Biker gang sex stories

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My husband, Craig, had set off earlier, on his new Honda In seconds, seven Harleys cruised around the leafy bend. Seeing my distress, the bikes pulled up next to me. Craig had said that they might attend this year, as one of their favourite bands was playing on the Saturday night.

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He took his helmet off, and shook his hair. As he began working on the wheel, his friends wandered around, stretching their legs and adjusting the bags on the back of their bikes. He was about 50, over 6ft. His denim jacket was covered in badges, with a huge skull, in the centre. He had long shaggy, greying hair, which matched a big, fluffy Van Dyke beard.

When he took off his jacket, his arms were covered in intricate tattoos, and when his hair moved, I could see six or seven rings in each ear. I was shaking as he lit my cigarette. You know……I thought……oh shit! As I said this, two of the gang were standing beside my car, pissing into the bushes. As they shook them dry, I realised that I was staring at their cocks. One of them was massive, and appeared to have a tattoo on it. Catching my eye, he waved it in my direction, and laughed out loud. I quickly turned away. I was feeling very vulnerable, as this gang of hardnuts surrounded me.

We go every year. With a wave, they roared off, down the road. When I drove onto the field, Craig was already there, drinking beer with friends of ours. They were amazed when I recounted my story. We set our tent up, watched a couple of bands and drank late into the night, around the campfire.

As the night went on, Craig became more and more excited about my brush with the Desperadoes. We met lo of friends, as the campsite filled up. In the middle of the afternoon, as Craig and his pals looked at the bike display, I wandered down to the stage, with my friend Polly, who was wearing tight jeans and a white vest. Tyre lady! I could have died with embarrassment, as people turned to see who he was shouting at. He threw his arms around me, and forcibly kissed me on the lips. Shocked, all I could think of was the taste of stale beer and cigarettes on his tongue, as it poked into my mouth.

Snake grabbed her by the waist and kissed her, full on the lips, too. Polly threw her arms around him, and matched his kiss. With his arm around me waist, and his thumb in my waistband, he was squeezing my bum cheek, as he introduced us to the other gang members, Egg, Popeye, JJ, Fat Bob, Woody and Bubble.

He made Polly laugh, and me blush when he told them that I had stared at his Biker gang sex stories, when he had took a piss. Polly and I loved the attention we received as we walked through the crowd, with Snakes arms curled around our waists, and occasionally grabbing a handful of soft tit. The Tyre Lady and a friend! Polly was amazed as I willingly returned the kiss, pressing my face into his beard. My fear the day had subsided, and the churning feeling, in my stomach, was now mixed with excitement. Their campsite was a mess, with bikes and vans parked at random. Beer cans and bottles were littered everywhere.

I sat on the grass, next Biker gang sex stories his bike, and chatted. Crow asked what Craig had said, about him changing the flat tyre. When I told him, that Craig wanted to meet him, he invited us over, for a party, when the bands finished, that night. A van door opened, and Polly climbed out, looking dishevelled, fastening the fly buttons on her jeans, followed by Snake.

You dirty cow! Will it? We walked back to our husbands rocking with laughter, as she described wanking Snakes, huge tattooed, cock. Craig and Nicky were very excited when I told them that we had been invited to the Desperadoes party. Knowing that we were going to the party afterwards, I wore a pair of boots, short leather skirt and a leather waistcoat. Polly wore her leather trousers with a velvet shirt. The bands were excellent, and the place really rocked.

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Polly and I danced like crazy, and the guys kept us supplied with beer and JD. I threw my arms around his shoulders and ground my crotch into his. His hands were all over my arse. I looked at our husbands, who nodded agreement. Craig and Nicky meekly followed like puppy dogs. As we walked, Snake slipped his hand up the front of my waistcoat, and tickled my fleshy tit.

He then turned his attention to Polly, who seemed just as game as I was. When we entered the field, there were about men and women congregated around a large fire, in the middle. A massive Ghetto Blaster on top of a bike was pumping out loud rock music.

About 20 people were already Biker gang sex stories. Two bikes were cruising around with half naked girls on the back. Look who wants to party! A smile slowly broke across Crows face, as he disentangled himself from a teenage girl. He pulled himself to his feet, to greet me. The fire lit up his face. He was ruggedly handsome. His long, grey, hair and Van Dyke beard looked especially sexy. As the light flickered, I noticed scars along his forehead, and down his left cheek.

The jacket was unbuttoned, exposing a hairy muscled chest that was covered with an eagle tattoo. Your husband? This is Craig and Nicky. In seconds beer and bourbon arrived, served by the teenage girl. Crow and JJ stood talking to my husband, about bikes! As we danced they ground their crotches against us and played with our tits. Snake slid his hands up my skirt to squeeze my arse and French kissed me.

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Although he still stunk of stale beer and grease, he was really turning me on, and I think Woody was having the same effect on Polly. As I took a swig, Snake took a couple of pills and offered me one. I did nothing to stop him. His tongue ran up and over my neck, until he was kissing me full on the lips.

I threw my arms around him, as our tongues wrestled in our mouths. In one swift move he popped the press-studs on my top, exposing my tits for him to grab, and everyone else to see.

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One of his hands roughly squeezed them, as the other disappeared up the back of my skirt He rubbed my arse and tugged at my G-String, making the gusset seesaw between my legs. I dropped my can as his head dipped back down to my tits. Snakes mouth hovered over my left nipple, as he flicked it with his tongue.

My moaning became louder, as my nipples can be very sensitive. I became aware of a second pair of hands, playing with my tits, as a second biker ed us. My head was buzzing from the E that I had taken. The watching crowd cheered as he slid my top down my arms, while Snake lifted my skirt around my waist, exposing my bright red thong. Their hands were now all over me, squeezing and rubbing my hot, sweaty flesh. For some reason, exposing myself, like this, to a gang of bikers was turning me on like never before.

Unable to stop myself, I nodded vigorously. He stepped back, and began to unbuckle his belt. The one behind me held one hand around my waist, pulling me into his groin, which he was now rotating into my arse-cheeks, while the other hand squeezed my tits. I was panting with anticipation as he unbuttoned his flies, and his jeans dropped to his knees. My eyes shot around the crowd that had gathered. Polly Biker gang sex stories disappeared, with Woody, and my husband was nowhere to be seen.

About 30 guys and a couple of young girls where leering, as they surrounded us. His cock was un-missable as it completely filled the front of his dirty grey pants. I sank to my knees, and put my fingers in the waistband of his grey pants. My God! Polly was right. It was amazing. It was about 10 inches long, as thick as my wrist and completely tattooed to look like a snake!

His huge hairy balls swung below, like a coconut. Curling my hands around it, I pulled his cock into my mouth.

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I had managed to take in the first two or three inches, when I felt hands groping my tits, again. The feeling of having this monster in my mouth was fantastic, as I sucked and licked, while two, other; men grabbed and squeezed my throbbing tits, and buttocks. Subconsciously, I parted my legs, for better balance. The men took immediate advantage, and their hands went straight between my legs, pulling my pants to one side.

Making me shudder as their fingers slid over, along and into my soaking cunt. Within seconds both men were fingering me. I was so wet; they slid in with ease. Their fingers went in so deep, it was just like being fucked. My sucking became faster and faster, as I jerked my hips to meet their probing.

Biker gang sex stories

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