Ballbusting fight stories

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Story HubCommissions. Britt suppressed a giggle as their four opponents walked into the ring, cocks protruding ridiculously in front of them. Virgins were usually the only kind of boy too desperate for sex to read the fine print of the agreement they ed. Britt sometimes felt a little bad about what happened to them on the mat. Plus, not every boy ended up nutless. And besides….

Britt sighed.

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She just had the modesty to wait until she got out of the locker room. Emma always called the biggest set of nuts, as if she was the only woman of Ballbusting fight stories four that wanted to be responsible for the most pain and damage. God, boys were easily distracted. Britt did not want to end the night bent over obscenely, enduring each awkward thrust and moan.

Just fight. She was lunging and stretching on the far end. Despite her cold demeanor on the mat, Britt knew Sofia enjoyed the event as much as anyone on the team. Her frequent noisy orgasms in the shower post-match made that obvious. She smiled sweetly at him, setting her legs the slightest bit apart so he could get a better view of her vulva. He smiled back at her nervously. Britt tried to swallow her nerves as she lowered her guard and approached him.

I hope I sound sincere. The boy stared, clearly confused. Dan had never been this close to a naked woman before. Her innocent smile, sparkling green eyes, freckled pale flesh, and perky but modest breasts were too perfect. She got even closer to him, putting her arms on his shoulders. Her stiff nipples were almost touching him. She felt his cock flop around above her knee, splattering tiny flecks of precum onto her and the mat.

Britt was in excellent shape, but unlike her companions, this was her very first time on the mat. She had never even kneed a boy in the balls before. Agony she had caused with a single knee to the balls. She shivered in delight. The training room had nothing on this. He swung wide at her, Ballbusting fight stories she ducked, bear hugged his abdomen, and brought her knee up as hard as she could again between his legs again.

The crowd cheered her on. She shot up in front of him, pressed close to his body and placed her hands on his shoulders. His still-hard cock bent awkwardly as she maneuvered it out of the way. She was inside his range, and his eyes opened wide in anger and fear as she brought her knee back again. Britt stomped down and quickly brought her knee up again, this time stabilizing the poor virgin so she could get a better hit. He tried to swing at her, but she was too close for him to get a solid hit on, and his strength was leaving him as she systematically decreased his sperm count.

It was hard to get close enough to a boy, but Britt had gambled that the virgin was naive enough to be taken in by even the most heavy-handed fake flirting. And nobody had ever lost money betting against the intelligence of a horny male. He followed it up with a jab to the stomach, and Britt doubled over with pain. She was face to face with the thing between his legs, and she got a closer look at what her knees had done to him.

Both balls were mottled with bruises, and the left one looked slightly out of round. Maybe she was lucky enough to already prevented this particular boy from raping her. It happened so fast, but Britt tried to perfectly memorize the scene. The orb had held together for a fraction of a second, before bursting like a balloon, spewing its innards into its loosely containing scrotum.

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It was the most incredible thing Britt had ever seen, or heard. She flushed as she felt herself grow damp. But anger and disappointment welled up in her as well. Britt sighed, annoyed but still shaking from the intense experience of watching Sofia destroy his testicle.

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Britt noticed the trail of wetness going from his crotch over to her Russian teammate, and saw the slick mush covering her left hand. You Americans always have such…how you say? Winning is simple. The brown-haired Russian rolled her eyes again. Play for crowd, they want to see it. She walked over to the half-neutered boy, and snaked her hand between his legs, taking no notice of his screaming and babbling. Britt saw her bicep clench, and his gibbering became a high-pitched keening. Still unfazed, Sofia lifted the boy above her head, holding him solely by his fleshy organ.

His entire weight stretched his ballcords obscenely, but Sofia kept her grip. She presented her prize to the crowd, and they all watched the orb breathlessly. Sofia pushed her finger in, and. His last piece of manhood turned to goo, and he screamed in agony. The first castration of the night was a messy one; with his scrotum held above him, gravity helped the boy empty the remains of his manhood all over himself.

He managed to remain conscious through the pain and the bloodrush to his head. Sofia ground his sack up and bounced him around, like she was joggling the last drops of semen out of him. He shuddered as he spurted the finished his last orgasm all over his chest, face, and the rubber mat below.

Britt closed her gaping mouth and wiped the drool off her face. Sofia frowned. He was sticking his ass high in the air, and his half-filled scrotum peaked out between his legs lewdly, almost daring them to pop his Ballbusting fight stories nut.

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She shook her head. Like you said, he was going to beat me.

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He deserves to get out of here with one of his nuts. They turned to where the other two girls were grappling with their combatants. Vivian had her boy in a headlock, and was raining punch after punch onto his ballsack. Tiny black splotches were breaking out, growing with each fleshy splat.

His hormones had clearly done him favors; his brown circumcised cock was obscenely long, and he was muscular and fit in a stark contrast to the reedy thinness of the other virgins. Emma tried to grab for his balls, but he shoved her away, his face frantic as he tried to keep his manhood safe. All rational thought fled him; he could only think of one thing: protecting his ability to procreate.

That same instinct had guided his ancestors through thousands of years of reproduction. The need to pass his seed on was stronger than his need to eat, to breathe, to live. Just a dead leaf on his sprawling family tree. He crouched over defensively, doing his best to keep his testicles inaccessible to her kicks and jabs, occasionally scoring a glancing blow of his own, much to the booing of the audience.

He wondered if they ever had. His turtling strategy was working, though. He was wearing her down. She was terrifying, but Ballbusting fight stories vicious flurries left her pendulous boobs flopping around, and her efforts left her panting and sweating. He tried not to think about what he would do with those tits if he miraculously won this fight. For now, he just needed to survive.

Emma missed another swing and landed off kilter. This was his chance, she was wide open! Roger dove in for a finishing blow. But as he lunged forward, a piece of him stayed behind. The sudden tug on his fragile nutcords sent tendrils of agony up his stomach, and his knees started to buckle. Someone was holding him back, literally. The hand between his legs wrench his balls hard, and he gasp with pain. He tried to break free, but Sofia tweaked his balls painfully until he stopped resisting.

Never gotten to shoot inside of anything other than your hand? He tried to stay stoic, but her reminder of his virginity brought another sob. He looked around desperately for his last uninjured teammate, but Paul was laying spread-eagle on the ground, thoroughly ballbusted. He could feel her stiff pink nipples pressed into his arms. She leaned in close to his ear.

I know it seems like a big deal right now, but LOTS of guys have productive lives after their castration! Her tone was truly sympathetic, and even a little pitying, but her grip was firm. Something gave way inside one of his testicles. The girls released him, and he fell to the floor crying.

He bent in a futile attempt to cover his genitals, which were already swelling painfully full. He lost his balance and pitched forward, yet another boy on his hands and knees with his scrotum vulnerable. She was in the same position as him, on all fours, her head right near his crotch. Every fight needed something truly surprising, and Emma was known Ballbusting fight stories her surprises. Emma reached forward and pulled his balls into her mouth, moaning as she positioned them between her molars. The crowd gasped at her audacity; few girls managed to get wholly intact boys in a position as vulnerable as this.

She looked like a busty chipmunk, each cheek full of bulging nutflesh. She squeezed her jaws together just a bit, and the boy let out a bloodcurdling scream as his balls bulged out dangerously between her teeth. Her cheeks collapsed in as Emma bit all the way through her mouthful. She bucked back hard in pleasure, straining his sack of mush through her teeth and shredding any Ballbusting fight stories bits.

Ballbusting fight stories

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