Breastfeeding incest stories

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Unread post by sexy ยป 06 Mar Breastfeeding, Lactating and Incest Discover endless English sex story and novels. Browse Sex stories in English, Sex story English, adult stories ,erotic stories. Visit theadultstories. Post Reply. After that accident he lives with his grandmother. One day after school when Jony said women liked young boys and told Roby about fucking his Kakima Aunt.

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After fucking Kakima Aunt ,Jony is very horny now. Her breasts cleavage made a deep valley inside her blouse and the more it entered he saw milky white colored complexion inside her. When she was keeping the tray down, her sari's pallu fell from her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits clad in tight blouse to him. Talking he could see Breastfeeding incest stories deep cleavage of her magnificent breasts. Also he could see wet around her breast area she might be leaking milk.

Even under the blouse and tight nylon bra, they were trying to come out of the confinement. Did she always breastfeed in front of him? I told you my story. Sitting with Ma Mother in the drawing room after dinner watching the TV when the baby started crying. So my Ma picked up the baby and after adjusting her sari she opened her blouse, lifted her bra and started feeding her baby.

All these time I was straining to see her breast and I did get a glimpse, which immediately gave me an erection so I tried to hide my erection from her.

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After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. My Breastfeeding incest stories was so hard and about to burst so I stood up to go to my room trying to hide the tent in my shorts. In the privacy of my room I masturbated with the images of her breasts and I came so hard my cock just kept on jerking remaining hard for sometime. I wondered whether she deliberately showed me her breast, Breastfeeding incest stories this was never done when Baba Father was around.

But I think she likes to show her breasts. Because they are realy beautiful and big. Roby was very excited to hear this from his friend. I know how to convince a woman. You did what?!!! Kavita whispered angrily to her son. He's my best friend. He won't tell anyone. It just came out! He glanced out into the loungeroom where his buddy, Jony, sat nervously on the edge of the large couch.

After we were in the yard, I told him I watched you feeding Niru and he asked if he could watch too. Jony doesn't have a mother? Who looks after him, then? The poor kid, she thought, he really does look lonely and unloved. The old lady is weird! Jony has to hang around the park or at someone's place.

I'm his best friend," her son finished off. I felt shy. You shouldn't have told anyone. He's never seen anyone's breastfeeding," her son replied, rather disbelievingly, as though that was not normal. Kavita loves breastfeeding in fornt of people. But she always pretends she has to. No way. She also knows her son always try to see her breasts whenever she breastfed. And she showed a lot.

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So Roby would Breastfeeding incest stories nothing wrong with his best friend seeing her, she thought. She looked back into the lounge room at her son's friend. Her breasts felt full and heavy - it was time for Niru's feed. It wouldn't be too difficult for her to acceed to her son's request, would it? She felt a quiver in the pit of her belly at the thought. She would be showing her breasts - a young boy - the best friend of her son willingly.

He was a rather mature and good-looking boy, too. Stop it! She thought. He's only a boy. But she suddenly realised there was a definite thrill inside her at the thought of having the boys watch her breast-feeding - and it wasn't Breastfeeding incest stories It was sexual! She felt herself blush and turned away from Jony to gaze at Roby. I don't know if he'd approve or not, so you say nothing. Inside he was still bubbling, though. She'd given in. They had made up the story about Jony's grandma and everything. And it had worked! It was true that Jony didn't have parent. It'll really help Jony.

And we won't say anything to anyone. I promise. Kavita suddenly felt rather nervous. But make sure he understands that this is just to help him and he is not to tell anyone about it. Jony glanced up to watch Mrs Kavita. She was certainly a great looking woman! He watched her long legs beneath her pajama scissor across the room. His eyes travelling up their length, over the red pajama, noting her full hips and buttocks accented by her slim waist. She wore a loose white kamiz long shirt and her full 38DD breasts jutted out prominently, her cleavage quite visible over the low neckline.

She also had a beautiful face to go with her figure, Jony thought as she disappeared down the hallway. She had black long, silky hair, big eyes which she highlighted with a dark blue eye-liner, and full, red lips. He stood up as his friend came into the lounge. I could hear you," Jony said smiling. She might freak. Then we'd both really be in the shit. Just follow my lead. The idea of doing things with his ma like Jony had talked about was a fantasy he had been thinking about for the last couple of months, watching his mother breast-feeding Niru, he had been almost constantly sexually aroused and his fantasy had become more of an obsession; and Jony might help to make it a reality.

Kavita walked back into the lounge room, baby Niru cradled in her arms.

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Niru was mewling, her tiny face puckered and her mouth seeking upwards towards the firm breasts it rested beneath, her tiny hands touching the full mounds and trying to grasp them. The two boys watched in anticipation as the neckline of the woman's kamiz was pulled awry and the tops of her breasts uncovered by the baby's groupings. Jony stood up as she came towards the lounge. Jony, Roby said you wanted to She still couldn't believe she had agreed to this! Jony nodded agreement, his eyes flickering from her face to her breasts, causing an even stronger flutter in the pit of Kavita's belly.

Breastfeeding incest stories

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