Barber haircut stories

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The footrest creaked ever so slightly, as the young man lifted himself off to regain his natural stature. Janice rose from the bench too, her wallet clasped in hand — ready to pay Roxanne.

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Her lips were upturned, an implicit expression of her satisfaction with the punishing head shave dealt to her brother. My name is Connie, and I am 22 years old.

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I have always been peculiar about my hair, never colouring or layering it, and I have never gotten more than one inch of my hair cut at any one time. My hair is a light, gorgeous shade of brown and hangs as far back as… The Salon.

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The door clicked open on the 3rd knock, and I was welcomed by mum who appeared from behind the door. Upon first sight, it seems as though time has stolen a part of her. Most of her hair had turned white, and she seemed frailer than the last time I saw her.

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The freezing temperatures this winter was almost intolerable for anyone to even leave their houses, but Liz just had to. It was almost Christmas, and she had to get some necessaries for the occasion.

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Barber haircut stories

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