Cannibal fetish stories

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Elminster's Tome of Gynophagia Stories. Story : Suddenly a Cannibal cannibalism, human cows. Reply to author.

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Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message. Suddenly a Cannibal by Elminster Disclaimer : This story is a work of fiction.

It's fantasy for adults. It does deal with cannibalism and should not be read by minors. Don't take it too seriously, it's just a fetish story for adults. Feel free to repost this story, but please don't change it. All of us. Dad, your older sister, me, your uncles and aunts and let's not forget you! We're cannibals, we've always been cannibals and the 'pork' you've loved so much is actually human meat! Cannibalism is illegal, it's sick and it's murder!

You've never complained. Does the truth about its origin make the meat worse? Besides that, it's not illegal at all. We only eat farm-raised girls! Do you mean Uncle Jack's and auntie Jill's? Uncle Jack and auntie Jill do only have two. All the other girls are raised for meat and milk! They are raised as meatgirls and for human milk. You've always loved Uncle Jack's milk. There are many like us and there are many farms like Jack and Jill's" "But that's illegal, it's slavery and murder.

The cops would have closed that farm a long time ago. In fact, many cops are cannibals themselves. They love girlcow-meat. These girls are born on the farms and never registered as humans. For the rest of the world, they don't exist. They're only bred for milk and meat. We do tell our daughters and sons the truth on their 16th Cannibal fetish stories.

They know about it and help us to cover it up. Cops love girlmeat and they do get it for free. In exchange for that they do protect us. Girlfarmers like your uncle can make a lot of money that way. But sometimes some people do pay some cash to have sex with the girlcows, Cannibal fetish stories nice source of money.

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With chemicals, farmers can make sure that only girlcalfs will be born. Cuts that couldn't be recognized as human, muscle meat from a girlcows thighs, meat from her rump, a girlcows' liver. And you liked it. We'll cook a whole girlcow to celebrate your 16th birthday and your status as an official cannibal. Uncle Jack and Auntie Jill have chosen her just for you.

She's 18 years old, has given birth to four girlcalfs and produced milk for a couple of years. At least on a small girlfarm like Uncle Jack's. They're taught that being meat is the purpose of their young lives. How will she be cooked? Uncle Jack has fattened her up for a couple of weeks and she's got a meaty ass and tasty thighs, her girlfat will make her meat and you'll love it.

Tina watched the preparation of the cow Jessica and even helped a little bit. Jessica was about five an a half foot tall, with black hair. She had some extra pounds on her body because of the fattening. First, she was thoroughly cleaned, Tina even helped cleaning Jessica's meat. Like all girlcows, Jessica had a tag in her pussy lips with her owner's name. She was shaved and didn't have any body hair.

She looked young and delicious. I'm born to be meat. Then Tina helped oiling Jessica's body. After she was oiled. Uncle Jack got the spit, told Jessica to raise her ass and slowly inserted the spit into Jessica's ass. Then, inch by inch, the long metal pole moved through Jessica's teenage body. Being a master-spitter, Uncle Jack missed her heart and other major internal organs and so Jessica did survive this procedure.

The metal pole itself had a few breathing-holes, so that Jessica could still breathe. Some of the strong men, including Tina's dad and Uncle Jack then took the spitted, but still living body of Jessica to the fire pit. Soon, Jessica was riding Cannibal fetish stories spit over the fire and Tina helped to baste Jessica's meat from time to time. Within the next 8 hours, Jessica's beautiful young body was turned into meat. First, Cannibal fetish stories skin became red, then some blisters formed and finally exploded, girl-juices dripped on the hot coals, hissing loudly.

The smell of roasting girlmeat was everywhere. Tina's stomach growled. She had to taste that meat.

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Her first bite of Jessica's meat was some thigh-meat from the girlcow. It was delicious, melted in the mouth. Then Tina received Jessica's roasted pussy. It was wonderful. A tasty female organ, cooked to perfection. Tina loved every bite of it. At that point Tina felt like a cannibal and she decided that from now one, she'd eat only the meat of girlcows. All the cannibals enjoyed Jessica's tasty meat and after 2 hours, most of Jessica's body was gone. The leftovers would be taken home and be served to the families, the bones would be fed to the dogs.

Tina loved that evening. Now she officially was a cannibal. And she loved it just like any other member of her family. She couldn't wait fot the next family cookout. The End.

Cannibal fetish stories

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Story : Suddenly a Cannibal (cannibalism, human cows)