Breastfeeding my partner stories

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While we think breastfeeding is something to brag about, feeding your baby in public is bound to create some hilarious yet cringe-worthy stories.

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From awkward texts to coworkers to leaky boobs at backyard BBQs, we asked some of our favorite mom bloggers to share their most embarrassing breastfeeding stories. Moms, get ready to laugh so hard you cry. Mommy brain is very real. I was so embarrassed! I refuse to answer the door for that mailman to this day.

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Autocorrect does not work in your favor. Next time you go car shopping, Abby of The Badass Breastfeeder would not recommend bringing your hungry toddler along! My toddler wanted to nurse while I was trying to look at cars and talk to my husband.

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I got my boob out real quick to put a sock or boob in it! While Ashley Wright of Ms. Shannon [my daughter] asked for boobie, and I proceeded to whip my boob out and feed her. The waiter was so uncomfortable. My friend almost choked on her food. Everyone begins to look at me with my boob already out feeding a 3-year-old, and I just started laughing hysterically.

Then everyone ed in. My milk flow was really starting to come in and for a while there I had an oversupply. Well, here it came, I could feel it. I was having letdown. Normally no big deal but, like I said, my supply was overflowing.

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I was dripping down my shirt with a huge pile of breastmilk puddled in my lap. While we want all moms to breastfeed loud and proud, not everyone agrees. I would always brush the blanket off and tell her that more people need to see breastfeeding for it to be normalized.

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Breastfeeding my partner stories

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6 Embarrassing Breastfeeding Stories