Body swap male to female stories

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Writer: Shruti Sinha. I love magical love stories. At the same time, it gives me something to keep my writing alive. Thank you for your support and encouragement. An aspiring male model has been struggling to make his ends meet. But one day, he meets a fairy who was there to take care of him and fulfill his wishes. But that comes with a catch. Learn in this fantastic comics. Disclaimer: We are only posting the link to the comics. We do not have any relationship with the website hosting this comics. Ours is a free wordpress site with no monetization involved in anyway.

Enjoy this comics only a few s at a time to get the most fun out of it. The graphics are specially good and worth paying attention to! I dream about a magical world where I would magically transform into a beautiful girl. I would want my transformation to be gradual so that I can fully experience every single change inside me. Read this wonderful story of two roommates where one of them is being gradually transformed into a beautiful girl. One day, Chris finds out that he has the power to transform himself into any woman by wearing their clothes.

This is the story of how Chris learns that he needs to use his powers responsibly.

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After many misadventures, he realizes that he has been nurturing a woman inside all this while who needs to express herself. Writer: Shruti Sinha I love magical love stories. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading The concept of magic has been used a lot in cross-dressing based stories, but the way Sandhya uses it with her twists and mysticism is really unique.

You will definitely fall in love with her mind-boggling writing style. Please consider commenting here to encourage our writing team. The way she ensures that her home and family life runs smoothly; it is so easy to forget that it is because of her efforts.

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Most men do not understand or take a moment to appreciate that. But as a crossdresserwe should do better than most men. This can help us improve our relationship with our better half. After reading this story, please share your views whether you agree with this story or not.

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Body swap male to female stories

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