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The same way there's a right and a wrong way to kiss a woman's lips, there is a wrong and a right way to kiss her down below. It's all about the right combo of tongue and pressure, as well as, most importantly, knowing how to hit your target. Get any one of those things wrongs, and your attempt to please her is going to fall flat. Get them all wrong, and it could kill your chances for another romp Best oral sex story her ever again. If you have any concerns about your skills, erotic stories can show you how oral sex can be done — the right way. Just as any kind of foreplay should be, the excerpts below move slowly and sensually, taking their time to tease and please you the way you deserve.

And even though these stories are works of fiction, they make it easy to imagine the real deal. The best part of these erotic stories is that they encourage you to use your imagination. You get to fill in the blanks with the details that you feel the story deserves, while still maintaining the integrity of the erotic goodness each one has to offer. Erotica is all about the readerwhich is why good erotica, like these 6 stories we've picked for you, feeds you details of the encounters while making sure you remain present in the moment.

He loved making her moan. It was such deep satisfaction to feel the power he had over her, to feel how hard her blood pumped when his hand gripped her throat. He lived to make her gasp. Her mind was blank as she moved with his desires. He moved both hands about her waist now, moving her up against the wall. He took both her hands in his and pinned them above her head and he continued to kiss her with a fervor rivaling the gods. If she still had the wherewithal to think properly she would have thought 'never again will I accept anything less than this perfection, alas all she could do was moan and return his kisses with Best oral sex story thirst of a desert traveler.

Now using one hand to keep hers pinned; not that she resisted, he slid the other up her right thigh as the garter led him to do. His talented fingers began to glide between her legs. Much to his delight, he discovered there were no panties to remove and his fingers found the source of the wetness sliding down her shapely alabaster legs.

Continue Reading. She put her soft small hands around my face and pulled me in for another kiss. This time it wasn't a shy childlike peck: her mouth opened to play with my lower lip, our bodies were closer, and my hands landed on her tiny waist, pulling her tightly against me.

Passionately I held her, explored her mouth carefully with my tongue, while she wrapped her arms around my neck and played with my dark curls. My hands went up her waist to her breasts. She moaned in my mouth as I squeezed them firmly. They were so different from mine. Her small nipples grew erect as I pinched them between my thumb and my index finger. She pulled my top over my head. The black t-shirt bra barely covered my breasts, with their flesh pouring over them, two overfilled goblets. Her hands cupped my breasts, softly squeezing them through my bra.

He began at her neck kissing slowly and biting gently, savoring her smell and every inch of her flavor. He made his way to her toned belly and grazed his lips over her navel, watching her tummy rise and fall as her breathing became more enthusiastic.

He positioned his shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful, white rose between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, then suckling the inside of her left. He reveled in her scent and moistened his palate with the thoughts of citrus and honey.

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So sweet, so juicy, so gratifying was her flavor that he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her closer to his face, burying his mouth in her delicious folds. He could feel her wetness soaking his lips but it only made him more excited. Carissa licked her lips. The pleasure you give me I know you aren't completely evil. Part of you cares about me, in your own sick, twisted way. So, go ahead Then untie me and let me help you make lasagna.

I won't try to escape, I give you my word. Would it work? She had to hope. She prayed that the sincere look on her face would be enough. She did mean it, the part about not believing him to be totally evil. She didn't hate him, as much as she had every reason to and every right to. And then she kissed me, injecting a level of passion that put mine in the shade. I would like to say that I coolly accepted her attention but I Best oral sex story do cool.

Oblivious to the increasing torrential downpour, I tried my utmost to match her hunger. Okay, perhaps I wasn't totally oblivious to the storm raging overhead, but I was worse than drenched already, wasn't I? And, although I was shaking like a leaf, I wasn't at all cold. No, the mercury in my inner thermometer was rising at a rate of knots. And my hands didn't feel so numb anymore. Gripping Emerald Eyes' protective yellow jacket wasn't nearly as chilling as gripping a tree. Talking about hands, hers were fastened on my bum, rhythmically squeezing me.

And her lower body was moving against mine. I really hadn't a clue about the things lesbians Best oral sex story up to but, if they included kissing, squeezing and rubbing lower bodies, I wasn't about to complain. Faye ground against my penis as it continued to gain strength. We kissed passionately; our tongues jousting playfully. I rolled us over so that I was on top of her I kept thrusting into her slowly, wanting her to feel every ridge and vein of every inch of my shaft. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with every down stroke, so I could tell she was perfectly in tune with my pace.

Her cheeks flushed and I could feel the walls of her vagina grabbing at my penis. I pulled all the way out until just the head was inside her and paused. She opened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly, biting her lower lip hard.

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I sank my member back inside her and paused again, and she began to quiver and squeezed my penis as she came again in a long drawn out orgasm. I knew it would be some time before I would orgasm again, and I noticed a hot tub in the bathroom when I came in. I kissed Faye and told her to relax while I drew us a bath. After drying off it was back to the bed.

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Faye lay face down and I lay on top of her, straddling her legs. I began a slow massage on her shoulders and back, but I could feel my penis growing again as it rested on her Rubenesque rear. I started kissing her shoulders, working my way down her back. My lips and tongue covered every magnificent inch of this goddess. I kissed and licked and sucked down over her butt, down the back of each thigh and calf, and back up in. YourTango Experts.

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Best oral sex story

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