Bisex incest stories

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Bisexual stories that will make you horny for big cock and wet cunt. Punish my cunt! My wife Susan and I had been married over 20 years, recently Bisex incest stories the Army after 8 years and moved to Saint Louis Well, long story short, we befriended a single divorced Continue reading.

I was living in Tennessee and had my own place. It was a Friday evening and I was horny and wanted to Strange Request Turns into the Best Sex Bisexual Stories Our neighbor Mary is a sweet lady in her late sixties she keeps her long hair Raven colored, she is good friends with mom her husband Frank is cool too Part 1. Continue reading Bi Boys Bi Sex Bisexual Stories Leon was sprawled casually on the bed, his smooth ebony form contrasting with the white sheets. Brent found Leon being black to be very exotic Marty and Jan, Bi-Friends Bisexual Stories Marty and Jan were both in their forties and divorced, and had been neighbors and friends for over a year.

When Jan came over that afternoon they kissed Continue reading Jill and Tonya are Surprised Bisexual Stories Jill and Tonya were best friends, and their moms, both divorced were good friends as well, which as great. That morning they had gone for a drive out Being Bi Is Best!!! Bisexual Stories Hello Everyone A long time ago a teammate told me his secret strategy for picking up girls was either: Go Big or go home.

Or Go Ugly early But on my nights of getting my freak on I completely change into a cross dressed hot slut looking There was this very I loved sex from my teen years and have experienced sex over with a dozen bfs. In fact my sex drive is still insatiable Months of care in the VA Hospital and the Doctors Sharing With The Boss Bisexual Stories Back in the 70's I was working at a guy who owned a Bisex incest stories of local skating rinks and a pool hall.

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Beside the pool-hall was a tiny apt and a big storage It was the summer with Granny on our family farm. The first week there Granny sent Part 1Part 2. Ended up being ased to a military site in California I couldn't help checking Almost Incest Bisexual Stories My name is Joe I am in my early 60's I am currently married for the third time and have had six children two girl and four boys.

The wife name is Mary It seems that both of us Continue reading Incest At Last Bisexual Stories My wife Mary and myself Joe had to leave our home due to a hurricane that was going to strike so we went to Texas and stayed at her uncle place. We left I put my hand between her legs and rubbed, loving the wet slippery feeling. She then rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. She was extremely wet from having sex with Dad. She paused after three strokes and placed the head inside her vagina and slid the rest of my cock deep in her womb I also had slipped two fingers inside her large pussy.

It felt so good. She reached behind him and grabbed his ass. Taking a firm grip, she added her own strength to his thrusts, taking him deeper inside her. Mommy has been a bad slut Bisex incest stories deserves it! You feel so good inside mommy! Her cunt slid along his hard shaft, coating it with juices. He felt so big inside her.

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She started to move faster. I like it so much! Oh, fuck me! How nice and efficient of her to do that! Bisex incest stories could imagine how much suffocating it would be for that lady to munch such a hairy lunch… Continue reading Sucking Cousins Bisexual Stories I began to run my mouth up and down his shaft steadily and because he was so horny by this point on the third stroke he pushed into my throat and held my head. She lay on her back with her head hanging over the side and Bobby was madly fucking her mouth and Mike was still eating her pussy.

I pulled her hips down and ground her pussy onto my lips. I pulled her back and forth so I could suck on her nubbin. I lifted her and swung her back so I could lick her butt and jab my tongue into it. I moved her so I could push my tongue into her canal… Continue reading Calling Her Bluff Bisexual-Stories Steve had over half of his huge cock in Rae's mouth when he began to slowly pump his thick meat in and out of her throat. James watched as his wife's mouth was stretched around the thick cock. He just could not believe how much it turned him on to see his lovely wife with a 10" piece of another man's cock… Continue reading Funny How Life Can Change You I then moved directly to her engorged clit.

Her clit when hard stands out about an inch from her pussy just like a little cock so I attached my lips and tongue to it and started making love to it.

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Her pussy was still leaking cum and I moved down to enjoy her sweet cream pie. She now had both hands on her breasts… Continue reading Hotel Threesome Bisexual Stories I immediately dived between her legs so I could taste his hot, salty cum mixed with her juice running down her thighs. By this time I was bursting for relief and placed my cock against the guy's face and he told me to shoot.

My hot steaming cum sloshed all over his cheeks and lips. His dick and my attention brought her to a massive orgasm flooding her twat and covering his dick with her cum.

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He kept pumping bringing more of Bisex incest stories tasty liquid out to where I could lick it up. I kept licking until all that was left was on his dick… Continue reading Sams Seduced Into Submission I felt the tip of Bob's cock touch the corner of my mouth; he slid it over my lips leaving a trail of precum. Then he slid it in. I started to run my tongue all over his head and shaft. He grabbed my head and slowly pulled deeper. I started to gag a bit but he didn't let up. I had to adjust and I did. He started to slowly fuck my mouth… Continue reading Their First Time Bisexual Stories She engulfs it with pure lust, and soon is making these incredibly hot slurping sounds, mixed in with her moans from my oral assault on her pussy.

Before I know it, she is pressing my Bisex incest stories hard into her, grabbing on to my head with her legs. She begins to moan and buck wildly, and I am surprised when she begins spraying… Continue reading Warm Up Before Concert Bisexual Stories She stared at me, her head curiously to one side. I started to speak. I am feeling what you have felt so many times, only he is up inside my ass not inside your pussy.

Oh, I am sure it is a wonderful pussy, but right now he is hard because of my ass. You felt his dick as he put it in me… Continue reading Close Shave I could barely get my lips around it and somehow I managed to get about a third of it in my mouth so I pumped it as I sucked on the head of it.

I could feel his hand on the back of my head as he began moving his hips, matching my rhythm. All contents on this website are copyright protected. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited without written permission.

Bisex incest stories

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