Beauty and the beast sex stories

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up Log in. I've been following her for two weeks now. Sweet, beautiful girl. Taking up this case, I assumed that she was a spoiled bitch. Still, at such money. The representative of the golden youth, burning like a carefree moth their lives. Thinking that everything is allowed to her and everything is possible. No, Lyuba Isayeva turned out to be very modest if this word is appropriate for a girl driving a convertible on a black Mercedes, dressed in the most Beauty and the beast sex stories boutiques and never holding anything heavier than a pair of books.

Luxury is perceived by her as a given. For her, this is - a given, since childhood setting. Modesty is manifested in the other. There is no contempt and boasting, as a rule, inherent in the people of this circle. She does not put herself higher and does not consider herself better than ordinary people. Her friendliness and goodwill, disarm. The more I watch her, the more I find attractive. Not just attractive, damn it, she is beautiful. Oriental roots of his grandfather, strongly flavored with Russian genes, intricately intertwined, creating this miracle.

Thin nose, plump, well-defined lips, big black eyes, like a sweet cherry, eyes. And all this in the halo of long brown hair. Her figure - thin and graceful, but with very feminine forms, causes tightness in my pants.

I am not getting too close, you can not pay attention to yourself. For me, this is an ordinary job, after which I will get a lot of money. Another vile affair. But for the first time I go to work as if for a holiday, because to look at it is a real pleasure.

I am excited by the thought that in a few days this girl will be near and in full my power. Why complicate things?

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In a couple of days, a maximum - a week, I myself, will buy myself a black Mercedes convertible and go to the south, where there will be hundreds of beauties. She is just my next business, a heinous business for which I am a specialist. Lyuba leaves the institute, and I see no one around, only her flowing movements, her friendly smile. In the pants erection.

How good she is. Today in my collection will be a new doll. My girls occupy in our mansion a large, well-guarded, room - there are very valuable specimens. However, I do not chase after the cost, the main thing is for me to have a soul in the doll. Probably so stupid to talk about a toy. However, some masters, ancient and modern, wonderfully manage to breathe life into their porcelain bodies. I almost know for sure: Arlene is a poor girl suffering from poverty, Carolina is a high-society beauty waiting for a daring viscount who will whirl her in a hard dance and dispel boredom for a few hours Kati is not destined to be together, a stupid coquette, rejoicing, asto every compliment he heard.

Yes, they are alive for me. These miniature women. I can wander for hours in puppet room, peering into the tiny soulful faces, and invent for them and with them the story of their life. Gleb Semenovich - an antiquary, thanks to whom many specimens appeared in my collection, lives in an ordinary house. Although his apartment is certainly not ordinary. What is there just not, antique and not very, and all things breathe with time, antiquity.

Today I came to him for a new doll. The guard stayed in the car, why should he miss us. Gleb Semenovich such a talker. I Beauty and the beast sex stories run up the stairs. On the landing, between the second and third floors, something big and black suddenly separated from the wall, a sharp smell struck my nose.

The world swayed, began to blur and disappear from under its feet. Somewhere far off the TV, a strict announcer re the news. In the head heaviness. The eyelids seem to be filled with lead, with difficulty, but it is possible to open them. Visible is the headboard, iron bars, painted with white, already peeling paint. I saw such a long time ago, in childhood, when for some reason we with friend Leroy wandered into the barn of her grandmother. A little further - a mirror, old, triple. This, only much more elegant, is in the apartment of Gleb Semenovich.

On the window is a black curtain-curtain, which has nothing to do with ordinary curtains. From her in the room twilight. What a strange dream. I open my eyes stronger. There is pain in the body. I try to move my hands. I am connected. On the lips is something sticky, similar to scotch.

Damn - this is not a dream! The legs are also connected. I was changing body positions, something was falling, there was a roar in the room.

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The TV goes silent. One hears footsteps. A wooden door painted with blue paint opens. I jerked and screamed. Because of the scotch, the scream did not work out. No, this is not a monster, I was mistaken - a man. Judging by the broad shoulders - a man. It's just that he has a black mask on his head with slots for eyes and mouth. She scared me. Although where did I get that people need to be afraid of fewer monsters?

He seems huge. Maybe because I look up to him or because my head is spinning a little and the objects blur before my eyes. It can not be true! I can not be known where, with an unfamiliar man like a monster! I watch it closely. Suited, raises my head for chin. He has beautiful eyes. Not green, not yellow and not brown. All colors in them are mixed. His fingers lightly stroke my chin. Now I will remove the scotch from your mouth. Do you understand me? Good is how?

Of course I can not ask a question.

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Just nod my head. How painful it is! I scream, but I squeeze my lips tightly, my father taught me not to show my pain in front of the enemies. Hands to this gently stroking the chin, move on, burrow into the hair. These touches and slightly rough fingers cause strange sensations in my body. From them, the skin burns and burns. He lets my hair through my fingers, squeezes, and then pulls heavily, forcing me to throw my head back.

Suddenly and painfully. I scream again. From the fear and intimacy of this dark man - breathing is lost.

Beauty and the beast sex stories

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