Bride rape stories

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Chingg chingggg- the tinkle of anklets and bangles caused Meena chachi and Gauri to turn around. They had a knowing smile on their faces as the newly married daughter-in-law, walked inside their kitchen. Gauri nudged Chachi and they both giggled as Sandeepa juggled with her pallu. She was clearly uncomfortable. Sandeepa groaned slightly as she felt pain in her wrist. Chachi turned to look at a praying Sandeepa.

Her pallu fell off from her head and they could now see a couple of bright red lovebites on the side of her neck. Sandeepa finished her prayers and looked for tea cups in the cabinet. Gauri handed a cup and saucer to her. How was your wedding night yesterday? Sandeepa kept quiet. Sandeepa looked up onto her eyes. Should she tell her or not? The question lingered in her mind.

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Maybe not! They both were silent for some time. About your first time? Gauri stopped mashing the vegetables. She picked up a pan to now toss them.

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She lit the gas, added some oil and watched as the mustard seeds sputtered out on her hand. She rubbed off the slight burning sensation. Her tears had no effect on him, he was busy with his pleasure and had muffled her cries of pain with his hand. That was her first time. But there were many such times in their married life. Nitesh, her husband, was very caring but after 3 pegs of alcohol, he turned into this beast on most nights.

Men are passionate. Meena chachi was married to Giri chacha for 40 years. They had more than 12 kids, only 3 survived now. Chacha also succumbed to cancer 2 years back. She led a lonely life. Everyone used to envy her in her heydays - she was beautiful looking. Every year, another. She could only smile at them and fake blush. No one knew that Chachi still woke up with nightmares. Dreams that were a reminder of the brutal episodes of her life.

Various bruises, 3 miscarriages, a permanent scar on her back and a strong detest towards any intimacy were her married reality. She hoped Bride rape stories that day when she would get uninterrupted sleep. Maybe not in this life, she sadly remarked as she tended to the plants. This is what married life is. All the men here are the same - loving and caring during the day and a raging bull by night," she dug the soft soil with great force. Sandeepa entered her bedroom softly. Navin, her husband was in the bathroom. She sat on the bed clutching her stomach in pain.

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She nodded yes, shifting slightly away from him. She checked it in the mirror and chuckled slightly. Why are you laughing? Bhabhi was asking me naughty questions downstairs. She was constantly looking at my neck. What will you say now? What happens inside this bedroom remains with us. And about last night, you do not have to be sorry. I will wait for you to be comfortable with me. It has to be mutual, always," he kissed her forehead.

Sandeepa smiled and hugged him tightly.

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Weighed under tonnes of jewellery and a heavy reception dress, romance and love were the last things on her mind yesterday night. She was already under pain with a red sore around her waist and a bug bite on her neck. He accepted their advice, but deep down he knew what he had to do. Sandeepa looked dead tired and ready to sleep any moment that night. I bet you are as tired as me," he stated the truth.

She was more than relieved. Navin now made his way downstairs, in the garden where the family had gathered for a brunch. He was greeted with cheers and clappings. He smiled and casually took his place Bride rape stories the huge table. His father folded the newspaper and kept it on the side table. He had been reading a news article - Marital rape need not be an offense in India! Marital rape - a subject of debate in our country.

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Bride rape stories

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The Morning After The Wedding Night (Short Story About Marital Rape)