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Posted by WolfFort 11 years ago Report. Posted by donitard 11 years ago Report. Posted by Unbirth 10 years ago Report. A nice story, it is nice how you explained things at the start, but maybe if it were in italics, or as a prologue? Also just a little gripe of mine is the 6 foot, 4 foot etc breasts thing, maybe if they expanded Breast vore story a more reasonable size?

Still it is a very nice story, which is why I favorited. Posted by donitard 10 years ago Report. So your saying its kind of hard to follow when I switch in and out of the explaining and the story itself? Your saying you preffer the smaller breast sizes or are you saying her breasts should be bigger because she has 3 people in them not being sarcastic, im cereal?

Thanks for the fave, my man, and of course the comment, good content, I liked the suttlety, needs a bit more detail because I am not sure about it sometimes, perhaps a example would work :3 Sorry, I loose my mind sometimes :P Anyways, cereal, thanks for the good content comment Ah, yes sorry about that, I meant smaller as in you don't really see many people walking around with massive breasts, then again you don't have breast vore in this world either Oh and not hard to follow as such, just that it makes it a nicer format if you separate the two.

Hope that helps. I Breast vore story exactly what you mean; I like nice practical sized breasts I think B cup is bigbut in my mind they are huge, which is why in my stories I make the breasts huge. Do you understand? Oh I see. I will consider that if I write any future stories. I check the s constantly, but I don't write full stories often. Yeah, I understand, there is nothing wrong with huge breasts, I was just wondering thats all. Teensy little request, if you wanted to do more mother vore in your future stories, it would be nice! But it is completely up to you.

Posted by Duncan-Idaho 9 years ago Report. I just came so hard it went over my shoulder. I love this story so much.

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Posted by donitard 9 years ago Report. Fuck yes! I didn't feel too great about this one while writing it, but I am glad it was good enough for 'over the shoulder'. Have you read my other works? Yea I have, and I love them all. I think you are a great writer. Thank you. Your incestual themes remind me of the writer that inspired me to write these perverted stories.

His username was Dveltmands I thinkand unfortunately he removed his and his work. If you search his name, you might be able to find some of his work. Trust me Breast vore story, I have searched harder for his work than anyone, I used every chan I know of, the wayback machine internet archive, I messaged both him and his girlfriend, and have asked many people around both DA and here. Dveltmands responded to me and said he lost his stories and doesn't feel like re-writing them. It is a tragedy, and I still hope that I can find a way to track some of them down, because they are a prime reason I write the way I do as well.

I am always trying to improve so that I can deliver a better imaginary experience. Reply to this comment. Anonymous to read messages. Breast vore attempt Our story begins with Jane, the young single mother of two, in her laundry room, resting one arm on the window sill texting on her phone to her girlfriend common phrase for good plutonic relationship with another female while waiting for the laundry.

They were talking about finding Jane a man, Jane: I don't know if I want to yet Sid: what are you talking about? Sid: What? Jane: you could have just asked "why not? Sid: sorry, I get carried away Jane: gah, sure I guess, I don't know where to look though, it's not like dating.

Sid: hmmm, give me a bit, I'll help you out with that ; just be on you comp tonight. Jane: Okay ;P cya l8r Jane closed her phone and glanced down at the timer on the dryer. While Jane folds her laundry, let's take a moment to gather what things are like. Jane, 21 years old, dazzling bright red hair, a cute face, stunning bright vibrant blue eyes, red freckles on pale white skin, 5'8" tall, nicely proportioned D cup breasts, sliming waist, rocking ass and thighs each ass cheek makes a one foot sphere.

Yes she is a sexual masterpiece. Personality wise she is above average in intelligence, very wise. She has a great sense of humour and loves to laugh which makes her face light up to be the most dazzling spectacle that just makes your heart melt in its cage.

She went through psychology in college, doing amazingly well and prized by her prof. She met her husband as his psychologist, he was having trouble coming coups with his Breast vore story death as. Now why would ol'jakie boy want to leave Jane? Well, technically he didn't, in fact he's always with her, and no one knows this but Jane. But where is he? What do you mean always with her?

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Well you probably already guessed it if you read the title of the story and are familiar with my other work, Breast vore story for all of those who don't, she ate him and absorbed his body improving her physical features. He wasn't the first though, and definitely won't be the last. You see, ladies and gentlemen, Jane is not 21 years old, she is much MUCH older, and has had many husbands and children, all of which were delicious.

