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There is so much more to tell about Y-camp - I learned to sail enough to rise from "dangerous" to "merely incompetent", anyway ; I learned archery ditto ; I had a blast on hikes; I made a ton of new friends; I even made that lousy wallet So I'll get to the root of the matter, now. There were three typical events in which Y-camp boys would be around each other naked or near-naked - bathing in the lake in the evenings, changing in the cabin, and skinny-dipping during rec swim.

Bathing wasn't very sexualized, despite the fact that it was the only occasion at camp when everyone was naked together. For one thing, as I said, it was usually late and the light was fading, so you didn't see much of your friends. And it was a bath, after all. I don't think most boys like baths much, even in the lake. It's a chore, and you do it and get it over with. Changing clothes was a little more interesting. I saw all the boys in my cabin in their underwear, of course - every evening and morning, and also at various points during the day when we changed for different sports or activities.

So did Hal and our other counselor, for that matter. As noted, I'd seen little boys in their underwear a lot - sports; friends sleeping over; my two younger brothers The sight typically wasn't sexual to me - not before Y-camp. It was all locker-room ambience, just sweat and sports and all that. I had fooled around with my friends, and many of those experiments began with us both in just underwear, but that was different from equating boys in underwear and sex in general.

Y-camp was where I woke up sexually, though. And seeing those boys in their briefs was a factor in my awakening. I don't know if that's part of what woke me up, or if waking up made me realize it was sexual. Doesn't matter. The two went together, and that's what matters. Joe and J. I wasn't obsessed with puberty, but I was more than idly curious about the physical changes and what they did to boys. With briefs, there's no mistaking that you're looking at a boy, and it's not difficult to tell if he's started puberty.

The first puberty-related physical change for most boys as it was for me is bigger testicles, and that's obvious on a boy in just his briefs. I remember being intrigued by the way the two older boys looked different in their underwear - and more intrigued by the way they looked naked, when I got to see them that way. Before I get to them, I should also mention our counselors in their underwear. They were boys too, of course. I have trouble even today thinking of them as "boys" - they were authority figures!

But both were in fact around 18 years old. I saw Hal in his underwear nightly, since he slept in just his briefs, like Joe and me. Hal was modest. He usually turned his back or stayed covered up even with his underwear still on. If he was leading a prayer or talking to us after getting undressed for the night, he often sat Boys skinny dipping stories his bunk with the sheet or pillow over his lap and thighs. I do recall looking at the bulge of Hal's genitals in his briefs, and wondering fleetingly how big his penis was. I never saw him naked, or if I did I've forgotten. He didn't skinny-dip or even go swimming with us.

I can't remember about seeing him bathing; but baths were always at dusk, and you didn't get to see much detail about anatomy or anything else. He never Boys skinny dipping stories in the cabin that I recall - I probably have just forgotten, though. Maybe I was looking the other way, at the boys nearer my age. The other counselor, the guy who slept there maybe two nights, I have even less recollection about.

He wore white briefs, which I saw one time when he changed into his PJs. I was more curious about why he was actually sleeping in our cabin that night, than about his penis. This guy didn't make much of an impression in my memory, in his underwear or otherwise, obviously. For whatever reason, I wasn't too interested in those guys - they were just too old to hold my interest at the time. High school seniors were almost adults, and adult men did not register Boys skinny dipping stories me in terms of sexuality. The remaining two boys were Joe and J.

I don't recall seeing Brian naked, though, and in his briefs he looked like the younger boys - prepubescent, or barely-pubescent at most. Brian could be a whole separate story, incidentally.

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He was the most religious kid in the cabin, a genuine Bible-Belt Baptist who read his Bible every night, and kept some distance from Joe and me, the two most indecent kids in the cabin. I liked Brian, and we actually had a good discussion once about the Bible. He was also a fair soccer player. And he really excelled at horseshoe-throwing, of all things. If you're at all familiar with Southern Baptists, you'll understand the reason.

I have never in my life been to a Southern Baptist church picnic that did not feature horseshoe-throwing. I guess it must be a sin to build a church without a horseshoe pit. I noticed the very first night that Joe and J. That day Boys skinny dipping stories too full of overwhelming stimuli for me to pay much attention, and in any case I was yakking with Tony and Phil while we all changed; so I didn't give it much thought that evening. But I recall distinctly noticing that Joe and J. Their briefs stuck out more in front, and the support-area down between their legs showed that they had something to support down there, unlike us younger.

Joe's bulge seemed more noticeable to me at the time, most likely because he was closer to me - his bunk was directly across from me, above Tony's, and he stood right next to my bunk to change. I don't recall anyone taking off his underwear that night, nor changing the next morning.

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We were exempted from baths that first evening, and I doubt too many boys change underwear until they have to, at that age. So, I didn't see anybody naked till early afternoon the second day. That was our first rec swim - and therefore, the first time skinny-dipping. Skinny-dipping during rec swim was an old, old tradition at Y-camp, and that fact was well-known before we ed up. We knew it wasn't mandatory. But I remember consciously planning, long before camp started, to be one of the kids who stripped for swimming, and feeling like planning it was a slightly naughty thought.

It seemed more daring than swimming nude at the Y, my only experience of the kind. The Y was indoors, in a natatorium with no windows; this was open to the sky and everyone. I recall asking Phil earlier in the summer if he was going to go skinny-dipping at camp; he said he didn't know. I said, "Well, I wanna do it. Despite the director's admonition, it was hard for us skinny-dippers not to think of the swimsuit-wearers as chickens. I Boys skinny dipping stories thinking that it would be wrong to tease them, however; and, unlike some kids, especially the year-old's, I never did.

It didn't seem nice. And, more pragmatically, at some point before camp was over I noticed that the boys who got teased never took off their suits; whereas the boys who weren't teased sometimes loosened up over time, and stripped. That seemed like a Good Thing. Most of our cabin knew how to swim, so we always swam together as a group - the two nonswimmers, Frank and Rob, were in a separate beginner's class over in the shallows.

Some of us were skinny-dippers and some were swimsuit-wearers - and that changed over the two weeks of camp. By the end of camp, Phil, Tony, and J. So, back to that second day Boys skinny dipping stories camp, and our first rec swim: As with all other activities at Y-camp, there were several shifts throughout the day for rec swim. Unlike most other activities, rec swim was scheduled by cabin. That was for good reason, as I now understand - in kids' rec swimming, it's particularly important to rely on the buddy system, so nobody gets in trouble unnoticed; and a permanent set of buddies made things easier.

Our shift was early afternoon, right after rest period. Y-camp had lunch at 12 noon, then an hour to rest - some kids slept, but I never was much of a nap- taker, so I usually went outside the cabin and talked to whoever else I could find. That day I was talking to J. I remember enjoying talking to them - but thinking, the whole time, " When is that damn bell gonna ring?

I wanted to go swimming, and it had little to do with getting naked, either. The lake had been beckoning me since before I laid eyes on it - from the time I first saw it pictured on the camp brochure, in fact, over a year earlier. When the big bell rang after an hour that seemed to last sixHal rounded us up and told us to get changed into swimsuits, if we were going to wear them. He said, "You don't have to wear one.

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Boys skinny dipping stories

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