Brady bunch sex story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Just then two aroused, naked men, one a black, entered the picture and embraced the three squirming women. The black man was a stranger. The naked white man was their uncle, John Cummings - their mother's brother! Uncle John took the black woman and his giggling wife out of the picture while the camera stayed on Carol Brady and the black man.

He was very tall; towering over Brady bunch sex story petite woman and his erection was huge; thick and heavily ridged, the pale cockhead a startling contrast to his rich, dark color. He stood behind Carol and cupped her tits, his thumbs flicking her hardened nipples; his rigid cock tight against the small of her back. It almost reached her shoulder blades. Cindy Brady sucked in her breath, and chewed on her lips roughly.

She was no longer watching her Mother in some sort of interracial orgy, she was in an erotic fantasy and her focus was now on this stranger's monstrous cock. Her hand had sneaked into her pajamas, and her finger was gently playing with her clitoris.

She was very wet. The Black man spun Carol around and squeezed her tight to him, actually holding her off the floor. She squirmed against him, eager for his embrace. Her legs went around his waist, and her hips moved lewdly.

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His cock, plainly visible, prodded her hairy slit. The Brady's heard their Mother's voice, rough and hoarse, tell the stranger to stick it in. Jan's hands covered her mouth. She was on the verge of screaming; not vindictive, but her frustration, her desire. The walls of convention surrounding her were crumbling. She pressed her back to Peter's body transmitting her pent-up excitement to him. The camera followed, giving full view of their Mother's desire, her lust.

They saw the huge black prickhead part the lips of her pink and juicy pussy; saw it press pass the tight opening, stretching it. They heard her moans, her cries; saw her contorted face, flushed with passion, as she screwed her pussy down on the thick, black fuckpole. Marcia sought the protection of Greg's arms.

She wanted to hide, not from what she was viewing, but from her own arousal.

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Greg felt the fullness of her tits against him, smelled her wonderful fragrance. Their fantasies of each other began to merge. Carol Brady was laying on her side getting fucked sidesaddle by the big black man. Her left leg stood almost straight up giving the camera a spectacular shot of his ebony cock, slick with cum juice, driving deep into her body. Cindy couldn't believe such a small woman could take that size prick.

She was proud and jealous at the same time. The camera jiggled and the scene abruptly changed. The black woman, facing the camera, was straddling John Cummings; his long white cock buried in her hole, and she was sucking their Father's prick. Any thought that they were watching only their Mother's indiscretion was quickly dispelled.

This definitely was a family affair, condoned and encouraged. Mike Brady gestured at the camera. It jiggled, the picture jumped, then Brady bunch sex story down. Mary Cummings, nee Brady, ran to her brother, dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock with relish. Her bobbing head frequently blocked the camera's view. Carol and her black lover came back into view. Cum spots could be seen on her body, and a tinge of white pussy cream still clung to her pubic hair. Her body glowed. The Black man walked to the camera, his flaccid cock hanging down.

Even limp it was impressive.

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Then Carol knelt in front of the Black woman, like a supplicant. Her brother's rod was jammed, full length, in her black hole; only his heavy balls, bouncing erratically, showed. Carol started to lick them and John's movements became frantic. The black cunt's suction, and his sister's licking was too much and he started to shoot his load. Roughly, Carol pulled her brother's cock out of the woman's churning cunt and cum juice splashed her face before she could get his pulsating prick in her mouth.

The camera, handheld now, came in for a close up. Carol Brady's eyes were bright but smiling as she expertly sucked her brother John's cock dry. Then it panned to their Father. Mike's eyes were closed and his chest heaved. His sister's face was splattered with dripping cum. Her fingers caught the running droplets, and licked each finger clean. The Black woman ed them and helped each woman clean her brother's cock. Movement caught Greg's eye. He turned and nudged Marcia. Cindy had turned around on the couch, her ass stuck up in the air and she was vigorously sucking Bobby's prick.

Her chest felt like it was caught in a vice. She could hardly breathe. They left the room quietly. It registered on the others that they were no longer there, Brady bunch sex story it didn't really penetrate. On the screen Mike and John were busy fucking their own sisters. The Black woman hovered near, giving encouragement to each couple. Marcia's blonde cunt squished from the amount of cum juice in it, hers and Gregs'.

She had lost count of the times she had climaxed, as her fantasies became reality. And Greg was, yet again, humping her, this time doggie-style, his cock still hard, even after several cums. When they had reached the bedroom they had not make love, they made war! There was no foreplay, no preamble. She ust wanted his cock in her!

She wanted it to stretch her, fill her; never leave her demanding body. Greg felt the same way as if all the years of frustration had to be purged immediately.

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He was relentless, almost ruthless in his fucking. It was practically a rape but Marcia didn't care. Her desires and frustrations matched her brother's; her need, as powerful. Her nails and teeth left their marks as they vented their anger and dissolved their frustrations. Greg's hands bit harshly into her upturned asscheeks, his hips frantically slapped against her heart-shaped butt as his sister reached behind and felt his balls, still heavy with cum.

Brady bunch sex story

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The Brady Bunch - Part 2