And now we are rounding to another "feeding frenzy. Jane headed to the local school and picked up her two kids, John and Diz. The Jonathon is 16 and Diz 13, both pass school with high B's, but you don't care about that, there is to much build up already, so I will try to speed things up. Jane brought them home, served them dinner and planned out where they would go for their summer vacation.

She let them then do their own thing as she went onto her computer. She ed in and started her chat with Sid to see if she has found anything yet. She has. A very nice and cute guy, he likes children and works in Sid's acting group. Jane is talked into the date and is set up for a date with Aaron in three Breast vore story. Jane then mingles with the rest of her friends and then shuts it off and goes to bed.

On the day of the date Jane is driving her kids home from school, when they get home and after the kids have gotten comfortable, john doing homework in his room, and Diz watching Tv, Jane decides to put her plan into action. First she goes and grabs some rope and tape and sneaks up on Diz sitting on the couch watching Tv.

Jane quickly gages her and then holds her body down and ties up her arms and legs, she appears to have done this before, she takes Diz into her room, carrying her like a struggling suit case, and plops her on her bed. She then opens the door to Johns room to "check on how he is doing. She then takes off her white button up shirt, and unclips her bra. She looks at the two and says "I love kids, they taste WAY to good.

But tonight, since there are two of you, I think I will directly 'expand' myself" she chuckles to herself grinning widely and walks up to them, she then positions each one in front of a nipple and pulls them in, her nipples encase over them as lips would and they slowly get sucked into her mammeries, making them swell up massively.

She moans and lets out sounds of extreme pleasure as the two teens get sucked into her growing breasts. Jane struggles to not push them in faster than her nipples can take them in though the urge is great.

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The two slowly get sucked into their Breast vore story mother's breasts. They can struggle no more as they rapidly dissolve into their mother's breasts. She lets out a few final moans of ecstasy and rolls over sitting cross legged, back against the bed.

She finishes her panting and looks down at her massive 3 foot jugs, resting in her lap. Maincourse back her tonight. They were big and appeared naturally round, slightly widening at the base, and completely soft and felt purely like a normal breast would. She fondled her engrossed assets a while longer and then struggles to her feet. She swayed them around a little watching them sway and getting used to their weight. Jane then went to her wardrobe and pulled out her custom Breast vore story dress, which was a vibrant blue.

It went amazingly with her bright red hair and freckles, stunning blue eyes, and pale white skin. The fabric met at the back of her neck, then went around covering her big plump breasts and then spreading out to the back to make a long skirt that clung to her rump, exposing her gorgeous back and showing off massive cleavage. She grabbed her matching purse, got into her car and headed off to her next victim. Aaron, the guy at the dinner, acted as calmly as he could, with the odd glance down that no man could resist. Jane was playing with him the whole time, dropping her fork, leaning over for the pepper, just messing with him.

He kept his cool, none the less, and said, "Oh, perfect, I think I'm done here too. Jane's breasts reached over almost to touch Arran, spaced only by a couple inches. She played with him driving back as well; making hard lefts causing Arran to lean against her mammeries, and make suggestive remarks. Aaron's "lower" pain was unbelievable; quaking in his pants. He wanted to, SO badly to pull the car over and make dirty sex with her in the back of her car, and fondle her massive swelled chest. He wasn't alone for burning feelings either; Jane couldn't make up her mind on what to do with him, suck him into her breasts, eat him alive, or have sex with him.

Jane looked at him once they came in side, still standing in the entrance room, and held him close and kissed a deep kiss. They drew apart and she looked at him with a fake worry, "oh, you do look sick, why don't Breast vore story go into my room and lay down in my bed? Aaron looked confused for a second and then realized what was happening.

Why don't you go into my room and take off your clothes for a 'physical' examination, while I get my uniform ready. He then positioned himself on her bed lying on his side facing the door. Foot steps sounded and a knock at the door. The door slide open and standing in its place was Jane in a tight, white and red latex nurse costume.

She was in a white dress with a skirt that went down to be just above the knees, and clinged to her shapely ass. It squeezed up against her breasts, encasing them to be two perfect spheres in the tight rubbery dress. Red crosses and stripes were placed around the dress as well. It hurts all over. She looked down at his growing member, "Mmm that looks good, I bet it hurts the most doesn't it? He replied easily "From looking at you, it's in excruciating pain. Of course only a woman so sexy could give a man that much genital pain.

Breast vore story

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