Barberette haircut story

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The footrest creaked ever so slightly, as the young man lifted himself off to regain his natural stature.

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Janice rose from the bench too, her wallet clasped in hand — ready to pay Roxanne. Her lips were upturned, an implicit expression of her satisfaction with the punishing head shave dealt to her brother.

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This is my story, how it all began. Memories of my interaction and contact with haircutting from my early years of adolescence remain equally vivid today compared to the time of experience.

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My intriguing journey of experiencing haircuts and its effects on me throughout the past decade can be traced as far back as my… Epilogue. My name is Connie, and I am 22 years old.

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I have always been peculiar about my hair, never colouring or layering it, and I have never gotten more than one inch of my hair cut at any one time. My hair is a light, gorgeous shade of brown and hangs as far back as… The Salon.

The office bustled with the rumbling of keyboard noises as my colleagues and I struggled to finish up the work on hand, in hopes of avoiding overtime. This was especially the case for me as I had wanted to get my haircut since a week ago, but never had the time for it. I checked… Naivety. Older posts.

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Barberette haircut story

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