Babysitters tied up stories

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Mike then hinted that he wanted to take the girls down to the basement where there was a large mattress on the floor. Mike then ran upstairs to get Cassie as I opened the door. Laurie stood there smiling. Her brunette hair was back in a ponytail.

Anyway, I invited her in, telling her that Cassie would be down in a minute, but I didn't tell her how! Laurie I think started to protest, but I quickly stopped that by hand gagging her. Mike then gave her the first tickle. Mike then started in on Laurie. In the next few minutes, each girl was tickled to the point to where both of them rolled off the mattress. Then I caught on to what Mike was doing, he was planning to tie them back to back.

After helping him get the girls situated, Mike then looped the rope around the girls a couple of times.

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Mike then started tickling Laurie again. She trashed about, moving Cassie with her. Soon I started on Cassie again. I swear the squealing was louder as each girl got our torture treatment. Mike then switched positions with me. Laurie was really sensitive to my touch, maybe more so than Mike, who really gave his sister the works.

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I could tell he was working the outside of her legs, making her really trash about, making Laurie almost tip over! Just then we heard the doorbell ring. Was it Kristi? I could hear the girls panting, tired from their tickling. She was surprised to see me. It was a perfect set up. Kristi struggled like a perfect damsel, but she knew she was caught. He was going to look for another thing to put on the floor.

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He returned in a few minutes with a sleeping bag. Your punishment for being late!

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I've had a few great tying up experiences while growing up which I will post later but right now I'm looking for any girls who live in the Eugene OR area who might want to have some experiences. Just me and we'll chat sometime. BTW: just wondering if Doug R. I like his stories a lot. I once read that the best way to gag someone with an all-around tape gag is putting the first layer of tape inside out, that is with the sticky side of the tape on the outside.

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The next layers should be applied the correct way. I would like, if I may, to recommend a recently established Dreambook that's devoted to our favourite kind of stories in Italian. There are some tie-up situations there. The title images themselves include a Dee Wee totally immersed in ropes, a scene that can be seen in one of the first episodes; another time Francis is tied up by his cadet fellows as a punishment for avoiding some demanding drills; in another episode Malcolm and Reese gang up and try to capture Dee Wee and bind him in electrician's tape they don't succeed.

Wonder if the people who created the series are followers of this board Use the tension of the tape on the front to make the front stickiness the only necessary skin contact. Hem I am not really sure what to do with this I was hoping to do this to my step-sister. Head to toe D. Tied to bed, chair, post, etc. Hands F. Ropes B. Handcuffs C. Duct-tape D. Belts E. Odd things ribbon, computer cord, phone cord, etc. Just hold on, i dont have time to post the whole thing now, but between now and Friday i should have the story up Alright since you're interested in hearing some more of my stories i'll post some.

This is one when i played some tie up games with 3 friends of mine. They are sisters and their names are Elissa, Anne, and Amanda. I was about 11 at the time, so that would make Elissa 15, Anne 13 and Amanda Anyway i'm friends with Amanda and I was over at her house hangin out. We where pretty bored and so where her sisters. We where the only ones around so we where trying to think of things to do. I don't remember how the subject came up exactly, but we decided to play a tie up game. One of the 4 of us would tie up the other 3 and give them 15 minutes to escape,or get tickled.

We would rotate the one who gets to tie. We set out around the house for supplies. We ended up with 2 rolls of duct tape, some leangths of rope, a really long clothsline, about 6 scarves, and about 10 bandanas. We decided that the one tying would choose where everybody got tied up. We drew straws and it came out that Anne would tie first, Amanda second, Elissa third, and me last. Now i could make mine the longest,i could watch their techniquis, and i could do things to them without giving them any ideas to do them to me. Anne first led me to a bedroom and sat me in a chair.

She tied my torse to it as well, then cleave gagged me with a bandana and blindfolded me with one. She did a really sloppy job and i knew i would be free in no time. I could tell seh hadn't done this before. I wasn't aloud to try and escape until everybody was tied up so i waited for her to let me know.

I tested my bonds whiel i was waiting and found some weak points. After about 5 minutes she told me i could start. I had my hands free in under a minute. From there i got the rope off of my torso, took out the gag and blindfold, and untied my feet. It took me about 3 minutes totall. I walked out into the hallway and waved at Anne.

She glared at me and stuck out her tounge. I opened the door to another room to find Elissa untying her feet. She was Babysitters tied up stories to. I went in the room next to that and Amanda was just getting her hands free, so we all got free in under 10 minutes. Next it Babysitters tied up stories Amanda's turn to tie. She took Elissa and Anna into rooms to tie first, then led me to the room she had been in and sat me on the bed.

I agreed. She loosly tied my hands behind my back and my feet together. She didn't even gag me. I was free in less than a minute. I sat in the hallway for a while, then went to check on the others. Ellisa wasabout halfway free.

I went to check on Anne. She was tied spread eagle on a bed, blindfolded with a bandana, and rap gagged with duct tape. She was struggling but it appeared she had made no progress. After about 5 minutes Amanda, Elissa, and Me where all standing in the room watching her, waiting for the 15 minutes to be up.

When they where up we came on her really slowly to make it scary for her.

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Elissa and Amanda ran their fingures slowly and gently along her stomach to let her know what was coming. She struggle like mad as i slowly intied her shoes and took them off. I slowly pulled off her socks one my one and then we all stood there waiting.

She was practicly screaming with suspense. Then i hel my hand in the air and counted on my fingures down from 3. We all went to town on Anne tickling her with no mercy. Amanda and Elissa worked on either of her sides and armpits, while raked her legs and feet. After about 5 minutes we stopped and untied her. She was sweaty and tired from screaming and struggling. We waited about 5 minutes before Elissa's turn. She was going to do things a little differently. She took me into the kitchen downstairs and tied me to a chair in there. I could tell this would be more of a challenge.

Babysitters tied up stories

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