Asian massage parlor stories

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In. Back to top. View in: Desktop. LSU Football Schedule. In Register. O-T Lounge. Next ». 1 2. Happy Ending Massage Stories? I'll start The setting was a large LA city, a long arse time ago, and I was taking a group of my employees to eat at a certain diner rip : near downtown. One of the guys, who has been around, points at a massage parlor and said, "that's the fun type of massage. It couldn't be a happy ending place, bc it was too close to the touristy areas and on a major thoroughfare. It would be a dumb spot for a rub and tug place.

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He calls. Swears it's a rub and tug, based on a fairly innocuous conversation. Later that day, I told him he was full of shite and to go find out.

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He said that he didn't want to spend the money, bc he had a cheap arse boss. I offered to give him an advance. He didn't accept. I offered to pay; he lit up. So, I took him to his massage around 9pm. He told me that he'd call me to pick him up in about an hour. He rings the bell, and they open the door just enough to let him in the building.

It was sketchier looking at night then it was during the day. I was starting to think that he was correct. Long story short Asian took you to a room Of course this ugly mother fricker chose the latter dis. Condom on He's drunk and stupid at the time. Well, always stupid, but ou get it. The Asian chick jumps up and says, "oooooooo No baby. Jus gib gud tip for bein bad Our suspicion was that you exited out the back so the new johns didn't get to see what ugly mother fricker just came before you.

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You go there to get your muscle pulled. Replies 0. Got none but I think its funny that guys like this shite so much. Know people who've been to asian countries who get sexed up like your friend. Its cheap and entertaining I guess. Very few have happy endings. Co-worker formula in OP is clever, but not clever enough to fool the O-T. Robert Kraft really sparking the AMP conversation. Never thought to get a 4 hand until he got caught doing it. OT kept giving him shite then he went and deleted all his posts and said just kidding.

Replies 1. The 16 Asian massage parlor stories old? The first time I got a hap I see you over there mister sex crimes officer. Looks like you want to have your own happy ending by reading other's happy ending stories. At this time it's filled with trafficking and human slavery.

Many of the available girls are not there by choice. That should give anyone with a conscience pause. Replies 3. Uh thats not why its illegal. As a country we seem to need to wear away our antiquated puritanical code a grain of sand at a time. Just like with weed. We cant just wake to an age of logic and reason That said i dont smoke weed and wouldn't have sex with a hooker at gunpoint even. I didn't say that's why it was illegal. Mine was maybe a better reason for it remaining illegal.

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Asian massage parlor stories

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