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Posted Wed 18th of May Report. Introduction: This work of fiction contains comicbook violence and supervillainous rape.

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Not a "safe space". To those that wish to read, enjoy my take on superhero fanfiction. RIP Yvonne Craig Barbara Gordon was about to swallow the second aspirin tablet when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Without a doubt it was there — the bat al shining brightly against the cloudy, night sky. Batman had even joked that with crime being so low recently it felt like he was no longer needed in Gotham City. And now this. Fifteen minutes later after changing into her skintight Batgirl sex stories and applying her makeup she slipped out the window of her ground floor apartment into the back alley behind the building.

After rolling the Batcycle from her nearby rented garage she rode a short distance to where she found a rare working payphone. A minute later she heard the oh, so familiar voice on the other end of the line. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? In fact it was only after a lawsuit that department policy had been changed allowing female officers to work the streets instead of being cooped up inside station houses doing filing and other clerical work. Do you think the situation can wait until then?

The library had been in the midst of re-organizing the reference section and the attractive young woman had spent the past few days moving heavy tomes from one bookcase to another. Her back, arms and shoulders ached from the thousands of pounds she had toted and her lower half was fatigued from the hundreds of trips she had made up and down the ladders to the higher shelves. That is catastrophic indeed! It seems that a concerned citizen observed the Joker and two of his henchmen in the vicinity of Wayne Botanical Gardens.

I made the call to the asylum myself and was informed that the Joker had been there until lights out but sometime after that he disappeared. Barbara knew they could handle mundane crimes like burglary and purse snatchings but supervillains were beyond their capabilities. What she had to do was forget her own nagging aches and pains and become a tireless crime fighting machine until the threat to Gotham City was neutralized. Her motorcycle roared to life when her high heeled boot hit the kick starter and a moment later she was cruising along the mean streets of Gotham searching for her prey.

A thorough search of Wayne Botanical Batgirl sex stories turned up nothing so she continued to the Reservoir but after circling it she was still no closer to finding the Joker than she had been before. Barbara decided to then check the ading Robinson Park before calling it a night and resuming her search early the next day. She had covered the majority of the park when her sharp ears caught what sounded like a muffled cry.

Coming to a halt she killed the engine to better listen when the sound was repeated originating from somewhere past a copse of trees on her left side.

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Leaving the Batcycle by the side of the path she sprinted in the direction of the cry until she burst out of the trees and into the clearing beyond where a shocking scene greeted her. Two muscular hoodlums were dragging a young, shapely, blonde toward a nearby park bench and from the torn and disheveled state of her clothing it seemed clear what their evil intentions were. She just managed Batgirl sex stories sidestep him as he hurtled past when the second crook arrived throwing a wild haymaker which she ducked. Before he could recover Batgirl delivered a crushing kick to his groin which dropped him in his tracks, his face turning as white as a sheet.

Just then the first attacker returned from behind and wrapped his brawny, tattooed arms around her lithe form so tightly that the breath was forced from her lungs. Batgirl had no luck prying his hands apart so she instead used her brain — and foot. She drove her high heel as hard as she could into his instep and was rewarded by a grunt of pain as well as his grip loosening about her svelte midsection.

Taking advantage she then twisted her waist while at the same time swinging her elbow back and up catching him squarely in the jaw with all her power. It took a second such blow for him to release her, at which time he staggered back trying to clear his head. Knowing that she was tiring fast Batgirl wasted no time but instead pressed forward while he was back on his heels.

She feinted a kick toward Batgirl sex stories groin and once he lowered his hands in an attempt to block her attack Batgirl pivoted and delivered a devastating roundhouse kick to his unprotected head. That sent the criminal sprawling to the turf with a thud, allowing her to catch her breath for the moment. Batgirl next turned her attention to the victim to see if she was okay. The woman seemed unhurt and was sitting on the bench watching everything unfold with an enigmatic expression on her pretty face.

Can you move? It was very brave of you coming to my aid. Almost instantly Batgirl felt herself going numb as Harley Quinn pulled free of her and sent another cloud of white dust straight toward the caped crime fighter. Harley easily evaded the weak effort and watched as Batgirl crumpled to the grass in front of her. The last thing Batgirl remembered before everything went black was seeing two pairs of legs and shoes approach. The first thing Batgirl felt when she regained consciousness was a dull, throbbing pain in her head which was followed by a blinding light shining in her eye.

After a moment the light was removed but the pain persisted and she could now hear the murmur of voices above her. From what she could see it appeared she was in a dank underground chamber with a damp, vaulted ceiling and rough, unpainted concrete walls. Standing above her to the right was the arch-villain Joker with his arm wrapped around the waspish waist of his malevolent sidekick Harley Quinn, now dressed in her familiar black and red jester costume. It was difficult to see much more because she was restrained flat on her back.

Turning her head as much as she could Batgirl saw that both her wrists and ankles were securely strapped to what looked like a large, wooden X suspended a few feet above the floor. Where are we and what do you want from me? Harley, would you administer the injections. Her hand emerged holding a syringe and a small vial of clear liquid. Pulling yet another Batgirl sex stories from her bag the criminal psychiatrist smiled evilly as she prepared to give Batgirl the final needle.

