Belly button fetish stories

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He lay there on his futon, having lowered the back to allow himself to watch TV in bed.

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Another Saturday Evening — hoping maybe his very pretty friend would come over. She would surprise him by just "popping" in at odd hours — totally unannounced.

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This was "her way" and he loved her for it — a totally free spirit, totally uncontrollable, a very sweet, tiny I'm home, waiting for you to walk in the door. You're a belly dancer at a local club. You come in the door, crying and I can't see what you're crying about. You're still in your skimpy tummy-showing belly dancing outfit.

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When, you uncover your navel - and show me the dagger that's inside your navel. You cry helplessly as I see your tummy shuddering - and yo I just don't know how to start telling you about this woman I met in the trailer-park. She was absolutely nothing to look at - she wasn't ugly at all - she just didn't have the very pretty face most exciting incidents have as a focal point.

She was reasonably tall, about 5'10" and her figure wasn't exciting but not bad just the same. Her breasts seemed to be He was a regular at the restaurant, having started coming after Saphira began dancing there.

She had danced at a local street fair, an annual event held in mid June to Belly button fetish stories the coming of tourist season. She was a great success, drawing curious onlookers from throughout the festivities during the three days the event was being held. One of the people t Nobody ever seemed to know what he did!

This man with the perpetually smiley face! When she asked the elders or the women, the answer was always the same - nobody seemed to know what he did. They all said that, when he was in his This is only for true navel lovers, if you don't understand this fetish then move on.

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All of my characters are over 18 years of age. At first it seemed futile, the rope bit into her wrists and ankles every time she moved. But with enough perseverance she felt in the past hou A Precious Jewel Resting on a Soft Satin Pillow For Kell-Belly He could never think of it as "Her Belly" - the visions of this big huge, blimp-gut, hairy belly-buttoned, beer drinking, burping slob sitting on the couch, belching, farting and scratching his ugly gut as he drank his Bud and watched football came to his mind - chips, like strewn garbage cover Her arms were outstretched over her head and bound together by a tight rope.

Her legs were spread wide, ankles tied to posts. The surface beneath her was cold and unyielding.

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The room was dimly lit and it smelled of musty, dank ai For as long as she can remember, Navel-Babe would see a person's bellybutton and start to feel all sorts of emotions; from happiness; to sadness, to full arousal. She never understood why a part of the body; which is very common and not considered a sexual organ by any means; woul The ray crashed on the mirror of mom's room.

I was standing near the door, near the keyhole to pry from. Mom came out of her bathroom, swathed in a towel. She untied the towel and it slid down her delicate body. She wiped those wet drops away. The intense ray SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Belly button fetish stories

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