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Thread starter Witchyy Start date Jul 8, Witchyy Commissions open! I was having a pretty interesting rp with someone, and it was all fine and dandy.

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Then without warning, their character rapes my character. Like wtf? This came completely out of nowhere without warning, and did not even remotely fit into the plot of the rp. Not to mention they didn't ask to make sure I was comfortable with it. I dropped out of that like a hot rock Anyways how about you guys? Tsutarji The element of surprise. Oh god. That sounds horrible. My worse rp experience was when I started back on 3ds. Yeah I hated that And sometimes you couldn't even write a lot down in those post because they had a work limit.

But as I was saying. I ed an rp late. And as soon as I ed. I was greeted by cancerous kids who were trying to pick up dates or something like that. I left that and never went back to miiverse. Tsutarji said:.

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Click to expand Lol yeah. Jules Not returning. Wow, sounds awful. My worst one was in a pretty cool story idea, which I won't talk about. My character was in his cell, boring himself and waited anxiously until he could get out go to the courtyard. Her character? And her moving around freely did not alert any god damn guards. I think it took me a few mins to understand what just happened. Tove Two Thousand Bad rp stories. There have been a lot I'll just pick one this go around. My partner and I had this Victorian Hunter thread where they had a detective type of dude and I was a hunter.

Fast forward to a battle scene where both of our characters are locked in a battle at night mind you against a werewolf that I controlled too just as the werewolf is about to attack them, I put this at the end of my post to leave it open for my partner to respond they decide in their post to make it morning with no mention of the battle and their character coming downstairs to say good morning. Ernn nope.

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Witchyy said:. MikaboshiEinst Custodian of Infinity Archive. Well there are several but the most recent one is the most annoying. I was just finished a scene where we beat up an npc boss when out of the blue there was this giy who decides to confront and pressure my character to follow his character using as on his words "a throwaway nonpowered npc" who works for the rp's government. At first, I was ok with it Then he started pulling out ooc and bullshit out of his ass can suddenly find magic and detect it with a detector, can recognize potions and spells All when the government just manage to just figure out magic exist like within 24 Hours I had been skillfully deflecting his bullcrap several time when lo and behold He called his posse and friends on the thread to literally shit poat and comment about it all while defending his asspulls Here are some examples.

My morals says so" When did I threatened her? I gave her a warning about other forces working to gwt rid of him Are you daft? Pffft In the end I decided to go away because A. The GM is so passive thqt they would let the group bully me again Let them continue without me. Do not allow people who are not playing in the rp to the ooc thread. Especially for those who have an experience of forcing people to change other people's narratives to suit their character's needs. Second Morale, if a player decides to powergame Ban him and his posse. Last edited: Jul 9, Many Weapons Guy Member. I've lost counts after years RP'ing, but my most recent Bad rp stories, right here on RPN, gotta be the next worst thing I ever had to go through.

So I ed this RP and posted my character sheet in, everyone seemed alright with him, nothing went wrong. I wasn't OP at all, not a total dick, not a jerk, nothing bad. Then a mod Bad rp stories me on discord about problems other players have She said my char's appearance is too complex, making players feel uncomfortable, and asked me to get a new picture of him.

I told her that my appearance should not be an issue, because there's nothing snfw or morbid or disturbing or unsettling about it. She insisted that she couldn't accept my char because she wanted the rp to succeed. Then I DM'd another mod. This guy said my char look kind of goofy, because he seemed inflated instead of natural-looking overweight, which Bad rp stories him look out of place in the universe of the RP.

This mod also asked me to look for a different pic to illustrate my char. I told him I do not wanna use any outside art to do that, when I've worked so hard on MY arts, and that I am pretty damn serious about my char as well. The mod still said no, then asked me if I wanted to talk to the last mod outta the I've had enough, though, and just peace'd out. All in all, I feel like people hate how my face look so much, to the point they HAVE to exclude me out of their RPs so they won't die of heart attacks.

And this is just one of countless times where I got treated the same way in RP groups. People just hate my face and guts, and yet still try to be polite about it. Lina Inverse Junior Member. Linkin Spark said:. Lina Inverse said:. That's honestly a fairly valid complaint. For some people, that kind of thing can be important to the over all enjoyment of the rp. Well It seems like the mod was criticizing Linkin's artistic abilities rather than the actual character's appearance.

I guess group roleplays are different on every site but I've been in some before, outside of this site, with four people max the last thing that was the problem was a character appearance. I suppose with a smaller group there was no need for a GM either as everyone knew their posting order, etc. Like if it being inflated was an actual aspect of the character, that's one thing.

But if the character is supposed to be naturally overweight, then I don't see how the inflated-ish looking appearance that it was drawn in can't be overlooked. I'm sorry, but I don't really see your point. The character still looks a certain way that the GM's didn't feel fitted with their roleplay, whether that's related to his artistic abilities or not isn't really relevant. Tove said:. Bone2pick Minority of One. Bone2pick said:. Completely agree. As a player it's your job to get on board with the expectations of the GM swhich often includes character images. Imo if you're asked to change your character pic by the GM you should comply or bail without hard feelings.

So, if someone else were to draw my character with the same de and traits chubby, fat, etc etcand said picture were allowed in I find it kind of weird.

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FlyingDemon Senior Member. Many bad experiences on Aniroleplay, the worst is that even roleplayer. Last edited: Jul 10,

Bad rp stories

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