Boy foot stories

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I was so nervous to meet him. His long slender toes look like they would fit perfectly in my mouth as I sucked the sweat off them that built up during his show. I try not to cum in my pants as he talks about his sweaty feet. He looks in shock Boy foot stories tilts his head down and scratches his head. My idol is telling me to stay of course I agree.

I sit down four steps below him while people pile in. Shawn laughs with his fans while I inhale his hot feet. My dick throbs as Shawn leans back. I do as he says and he plants his sweaty foot on my face. He looks down on me as he uses my face as a welcome mat. I stick my tongue out and he wipes his sweaty foot all over it. It tastes like boot leather, sweat, and man. Even better for me to clean.

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My tongue glides between each of his toes and Shawn laughs as he sees his toe dirt collect on my tongue. I hear Shawn gather up spit in his mouth and I look up as he spits on the step in front of me. Please let me lick your spit off these dirty stairs. I lick up his spit from the steps but miss some of it.

He grabs my hair and pulls my hair back. He spits on the step again and pushes my face back into it guiding my tongue as I clean up his spit. He lets go and leans against the wall. He pushes his foot onto my face and forces it into the wall. As my head gets squished by his right foot he shoves his left foot into my mouth causing me to gag. I cum in my pants hands free while he gags me. He kicks me down to the bottom of the stairs.

He winks as he walks away leaving me covered in cum and the taste of his feet lingering in my mouth. Trying a new story with celebrities lemme know what you guys think. Trying something new to make the stories feel more interactive. Let me know what you think in the comments. Morgan had the nicest toes I had ever seen. The big toe was so long and I wanted nothing more than to get my lips around it. The problem was he was a popular jock and I was not. We had English and gym class together. Today would soon be the luckiest day of my life. In English class our teacher told us we had to do a group project in pairs, however, the partners would be decided randomly.

She picked names from a hat until she pulled my name. When she finishes I blush as I look over at Morgan who is staring me up and down. Later in gym Boy foot stories Morgan comes up to me. He rubs my head as he finishes and continues his laps. I watched him run 10 laps, lift weights, and play basketball for an hour. After that class the bell rang and we ran to the busses. During the ride he puts his left leg on his right knee and takes off his gym shoe. Nothing would survive by my feet. We finally arrive at my stop and he puts his shoe back on. We get off the bus and head inside my empty house.

Morgan says as he takes off Boy foot stories hot shoes. As soon as I hear that bathroom door click I fall to the floor and stick my nose in his shoes.

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I inhale that musky alpha scent that builds up after years of use. I quickly take out the insole and shove it in my mouth sucking out the sweat and dirt from it. I have to hope he goes to the bathroom again so I can sneak it back. They look damp from sweat as they stick to his toes while flexing them.

He puts his arm around me and pulls me closer. My shoulder starts to get wet from his armpit sweat. He pushes my head on his shoulder and my heart melts for a bit. I turn extremely red and look away saying nothing. He slowly brings his left socked foot towards my face and softly plants it on my nose. Then his foot comes down and pushes that wetness into my face with a squelch. I take a huge inhale of his alpha scent without thinking. I stick out my tongue and bring some of his sock in my mouth sucking out the sweat from it.

Without a word he puts the sock over my mouth and wrings it out so the sweat can drip into my mouth. He then grabs my hair and throws me to the bottom of the couch. Without wasting time I put my lips around his big toe and suck the sweat from it. My Boy foot stories becomes slick in teen boy sweat and toe jam from his black socks begins to collect in my mouth.

I try to fit all 5 toes in my mouth and gag trying to fit them all in. After what felt like an hour I check the time and realize I had been worshipping his feet for over 2 hours. He gets up and puts his socks back on and he to the door.

He slips his shoes on and without warning grabs me by my collar lifting me up off the ground. Before getting a reply he lets me go causing me to crash on the floor. He looks at me and spits on my face before turning and leaving without a word. That day is the day I met my master and it felt like all my dreams had come true. I was supposed to be looking after these guys while their parents are away but things changed rather quickly. Brandon was who I was supposed to be watching before he invited his other friends Tyler and Matt. We were all playing video games in the living room with my laptop open next to me.

Through a lapse of judgment I get up and go to the bathroom. What follows makes me wish I never left the bathroom. I walk out to see them all hovered over my laptop looking at pictures of male feet that I have on there. Then they start laughing.

I do as they say and get down on my hands and knees in front of the boys I was supposed to be watching. They all start laughing. Brandon gets up off the couch and walks over to my pathetic body. He kicks me in the stomach and flips me over on my back. Without warning he crashes his stinky white socked foot over my nose wrinkling his toes over it so the smell is strong. White socks were always my favourite because you can really see the dirt. You know how funny and pathetic it is that our feet does that to him. Most guys get turned on by pussy but this…faggot gets turned on by guys feet.

Tyler and Matt eventually walk over with Tyler standing in the middle directly on my chest. The sudden weight causes me to gasp for air but Brandon pushes his foot down harder so my gasp only further inhales his fumes. In the corner of my eye I see Matt and Brandon taking off their socks. He also enjoys torturing me the most out of all of them too. When he finally lifts his foot off he walks all over me eventually stopping at my crotch. My eyes widen as his foot crashes down causing me to scream. Boy foot stories and Brandon both shove their dirty socks in my mouth as a gag while Tyler stomps down on me.

He just looks down on you and smiles as I look at the dirt on his soles. Max and I would skip class and Boy foot stories out all the time. We would sit by the dumpsters behind the school to smoke and relax. We would often just talk about life or classes that were giving us trouble. After a long day of school they were always sweaty. Today things would work out a little differently however. Max lights his blunt and starts wiggling his toes.

He gets up and walks around barefoot on the pavement. The sweat on his soles causes dirt and debris to quickly collect on them. I realize how naive he is in that moment. I leaned forward and placed my nose between his toes and inhaled. It smelt like asphalt, ash, and boy sweat. I extend my tongue to lick the dirt off his soles.

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I bring my lips over his dirty big toe and put it in my mouth sucking the sweat from it. He smiles at me and bites his lip as I suck the dirt from under his toenail. I open my mouth as far as it can go while he attempts to shove all five toes in my mouth. He laughs and leans forward grabbing the back of my head to push his toes further into my mouth. Boy foot stories immediately get to work cleaning his soles my saliva spreading all over his feet while dirt collects in my mouth. I want to make sure Max enjoys himself so I swallow all the dirt to be nice. With a cocky smile he jumps off his seat and with his wet soles hits the ground with a squish.

He walks around laughing as a look of horror spre across my face. As he sits back in his seat with even more dirt on his soles I gulp as I realize my fate. I sigh as I realize my plan failed.

Boy foot stories

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Boy's foot 'melted like wax' after stepping on piping hot sand from beach BBQ