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Have Fun! Although there is no sex in this story, it is not for minors. This story depicts bare-bottom spankings of a minor.

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If that bothers you, this is not the story for you. My Big Mouth Mrs. Carlson and her desk swam in front of my tear-filled vision.

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Only fifteen minutes earlier, I knew I had made a terrible mistake as soon as the sassy words had passed my lips. For the second time in only two weeks, I had sassed the teacher in front of the whole class. The first time something this serious had Bare butt spanking stories to me, the Principal sent me home after a lecture with a letter to be ed by my parents. As a result, my father spanked me that evening. The discipline rules and procedures at my school were considerably stricter than those at the local public schools.

Looking back, the process was really quite fair. First offenders were seldom spanked at school. The principal knew that school spankings were almost always repeated at home, so a letter sent home with an errant student would almost surely result in the offender getting spanked by his or her parents. When it WAS done, a spanking at school was always done on the bare bottom, and for repeat offenders, the usual hand spanking could be followed up by a brief to moderate application of a paddle or belt.

However, it never really occurred to us that if the Principal had used the belt or the paddle for the WHOLE punishment, the damage to our bottoms would have been far worse. The procedure, as we came to learn it, was for Mr. Crowley, the Principal, to send the condemned miscreant out to Mrs. This may seem embarrassing, but it gave the girls a big advantage over the boys. Unlike us, they could then get their bare-bottom spanking without frontal exposure by simply having the bottoms of their loose uniform skirts flipped up.

Wisely, the principal would never allow himself to be alone with a disrobed student. Therefore, Mrs. In their full view, Mrs. Carlson handed me the paddle and instructed to sit down and wait. I padded up to a chair and sat quietly trying to avoid their curious glances, tucking the paddle next to me so it would be less obvious. The principal dealt with the mother and then the salesman. I was alone in the waiting area.

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It was my turn. He did not even look up from his paperwork. She made me pull a straight-baked chair into the middle of the room and lay the paddle down on it. Then she directed me to remove my pants, and lower my underpants to just above my knees. Even though my face was bright red with embarrassment, I now realize that I must not have been as exposed as you may be visualizing.

The large tails on my school-uniform shirt covered much of my nakedness front and back.

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To my mortification, my adolescent male physiology immediately conspired to defeat that slight advantage. A cold draft started the process, and the unaccustomed friction of the starched shirt-tail against my penis finished it. Concentrating on trying to stop it only made things worse! There was nothing I could do; I stood there with tears in my eyes and with an unwanted erection peeking out from between my front shirt-tails. I must have turned beet red! Crowley finally looked up at me. He did not even seem to notice the object of my embarrassment; he had probably seen the effect many too many times before.

Spencer, are you ready for your punishment? He got up and walked around his desk to me, picked up the paddle and sat down in the chair. I found myself with my Bare butt spanking stories up high, my feet off the floor, and balancing myself with my hands on the floor.

I was looking straight down at the paddle not six inches from my nose. I felt him fold my shirt-tail up in back. His left arm circled tightly around my waist. I was desperately uncomfortable, already crying, and with my head nearly upside down the effluent from my nose was threatening to mix with my tears.

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Looking back, I realize that Mr. Crowley was a demanding and talented spanker. He used words and drama to enhance the beneficial effects of the punishment and probably, to allow him to reduce the physical part. He would not accept a short answer. In complete sentences, and excruciating detail, he made me sob through a complete description of my two class disruptions. He then made me Bare butt spanking stories him why that is bad and what would happen were students allowed to say anything they wished to the teachers. My spanking finally started, although the question-response session continued.

He started spanking exclusively on my right buttock. My responses were getting less and less coherent. The sting on my right cheek seemed all the worse because the Principal had not yet touched the left. He was saving that one! Like many boys, I had made a silent and stupid pledge to myself to take my spanking in silence; but Mr. Crowley was far too experienced a disciplinarian for that to work. Even if I had a chance of holding out mutely against the quickly rising sting in my bottom, his constant questions quickly broke my concentration and frustrated my efforts.

I was starting to break down fast, grunts giving way to silent sobs which quickly degenerated into uncontrolled blubbering. My tears were landing on the waiting paddle, which the Principal had placed under my face where I could not avoid seeing it. Of course, I was squirming, writhing and kicking, but he was holding me too firmly for that to have any effect.

Finally, my feet came up unbidden, trying to protect my burning, squirming bottom. Carlson was ready for this. She stepped forward and easily caught both of my ankles and held them down. That was probably the that triggered the next phase of my spanking. Spanks suddenly rained down on my left cheek; the one that had remained virgin until then. The talking part was temporarily over, now he was just spanking me in earnest. My blubbering quickly turned into loud cries. I raised my hands to try and reach my bottom, but gravity conspired to slide me forward until my head almost struck the floor.

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I was restrained only by Mrs. That was an unwelcome reminder, in my pain I had forgotten about the paddle! He waited an entire minute watching my shoulders shake with sobs. The spanking started again. He expertly spanked both of my cheeks, and in the tender spot where bottom meets leg, and then his spanks wandered down onto my legs.

I was a complete wreck, having long ago completely surrendered to the spanking. I did not realize it, bit Mrs. Crowley no longer even had to hold my legs. It stopped. I was too far gone to notice for a while. I lay on his lap and blubbered for several minutes before I quieted down.

To my shame, I blubbered and begged. Naturally it do no good. It took some further threats of dire action from the Principal, but finally I balanced myself with my left hand, picked up the slightly wet paddle with my right, and shakily handed it up to him.

He pronounced sentence. What happened next made me an instant celebrity among my classmates. Then they Bare butt spanking stories the pause in the action as the principle allowed me time to regain my composure, and then demanded that I hand him the paddle. As the Principal brandished the paddle, Mrs. Carlson automatically stepped forward to again restrain my ankles. They heard the paddle connect with my asscheeks for the third time. Then it happened. You could hear a pin drop in the classroom as a long silence ensued. The Social Studies teacher was speechless.

Not one of my classmates would have changed places with me at that moment, not for a million dollars. I never got the fourth swat with the paddle. Crowley jerked me up off of his lap as if I had suddenly burst into flames. I stood before him as he quietly lectured me.

Bare butt spanking stories

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