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This story from Babydoll ; has been read 1 8 0 3 0 times. Usually my vibrator is enough to get me off, but on this day I was unbelievably horny and I was looking for a new sensation. This time, when I let him in he sniffed my already sensitive pussy and I got butterflies.

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I quickly lead him over to the couch and sat down nervously. I thought about whether or not I was actually going to let my dog give me head, and then I slowly took my jeans and my panties off and opened my legs. I clamped my legs shut because his nose was just so cold. I opened my legs again and he started licking me softly, starting at my thighs and quickly moving towards my pussy.

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When his tongue first hit my clit I felt a massive wave of pleasure and allowed my legs to open wider for him. He seemed to sense that I was enjoying myself because he began to lick me faster, his tongue moving all over my sensitive pussy.

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I felt another wave of pleasure as his tongue nearly slipped inside me, and then focused on my clit. I felt wave after wave of intense pleasure as he licked me furiously. When I got up I noticed Bolt had a massive erection, and I thought about helping him the way he helped me. Maybe next time I will .

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