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James had gone into the bathroom, stripping down to the bare nothing he then climbs beyond the plastic curtain, and very mechanically soaps his hotel issued wash rag.

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Then, with stiff limbs, begins washing himself: Over his chest, arms, and torso. And all the while his face remained frozen in disbelieving horror over his recent disturbing discovery. It wasn't until Kendall called through the door "See ya, James" on his way out, did the distraut male snap out of his stupor.

Blinking in confusion, James' hazel gaze looks about the bathroom wondering how long he'd been out and he finds that his body is still dry, and he'd been wiping a dry rag around himself. The reason for that is he'd never turned the shower water on. Leaning forward he twists the knobs, hot first to keep from chilling himself then the cold. The warm to hot spray ran comfortingly over the top and back of his head; just when his troubles began to wash away down the drain does the shower curtain choose to be swayed by the wind tunnel created between the warm shower air inside, and the cool air out in the bathroom.

The plastic, flower colored flap blew into the tub with James and brushed lovingly along his wet backside.

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The touch was so surprising that James believed what his mind was seeing only a moment ago, and he released a blood curdling scream. Either way, he shrugged and went on about his business. He should have known that something was up when the door pulled open for him, yet neither Logan nor Carlos were anywhere in sight. Well, not completely out of sight since one of them had to be behind the door to have opened it.

Grabbing the knob, he pulls it slowly in towards himself while leaning over to peek at and nab the hiding sneaker. Something puffy whacked Kendall's backside causing him to jump out of his skin like he'd been hit by an electric jolt. Spinning around he spots Carlos and Logan ducking back into the safety of the bedroom.

Looking down at the object that hit him, he stoops down and picks up the pillow. A fiendish smirk on his face, he cries out. On a crabs crouch, Kendall approaches the bedroom door. Cracking it wide enough to allow his arm and the pillow past the barrier, he swings the pillow first left, whacking Carlos on the side, then right whacking Logan in the face. When the two grunt in mock pain, Kendall bust through the door, and it becomes an all out brawl of 'every man for himself' pillow smack down.

Every time some thing brushed his backside: the wall if he took a step back, suds from his special shampoo sliding down his back and running south, or that pesky dancing curtain blowing in the breeze, it would send the distressed male into a panicked frenzy of flying fist, whose opponent always seemed to be dead airspace rather than the amorous Kendall running through his mind.

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Sneaking through rather, with his dirty thoughts, and lying mouth. James liked it better when all Kendall wanted to do was kiss him, fool around a bit, sneak off and have little movie watching, park laying, dates with him. But no He had to break the unspoken rules and want to James felt a freezing prickle up his spine, for the sixth time, over revolation of Kendall's devious desires.

By the time he pulled himself out of the shower, and away from the imaginary handsy Kendall fest, it was time to go through his nightly work out routine. James knelt to get into position for push-ups; the moment he was on hands and knees getting out about 3, his mind began playing tricks on him again. For some reason he's dressed from head to toe in a brown horse.

The only part of him showing is his face through the head that has a flowing long black mane. And standing there before him is Kendall dressed as a, flannel wearing, cowboy- chaps and all- with a lasso in his hands; the rope swings through the air like an oddly shaped snake ready to strike, and when it did it wrapped tightly around James' neck! Kendall proceeded to put a bite of the rope into his mouth like it were a reign, and getting behind James the horse Kendall then exposed James' backside from a tear away in the seat of the costume and from there Kendall pushed in hard and deep and Logan got a slam to the gut which knocked him to the floor from the bouncy, flowery bed that he was perched on top of.

Carlos made contact with the dresser several times when particularly nasty assalts came at him from both Kendall and Logan. For the most part Kendall was unscathed but he took his beating when a flying pair of pillows came swirling at him like whirling blades, by Carlos going all ninja tactics on him, and so far the wall has been his only interfered attacker. Kendall went from holding his legs to shoving him over onto his back; they some how Big time rush sex stories katie are in a state of undress, and before James can belt out a strong 'NO', Kendall was hiking his legs up over his shoulders and Shrieking, he quickly gets up from the floor; he even checked himself to make sure he was dressed, that's how badly he's been effected by this whole thing.

