite this, he kept his attention focused on the woman who was his baby sitter. For every blonde and blue eyed haired girl he witnessed in classes, there was a brunette haired woman with even better blue eyes he could fantasize about. He didn't need to date girls around his age, all he wanted to do was dream about Anna Kendrick. To him, she was a goddess and if he ever had the opportunity, he would let her know that. Yesterday it was revealed to him from witnessing a scene across the street that Anna was back in town.

She must have needed some time off away from Hollywood and the Anna kendrick sex stories screen, at least that was what Matt thought of the situation. He had stayed up all night looking at photos of her from his desktop monitor before getting in bed with a tablet and masturbating to his most treasured, favorite photos of Anna.

It had been five years since she last baby-sat him, as a small favor to his parents before they left out of town for a business trip. Sometimes it paid off having parents that worked in finance and banking, forcing them to leave and go out on trips that left Matt all alone with the time to burn and go through his fantasy about Anna. The last time he had seen her was some years ago, knowing now that he was only older and the flames his lustful desires were burning much brighter than back then.

He was no longer a boy, now a man and the chance of fulfilling a dream was on the horizon. After getting dressed and having breakfast for the morning, he kept his eyes peeled beyond the yellow curtains of the kitchen window watching her home across the street.

No longer driving a Mercedes Benz when she was back home in what looked to be a metallic silver Lexus car.

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Had he not caught sight of her brunette hair and slim build yesterday, he would've been mistaken to believe that someone else was staying in the house across the street from him. Today's agenda was set, for it was either going down to the gym and working out to flex his muscles or trying his luck with asking his dream woman across the street to come over for a date.

Wearing a pair of grey shorts and a Anna kendrick sex stories T-shirt that hugged over his muscular form, Matt waited until the clock hit 1 PM to go outside and make the short walk across the street. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he stepped outside and the sun immediately blinded him as the summer heat was clearly felt.

The hottest days of summer were nothing compared to the winters that anyone living in the north east had to endure. Matt always thought of this time of year as a more relaxing period, better than the freezing snow and icy ro that made driving a difficult task. Anna's home across the street didn't look much different from the other two-story houses in the neighborhood.

Most of them were brick built with tin roofs, the metallic silver ones allowing the sun to blind anyone passing through the street. Her home had black vinyl interior siding around the windows and a curved walkway to the doorstep in reddish brick stones. So many times he had dreamed of following that small brick road up to the black door of her home and knocking.

Today nothing was going to stop him, as he stepped over the freshly mowed grass of the yard to his parents' house in a pair of blue flip flops. He crossed the paved street without a soul in sight during the afternoon. Stomping his flip flops up the red bricked road, he took a deep breath before raising his left hand and knocking over the wooden front door.

As the seconds ticked by, he waited patiently until the door came swinging open. There she stood in her small height, but in all her beauty, those big blue eyes piercing into his soul. Long time no see! Wanted to drop by and see who was staying here. Anna's long brunette hair was curled up in a loose pony tail as she wore a black T-shirt, but tight enough to show a bit of her perky tits pushing through. He figured she had watched his eye sight glance toward before gazing back at her face and replying. You look a little too old to have a baby sitter these days.

After all, you look like you're all home alone yourself. Anna glanced away before looking at him and dropping her lower lip, revealing her perfect white front teeth. Guess it wouldn't hurt to come over later. You mind waiting on me? Let me get my hair all fixed up and come over and visit you? Anna offered him a smirk before closing the door.

Matt turned around and curled his fingers of both hands up into a fist, almost throwing them in the air as if he had just achieved a victory in sport. In reality, he did with having her for a date. The golden opportunity Anna kendrick sex stories ahead of him now and his spirits flying high. In the past he would've felt a bit of nervous tensions, probably stumbling over his words and not even daring to make the march over to her front door.

All that was in the past now as a young man, taking the opportunities ahead of him. Knowing she was going to at least get 'fixed up' as she worded it, that gave him a new reason of excitement when he hurried back home to anticipate her arrival.

Thankfully he wouldn't have to vacuum the living room or do any serious cleaning, for everything was already nice and tidy before his parents had left. Unlike in the past when she dressed casually for her baby sitter duties, this time she had fixed herself up in glamorous form.

The curls of her brunette hair ran down to her shoulders, a split down the middle like always.

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Black eyeliner and glossy pink lipstick was topped with the scent of strawberry perfume while she had wore a black dress and matching mini skirt that went with a pair of high heels. For the time being, Matt had the fantasy of a date with a Hollywood actress in the living room of his parents' house. A staircase was on the north side leading up to where his bedroom and a guest room remained empty for the time being.

A fireplace with grey stones matched what was grey tiles beneath a red rug. The living room had a large couch, also in a grey color that matched while picture frames hanging over two of the three walls had gold lining around their glass portraits. It was one of the few things that didn't match, something that had caught Anna's eye years ago as Matt remembered her commenting on it, but what did it matter to him? This was the home he grew up in and remained, until he moved out for college or whatever adventure his life was going to take.

Anna kendrick sex stories

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