Belly tickle story

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He had been staying with Kari all this time, having first met her on an Internet Website. By now, they were getting to know each other quite well. Little did Kari know, but her new friend from England was already hatching a plan.

Little did Tony realise that his beautiful companion was craving exactly the kind of action that he had in mind! Kari had already changed into her skimpy blue string bikini. Her swimsuit basically consisted of three triangles of material at the front and one at the back that barely covered her butt; all held together by thin straps of similar material. In the living room, Kari checked herself in the mirror to make sure she looked okay. She could see the dark haired Englishman sneaking up on her in the corner of the mirror.

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Her heart began to beat faster with excitement when she saw the two short pieces of soft fluffy cord in his hand. Tony gently wrestled Kari to the soft deep pile carpet on the floor. During the time that the two had communicated in the Net, together with the few days they had been together, Kari and Tony had built up a mutual trust. Utter the special word and everything stops there.

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At first, Tony sat back and admired his friend as she struggled and wriggled on the floor. He found this to be a huge turn-on. Kari felt surprisingly comfortable and secure in her bonds.

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Writhing, feigning a struggle for freedom as well as the feel of the soft carpet on her bare skin was a turn-on for her. She also noticed the light sprinkling of body hair around his shallow round navel. After a few minutes of entertainment, Tony made his move.

First, Tony tickled her bare toes, then the soles of her feet. Kari began to laugh and giggle, wriggling and pulling against the soft cords a little more vigorously. Tony had always had a navel fetish, so the sight of this sexy dimple turned him on even more.

But he was to keep the best until last. The tied up bikini-girl laughed at the tickling sensation on her delicate sides.

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Lightly running his finger tips over and around her bare skin. Patience is one thing, but there comes a time when you have to get to the nitty gritty. Kari, though enjoying the tickling so far, was willing her guest to start on her belly. The anticipation had been great, but her tummy wanted some action now. It was calling to him. The handsome Brit thought how sexy Kari looked in her bikini as she struggled against the ropes. Kari though about how sexy it felt to be tied up in such a way, feeling so vulnerable, yet so safe. Her companion had even tied the bonds in such a way that there was no discomfort to her wrists or ankles despite all the writhing.

Suddenly, the young Californian was consumed in a flood of pleasure. She nearly screamed as she clenched her teeth and wriggled more that ever. Kari was absolutely helpless and unable to stop this wonderful torment. Her nerves screamed as they were subjected Belly tickle story a torrent of tickling.

Oh, no! Next, the lower belly below the belly button was given attention. Kari wriggled and writhed for all her worth. Tears flowed down her face. This went on for several long minutes. But then, things became more central. Kari screamed loudly, though she hoped no-one outside the room heard, as Tony at long last plunged his index finger into her deep sexy belly button. But the tickling sensation was still there, causing her to laugh wildly. The American babe became a tornado of movement. Writhing, laughing, tears drenching her beautiful face, Kari was near the end.

Finally, after many long minutes of relentless tickling, she tried to draw breath.

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It was difficult under the circumstances, the laughter made it difficult to breathe at all! The bikini babe breathed heavily, tears still flowing from her eyes. Kari nodded, unable to speak. Quick as a flash the ropes were removed and Kari sat up. Tony had thoroughly enjoyed the session and so had Kari. She had always wanted to be tied up and tickled, but even she had no idea of how relentless her English captor would be. It would take a whole afternoon of sunbathing to recover…ready for the next session?

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Belly tickle story

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