Bestiality impregnation stories

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Note that your experience reading this story may be somewhat customized by selecting Customize from the link in the sidebar and entering names and such. What's next? Overview of Characters The prognosis What's next? Overview of Characters The prognosis Introduction 1: The Contestant Intro Greetings, lucky winner of the regulated lottery of subscribed viewers.

You are being contacted because you were selected via our heavily regulated lottery of contestants. In case you have forgotten the terms and conditions of the lottery, allow me, your personal contact and guide employed by Omni-Central Studios, to remi Humming, you close the door to your cabin behind you and sigh. You moved into your cabin in the woods three months ago amd finally everything is set up as you want it to be.

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It's a two story cabin with a balcony giving good view over the big lake your home is sitting next to. The water is cristal clea They exist! You see, once upon a time, it was common knowledge to mankind that there were several deities. Greeks knew it. So did the Romans. And the Egyptians. And so on and so forth. For some unknown reason, most of these deities were forgotten. What IS important is Note: The entire foundation of this story requires a degree of suspension of disbelief.

I pulled into the driveway and sat, pondering in the car, for a few moments. She was different, and The Corporation didn't like different.

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We would both be incarcerated or worse if anyone ever discovered her true nature. I ran my fingers through my sweaty hair. It's ok.

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Everything will be fine. She's just different, not stupid. Haven't been caught in the thr After a fucked up day in which Stasi agents had closed in on the Courage Players essentially destroying them, and one had grabbed her from her S and M studio and injected her with a powerful sedative and she awoke in the middle of the Black Forest in an army Ina group of scientist developed a gene therapy treatment that prevented many types of diseases, especially of the STD variety.

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The tests showed that the genetic fixes would be passed on to the children if both parents were treated. With the improvement of technology, bytreatments were no longer reserved for the rich and influential and were av It has been decades since a new experimental type of cure was created in the late 's to fight another pandemic.

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Noticed years too late, it changed the genetic structure of humanity, creating a five to one birth ratio in favor of females. Whether it was God or some other Cosmic Entity who was responsible, someone decided humanity needed a guiding hand. It was in the afternoon and Drew and I watched impatiently, waiting for my mum to bring her new "husband" for the week, Sheikh Tabash to the bedroom.

As I'm sure you've read from earlier chapters, my dad had given my mum as a temporary wife to the Sheikh while he was in Singapore to secure a massive business deal and now, my mum was paying for that deal SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Bestiality impregnation stories

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