Babysitter tickle story

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If any of this offends you, then I'd advice you to turn back now. If you are under 18, then I must ask you to leave. This story takes place after the season 1 Digidestined defeated Apocalymon. It is 1 year later and the starting of summer vacations. Tai and his parents are off to a Soccer game and they asked Mimi to baby-sit Kari while they head to the game.

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Kamiya" said Mimi; "I'll make sure Kari goes to be by 10! Mimi let out a low relaxing moan. Then Kari's door opened and Kari came into the room. Please, please, please, please?! She lay down on the floor on her stomach and put her legs on Mimi's lap. Kari started to laugh gently as Mimi tickled Kari's feet.

Mimi continued to tickle Kari feet for a good 10 minutes, and Kari was enjoying the entire thing. While tickling Kari, Mimi noticed Kari's toes curl up underneath her socks, which gave Mimi an idea. Mimi stopped tickling Kari and peeled off Kari's socks to reveal her small buttery soft feet. Kari was laughing too much to notice. Mimi then started tickling her defenseless soles, which made Kari, twitch around a lot.

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Hahaha, my bare feet are extremely ticklish! Kari started laugh hysterically. Kari tried to wiggle free but Mimi was too strong, all Kari could do is hit her hands on the floor and laugh. Then Mimi started playing with Kari's toes. Gootchie Goo! Hehe" Kari pleaded "More? You want more?! Kari couldn't take it any more and was finally able to wiggle free. But just as Kari was gonna get off the floor, Mimi dove on top of Kari and started tickling Kari's stomach and feet very hard.

Kari was laughing so much that she started to water at the eyes. Kari used all her strength to push Mimi off of her. Kari then ran into her room, but before slamming the door, Mimi noticed a tiny tear drop from Kari's eyes. Mimi walked over the Kari's room and opened the door. Inside Kari was crying heavily.

I have to call Michelle and tell her this! Meanwhile, Mimi called her friend Michelle to tell her about how she made Kari cry. Then I dove on her and tickled her even more! And it made her cry, can you believe that? Babysitter tickle story fact she still in there cry-" Mimi was cut off Babysitter tickle story the sound of the phone click off.

Mimi look over and saw Kari standing next to the phone dressed in an Indian outfit, feather headdress, and no shoes or socks. Then she tied her body tightly to the couch so she couldn't get up. Then Kari tied Mimi's ankles together and tied them to the arm of the couch. Kari then plucked two eagle feathers from her headdress and started touching Mimi's sole with the feathers.

Mimi started to crack a smile, and Kari hardley even really touch Mimi's feet. Kari continued to tickle Mimi's soles with the feathers, making Mimi laugh hysterically. I'm extremely Heehee!

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But Kari got an idea and used one feather to tickle Mimi's armpit, Mimi laughed very hard, which gave Kari another idea. Kari put the feather down and pulled up Mimi's shirt, exposing her budding breast. It made Kari feel weird, but Kari didn't let her distract her. So Kari picked up her feather and tickled her sensitive nipple.

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Mimi let out a scream-like laugh. This torture went on for an hour before Kari stopped. Kari opened it up and grabbed a container that said "KFC fry gravy". Kari walked over to Mimi and took a handful and spread the gravy all over Mimi's soles and in between her toes.

I'm really sorry for tickling you and I promise never to do it again Babysitter tickle story even talk about this again! Kari then placed Miko on the couch arm where Mimi's feet were. Miko took a sniff of the gravy then looked at Kari. Miko looked back at Mimi's gravy covered soles and stared licking the gravy off with her tongue.

Mimi let out another scream-like laugh as Miko licked up and down Mimi's sole. Mimi struggled but she was still tied to the couch and Miko continued licking her soles. Take her away! Her tongue tickles so HAHA! Miko continued to lick Mimi's feet for hours until it was PM. It's almost 10! I promise I will never tickle you or even tell anybody about what happen tonight" Mimi said "What about Michelle?

About five minute later, the front door opened and Tai and his parents came in. Kamiya asked "Yep, she's in bed" Mimi answered "What did you guys do?

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Bye Tai!

Babysitter tickle story

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