Beer belly stories

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I used to bully my sister because she was a bit on the chunky side.

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I was a beanpole. Truth is I always had a fascination with fat. We don't live close by, about miles from each other. In the past year I have gained a considerable amount of weight. I've always pretended to be into fitness. I told her I had a big surprise for her when she would come down next. A few weeks ago she came for a visit.

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As it was a hot day, I came to door when she arrived with my shirt off, with my 52 inch beer belly protruding out. She dropped her bags in shock.

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But I can't tell you how liberating a feeling it was, to stop pretending to be worried about weight gain and enjoying my big fat gut. She teased me a lot. We went out to restaurants to eat every night. I joked that she couldn't call me "Little Brother" anymore. I am planning to add to my gut as much as I can. With any luck I will be by Christmas and be able to play Santa Claus for her. This is a confession but also shows how karma can pay you back. I remember seeing a fat boy and saying out loud how fat he was. My sister told me that was rude.

When she hit puberty my sister gained some weight.

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I would tease her mercilessly. I used to tease other cousins who were fat. I was downright mean.

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And I was arrogant about it. Well, by thanksgiving of that year I had put on the freshman15, and to be honest I liked it. I was not huge by any means but I went from to By Christmas, I did gain more and was up to When I came home. I was sucking in my smallish beer gut all the time. I told her to piss off. But you know, I was actually thrilled that I was caught with my pudge hanging and I secretly liked the idea of getting a lot fatter.

At Easter the next year both my parents commented on my increased girth. My sister just smiled. During summer break I was a good lbs and mowed the lawn shirtless. I got a lot of teasing from my sister and especially one cousin.

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Funny, how liberating it was. In my teasing I was actually jealous of her fatness as a. So today many years later, here I am still getting fat. A pronounced 52 inch beer belly. My sister lives in a city some 4 hour drive away. Each time we meet I mention that the spell is still working. She knows that I like sporting a fat gut and I take every opportunity to do some show and tell. I apologized about teasing her as a kid, and said that karma has repaid me. I am not her little brother any more. You need a Premium to access that feature!

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Beer belly stories

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