Aunt feet stories

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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 43 posts 1 2 3 Next. Hey I was wondering if anyone has any aunt sleepy feet stories? I know footaholic does, and I would love to hear his if anyone has, thanks. When I was 18 and my cool cute aunt was 38 we travelled together on business and shared a hotel room.

She had very sweet size 7. While she was in the shower, I carefully removed her sheets and bedding at the foot of the bed so I could easily remove them and lift them up and over her feet. I waited until 3 or 4am until I thought she was in a deep sleep, then slowly crept down on Aunt feet stories floor and gently lifted up the bedding, to expose her cute feet and soles. Despite a quick shower, her toes still had a sweet sweaty smell to them.

I started sniffing up and down her soles while whacking like it was my last night on earth I could even feel my heart pounding. As I was getting ready to shoot a huge load, I ran my tongue along her 5 toes, just for taste The downside was she woke up freaked out and startled. I appologized to her and said I couldn't help myself The next day we carried on as if nothing ever happened. After the wedding we went back to Aunt feet stories relatives house for a "bit of a do" and i was allowed to take my toy cars with me to keep me quiet i suppose. The house was massive or it seemed so to me at that age and i was quite happy playing cars on the carpet in one of the living rooms.

One of my aunties came in and said she had come to have a few mins peace and quiet but didnt mind me playing as long as i was not too loud. She lay on the sofa and propped her feet up on the arm. I remeber being fascinated by her soles which looked divine in brown rht nylons probably bri nylon i dont doubt. I remeber inching closer and closer to her feet as she dozed and catching the wonderful aroma of nylon stockinged feet that had been in shoes all day. I know that there was a seam that ran under her foot but not up her leg rather like aristoc I loved your planby the way!

I wish I wouldv'e had the balls 2 act on my lust for my aunts' feet! There WAS this one time, way after my childhood and teen years, in my 20's, one of my aunts' and 3 of her kids had 2 stay with us for a while. My aunt was napping after a day at work in the spare bedroom that she and my cousins shared. I came home from being out. I walked through the living room where the kids were watching after school cartoons and proceeded to my room, which was right next 2 her room. Before opening my door, I glanced in her room and saw her asleep on the floor, on her stomach, soles looking right at me!

No bed in there I opened my bedroom door quietly and stood in my own doorway looking into her room where the only thing I could see is her ankles and soles. I wanted a better look, so I had 2 make sure my cousins were still watching tv, so I can lust over their mom's feet. I went back and entered her room, pretending 2 be looking for something, since I kept some belongings in there. If she were 2 wake up from the floor cracking, I would have an excuse. I got on my hands and knees, looking all over and also looking at her soles, hoping no one would spoil my little adventure.

I crawled near her feet, but only had the nerve 2 bend down closer 2 Aunt feet stories an extreme close up of those naked soles while I had my hand in my shorts! I would have finished up, but was afraid one of the kids would come in, so I stared very close at the dusty, yet smooth looking skin of her soles and got out before I got caught.

I just stalked her feet from a distance, standing in my doorway. Growing up, all I envisioned during masturbation were different aunts' feet! I should have been more daring while I was younger!

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Hey Jill! If you were an auntie, would u give your young nephew some footplay if you knew he liked your feet? You know, innocently brush your soles on him or let him play with your feet? That was always a fantasy of mine, just to make my auntie's aware, but I just could not, because I didnt want it to get to my mom. Would you keep that secret between you and you're nephew, up until he's grown? As far as relatives, I only look at aunts and cousins! Oh, please excuse the minor mistakes, I was writing fast!

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Are there any aunts out there who can speak on their nephews? View the Rest of My List! That's exactly the age I wish I could have touched my aunts' feet! How did you first initiate doing that for her? Is she aware that u get pleasure out of it? Damn, how lucky you are! Man, however it was, she played with you! What a naughty aunt! I just KNOW you jack off to the memories of those experiences! She still expects the foot attention too?! That's some luck you have! Thanks for responding, I'll be checking back for those pics. When u snap those candids, make sure u capture her soles, possibly while Aunt feet stories sleeping, just to keep it on this here topic, haha Include that with the pics, whenever you get around to it.

Again, thanks for the reply! Be cool. My earliest memory is of my Aunties feet I can't remember the occassion but it was some family lunch and we were sitting outside with a babique. I was only about four years old but I remember being magnetized by her feet and crawling under the table so I could look at them. She had pretty wedge heels on and her long toes were painted red I don't know if I recognized it as a sexual thing - that came later.

I just knew I wanted to stare at and touch those feet! She's a bit older now but whenever I see her I still glance down and secretly hope she is showing her toes! Brazilian Feet.

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You guys are soooo lucky. I could die happy if I had the opportunity to touch, smell or lick my aunt's feet. I just didn't have the guts to make the move. It would a family scandal, even if I did it when I first notice the beauty and perfection of her feet at the age of 5 or 6. I have some pics of her but they were took only 5 or 6 years ago after she gained some weight. Her toes are still wonderful, though. I wish I had pictures taken 40 years ago, when my fetish started with her.

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The closest I got from her feet was by smelling her shoes. Once I was visiting her on a very hot day and she was wearing this very open leather sandal and I was really trying to find a way to smell it after wearing all day long. When we arrive back from shopping, a bee got into the house and I asked something to kill it before. She handled one sandal and I quickly got into the living room, pretending to find the bee.

But it was for get out of her sight. I could smell it and lick for some seconds. I said I couldn't find the bee and she asked me to return the sandal with a smile on her face as asking, how long will you still need my sandal for? I could bring the sandal to my room later at night and cummed while inhaling that perfect and strong scent of leather and sweat I could try earlier. On another day, we were watching TV on a very long sofa, but the TV was towards one Aunt feet stories and she sat like behind me.

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I saw hwe feet maybe 1 feet away from me. I couldn't pay attention on hte movie anymore. I made a suden move and turned to her and pretended to slip my elbow so her I could maybe touch her feet with my hand or just getting closer. I did touch one of them, but very briefly. She didn't move them an inch away and looked at me, but again, I didn't do anything than that. The next day I offered a massage as she was complaining that she walked a lot while taking me to a museum tour. She just laughed a little and refused gently. Her daughter, my cousin also has nice feet, but notihng compared to my aunt's.

Ok how many times do i have to keep getting this reply? How many s do i have to keep getting just for this one reply? Enough already!

Aunt feet stories

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Aunt Sleepy Feet Stories