I am not gonna let Kendall ruin my workout. Kendall grabbed him firmly by the hips and sent his hockey stick into James' net I'll go to bed instead.

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Kendall walks in. Big time rush sex stories katie the most fun he's had in England so far- well, maybe not entirely- he had to add when watching James slip his shirt over his head as he took it off. First for being caught off guard, and secondly because it was by the very person he now wants to avoid- and he's shirtless! He's already half way there with a person who's got a condom hidden in his pocket. Watching James act strangely by covering his chest with his removed shirt, the pretty boy then made it worse by trying to slip it back over his head while keeping himself covered. Taking a breath of 'oh boy' Kendall he over toward him.

Kendall could only cock a brow now, and upon reaching his bed he fishes a Milky Way from beneath his pillow, then addresses his spooked friend. Carlos is in the lobby getting more snacks from the machine Leaning again, the same thing happened. This time Kendall reached around behind his back to see if maybe there were a bungee stuck to him that he was unaware of, but no, he was good.

Which could only mean He took another step forward and sure enough, James had shoved him back again. Expelling a breath of exasperation with the sudden change in James, Kendall backs away with his hands up as if to say 'see, I'm moving away'. When instead he says. James, exagerantly, showed his relief by swiping the back of his hand across his forehead.

It was extremely late for nighttime and ridiculously early for morning by the time Kendall returned from watching movies; they actually, all 3 viewers, had fallen asleep on the couch and never actually made it through the second scene of the movie when the gore happens. But it wasn't a complete jip; they polished off every snack they'd bought. Sneaking over to James' bed, Kendall leaned over and pecked the male on the cheek. He might still be acting weird; last thing he wanted was to be sporting a black eye when he woke up. So climbing into his own bed, he closes his eyes and tries to salvage some more sleep out of the, long since passed, night.

That morning. What do they even do for each other? Surprised by the mild sweet taste of the beans and the fact that the toast isn't dry. Carlos devours the, once strange, food item as though it were old friends- or lovers- getting reaquainted. The other three members of the band watch in minute horror at the sight of beans sliding just about anyplace, before returning to their own meal. Speaking of blood sausage; James couldn't stop watching Kendall- out of the corner of his eye- as the blond stuffed the meat into his hole- mouth!

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He meant mouth! Why is everything that Kendall does come back to that? Kelly gaped in disgust. Shaking off her dwindling appetite loss, she asks. He couldn't get over it that he, and not James, the pretty boy and face of Big Time Rush, managed to get a girlfriend first.

Its so surreal, and yes, her accent IS cute. And he just loves the way she says his name by barely pronouncing the 'r'. Carlos would have thought that James would be fuming about it, but he's hardly given it any attention at all. He must have blocked it out due to sheer disbelief. Yeah, that's gotta be it. And he deserved answers. When the pair got upstairs and behind closed doors, Kendall headed for the Big time rush sex stories katie. You're acting weird. I've been doing some thinking, and James should really wear t-shirts that read: Not ready to experiment yet.

Or something. Because if he'd of known that the pretty boy was gonna panic this badly, he never would have done it. Back against the wall, he turns his head to keep his gaze from locking with that penatrating green gaze of Kendall's; and he sure as heck didn't wanna be swept off his feet by those damned undefiable dimples.

Especially when Kendall's using 'the voice' and smiling at him, making them stand-out all the more. Peeking a closed eye open, James quickly closed it. He knew it! He knew he'd weaken when seeing the 'come on, James' face. He loves their 'being alone' time. Doing this, and doing that, then having a little fun afterwards; but that's all ruined now. Everything always has to change And this thought quirked James' finely manscaped brow. This could be another one of those 'good things in disguise', like all the other ventures he and Kendall have taken, and he's just Afterall; the kissing turned out to be good- really good actually; the grind session in the park was really really good; and James still can't quite get over the orbital trip he took when Kendall disappeared under the blanket yesterday night.

So maybe He's shoving his camera into its case. But when he turned around James was a clap of smoke exiting the room. Logan turned on his laptop, going directly into the skype. Logan couldn't help but smile at his on-again-off-again girlfriend. She looks beautiful What is she up to? The actress smiled at him with a wicked glint in her smokey eyes. Ignoring the comment, Camille goes on to say.

Big time rush sex stories katie

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Big time rush sex stories katie