Batgirl unmasked story

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She paced back and forth waiting for Bruce to pick up as her friend, Selina, announced to all of Gotham City that she would be hosting a special show where Catwoman would reveal the true identities of both Batman and Batgirl. Barbara knew Selina well enough to appreciate that she was ambitious but she did not make false claims to Batgirl unmasked story attention.

If she was doing this show, Selina must have something big. I need to speak to Mr. Wayne immediately. Barbara wondered if Bruce shared his exploits with his butler and, if he did how much detail would he have given him. Was the secret of their identities between them?

She made a mental note to clarify that point with him the next time they spoke. Poor Alfred, I am so nervous he probably thought I was just another hysterical nymphet conquered by Bruce. What did she want? Did she think we were a couple now? Should we be speaking somewhere else? Where are you calling from? How can you be sure she is telling the truth? This relationship will be one tricky one to pull off. She is so young in some ways. But God does she have one tight pussy.

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He then wandered off to thinking about sex with her again and filed the identity crisis to the back of his priorities for the day. Selina was glowing. It was one of those feline qualities exuded by confidence. She was now in a position to toy with her prey and she wanted to make the most out of it. She called in Ramon for a strategy session. Since we have Batman and Batgirl on the ropes I have expanded our scope. At first I thought having access to the Wayne billions would bankroll us.

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I believe we can destroy the credibility of the Gotham police force as well. I will fill that power vacuum and after that the City will be ours to run and with it, we shall waltz in and continue to exercise our control through our new media conglomerate. The situation is purrrrfect. We have finally reached the point to assert our power. Latinos will rule this City as they should. This will be an empire of one and that one will be me. Now listen there is still much more to do before tomorrow night. We still have our Catlist of things to do to make sure things go smoothly.

I have hired the best musclemen to take care of Batman should he become unruly during Batgirl unmasked story show. I will control Batman through his one weakness and show Gotham his deviant side as well. I wonder if Catwoman has revealed her secrets to Selina already. Maybe I should just call her and see what happens.

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The intrusive tone of a mobile phone disturbed the meeting. With slight embarrassment Barbara excused herself. To her delight it was Selina. Well you have been on my thoughts lately, too. We must get together soon. She in fact had all the cards. As she spoke she took a costume off the rack and held it against her body as if considering buying it.

But I am trying to make it up to them. She wants to meet tonight at the old sound studio. I wanted to let Batman and Batgirl know so they could be there and capture her. Naturally, I would want the exclusive on the arrest and subsequent unmasking of Catwoman. I think that should have some interest for my viewers. However, if the Commissioner will not take my call I have no way to speak to them.

Could you be a doll and let him know so Batgirl unmasked story can inform them? Where was he? The time for the meeting was rapidly approaching and Barbara sat in her apartment in costume waiting. Bruce never returned one of her calls. Where the hell has he run off to? Forget him.

I will have to take care of this myself. Besides I will have the element of surprise and I can handle it. Batgirl sped on her bike toward the old studio. Now that he knows my identity does that mean I should be ignored?

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The location of the old sound stage really afforded this meeting some privacy. Ever since it was abandoned years ago for Hollywood, the whole section of the City supporting it died as well. It was years since anyone used it for anything purposeful. Batgirl arrived early wanting to take full advantage of being able to plan her attack. She stalked the premises carefully almost imitating the burglars she apprehended. Abandoned for years she had no problem finding a broken window to enter without being noticed.

She walked around trying to take in everything encased in the spacious size. While waiting for Batman she had tried to access blueprints of the building from the City archives but their system was down. She tried to Batgirl unmasked story her historical interest in the site from her watchful job as she tiptoed about the place. She entered one of the ancient TV studios where they had variety shows and walked down the center aisle. Just for practice she effortlessly bound on stage, spun around to take in the view form there, and headed for a side exit.

She had taken three steps when the stage floor below her gave and she shot straight down through a trap door. Despite the surprise Batgirl was able adjust her rapid descent enough to make sure she would land on the balls of her feet and be able to roll into the fall. They dragged her backwards and as she moved she saw Catwoman come into view walking toward her at a slightly slower pace than her forced retreat. I do appreciate punctuality. Ha, ha, ha. She watched them cautiously then one walked behind her and out of view but Batgirl unmasked story out of presence as she felt the back of her costume being unzipped.

She was amazed that he could find the zipper that quickly. Even she had trouble locating it at times. Just as she recovered from that shock she realized his accomplice had already removed one of her gloves and now was just pulling the second off her hand. Batgirl broke out of that jolt to realize her cape had already be removed and her top, by now completely unzipped was being pushed frontward over her shoulders. In an orchestrated movement one thug moved the hold on her arm as the other slipped the sleeve off.

This was repeated with equal precision with the other arm in no time at all. Batgirl looked down at her bare top and realized the severity of the situation. She braced to fight back when the unfolding sight in front of her distracted her. In a manner that could only be called copycat, Catwoman began stripping in front of her.

She started by grabbing the zipper in the front of her suit and zipping down beyond her crotch and in a dexterous switch of hands reaching behind herself and continuing up her back. With a shrug it fell off her shoulders down to her hips where she peeled it off her legs. Batgirl watched transfixed. Catwoman wore no undergarments and there was that incredible and intoxicating body.

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Even though she had only seen it once it looked so familiar. Very familiar. Batgirl was sure that if she concentrated hard enough she would figure out a connection.

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Only then Batgirl realized Batgirl unmasked story she had been stripped down herself wearing nothing but her cowl and thong panties. She brought them back down again without disturbing the coverage the mask and cowl provided. Do you know why? Because I have one of my very own. Batgirl strained to she of she could identify Catwoman but the angle did not offer a clear view. When she turned around Batgirl noticed it did indeed resemble one her cowls.

Well, dear, I found it in the hidden closet of one the elite socialites of Gotham. I wonder who that could be? She knew exactly who she was and probably Batman, too. Oh yeah, the hair. She looked Batgirl directly in the eyes. The thugs shoved Batgirl forcefully into box and she struggled to stay on her feet. She reached down and put her cowl back on. It felt funny without the wig, maybe a little too big. When she looked up Catwoman had already added the red wig to her attire. Although she did not look exactly the same, Batgirl was shocked to see how close they resembled each other.

The complexions were different but from a distance or in a dark light people would not notice. It was perfect.

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Catwoman informed her henchmen of the time of her return and warned them not to mess with Batgirl unmasked story in any way if they valued their lives. The Dark Angel stood there imprisoned and humiliated. Humiliated not only by her near nakedness but by the way that she allowed it to happen without struggling one bit. She crossed her arms in a feeble attempt to cover her breasts and looked around helplessly and hopelessly. From one of the many shadows nestled in the cavernous soundstage, Ramon watched Batgirl from a short distance.

He had been watching her for about a half-hour since Catwoman left. Perching his camera on his shoulder he focused in on her from a medium length shot. Funny, but without the costume and red hair she looked just like any other well built woman with a hooded mask. However, knowing she was Batgirl made the picture electrifying. He zoomed in on her breasts that were, in his estimation, spectacular. Her efforts to hide her exposure were meager at best and he tightened his zoom to her nipples which had the pimpled pertness of a woman caught in the cold.

Batgirl unmasked story

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