So you claim. Once the circle was complete he did the same with the left breast and when finished the supervillain pulled the fabric away exposing her considerable charms. Stop, I beg of you! The comely crime-fighter squirmed about trying to escape this attention but due to her bound condition she was unsuccessful and could feel her lust increasing with each passing second. He then unzipped his fly and reached into his pants with an evil smile on his painted face.

The Joker wasted no time but thrust his hips forward driving his wide, growing cock to the back of her mouth. He then grabbed Batgirl by her head and twisted it so she was forced to stare at the sordid scene happening next to her. As his erection stiffened she angled her head so that she could deep throat it while staring up at him with adoration in her eyes. He ignored her with the exception of using her mouth for his focus remained solely on Batgirl.

However you may need a little encouragement and I have just what the doctor ordered. Say aaah. So from his inside jacket pocket he produced a red, rubber ball and a wooden clothespin. First he placed the ball between her breasts. Then quick as a striking serpent the Joker grabbed and squeezed her face with surprising strength forcing her mouth open. The trap was complete when the Joker attached the clothespin to her nose preventing her from getting any oxygen that way.

Once her breathing was restricted he continued to slap and rub his hard cock on her face with an occasional tweak of her hard nipple as his narrowed eyes studied her face. At first he detected no obvious s of discomfort, no doubt due to her advanced training regimen which enabled her to hold her breath longer than an average person could, but as time went on this changed. Her eyes began to dart about wildly and her fair complexion started to redden as her body demanded oxygen that was not forthcoming.

One, you can continue to refuse to service me and pass out due to lack of oxygen and possibly suffer irreparable brain damage. The choice is yours - nod yes or no to my generous offer. Besides she needed to have all her faculties if she was going to turn the tables and somehow escape this predicament. With no other viable choice Batgirl nodded her assent. Even if you were to somehow disable me doing so Harley would make you regret it, I assure you. Bwaa ha ha! Batgirl felt her jaw stretched to its limit as the wide shaft reached her throat entrance before stopping.

As he slid in and out of her mouth Batgirl wriggled her tongue against him while noticing that he tasted of salt, musk and villainy in equal measures. For a minute or so he kept up a slow pace, not pushing her too much as her mouth adjusted to his super girth but there was only so long he could keep his hyper personality in check.

Wanting more he pulled out of her mouth all the way, his erection dripping a trail of mixed pre-cum and Batsaliva as it did so. Where before her head had been turned sideways it was now hanging upside down past the wooden bondage X, setting up a straight tunnel from mouth to throat and allowing him to jam the whole extra -long length inside her. That allowed him to feel his erection as he slid it to its root, his dyed green pubic hair brushing her full bottom lip each time he did so. His other hand alternately caressed and pinched her nipple when she felt something lower down on her captive body.

And now a question for you Harley, is her little Batcave, I mean her Batcunt, ready for my deep drilling? Give me a few minutes to open her up. I have a craving to fill all her fuckholes before the night is through. What do you think of that Batslut? All she could do was lie there and take it as he jammed his joystick to its limit while her saliva seeped around his shaft onto her cheek and from there dripped to the floor below where it formed a small puddle. When she did she felt the prisoner shudder beneath her.

For the next few minutes Harley alternated between licking and sucking the captive clit while all the while frigging Batgirl with her pinkie. When she felt the time was right Harley slid her ring finger into Batgirl as well and was rewarded by a gush of feminine fluid squirting past. Her throat muscles likewise contracted due to her climax and this caught the Joker unprepared, squeezing his rigid joystick like a vise. Fast as lightning Harley shifted her position so that she was no longer licking Batgirl though she did keep her gloved fingers buried deep inside her pink hole.

Glub, glub! Knowing instinctively what he wanted she brought her mouth to his cock and licked it clean before smiling up at him. Reaching into his jacket pocket his hand emerged holding three small metal disks. He pressed the button and Batgirl writhed as the modified joybuzzers sent shocks from her nipples and clit straight to the pleasure center of Batgirl sex stories brain.

He Batgirl sex stories forward into her yielding flesh until his bulbous head penetrated her womanly folds then stopped. His moll wasted no time before moving into position and reaching her gloved hands down to assist the Joker as he worked his way inside Batgirl. For a minute afterwards he remained motionless as he savored the pleasurable sensations his cock was experiencing just being buried in her little treasure box.

It was squeezing him like the tightest, wettest glove one could possibly imagine and he was loath to do anything to change that. Things only became worse when the Joker got tired of remaining still and began to move his cock inside her. At first he only made small circular motions with his hips which had the effect of Batgirl sex stories loosening her tight pussy muscles while at the same time stimulating every nerve ending in her inner walls and making her want to cry out with pleasure.

But as time went on he started to thrust his rigid joystick in and out of her clenching Batcunt, slowly at first, though soon it became faster and rougher.

Batgirl sex stories

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