Cap dagde stories

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for Free! Published 16 years ago. My name is Tom and my wife is Paula we are both in our 40s, Paula is blond, slim and a size 10 with perfect little tits and a fantastic shaven pussy. We decided to go to Cap d Agde for a holiday and went on the 10th Sept.

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We have always been Naturist and the last time we went to the Cap 14 years ago the place was pretty tame. After reading some of the stories on this site I decided to go and have a look for myself. Paula has always been fairly straight laced so I did not tell her about the swinging reputation of Cap d Agde.

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We arrived on Saturday afternoon and after unpacking we walked naked along the beach until we got just past the first aid post. Then we put our towels on the beach and lay down to catch the last hour Cap dagde stories sunshine. This section of the beach was noticeably more crowded than the rest of the beach with everybody close together. Looking around a lot of people was feeling each other up and we openly saw a few hard dicks. We carried on as if nothing had happened pretending not to look but at the same time getting a good eyeful.

As soon as we got back into the villa Paula grabbed hold of my Cock and sucked it for all she was worth then she bent over the sofa and told me to stick it in and give it to her hard and fast. I told her the curtains were still open but she said that she could not care less and wanted people to see. The following day we went to the beach in the morning and lay sunbathing for most of the day, Quite a few people were feeling each other and we even saw a couple of blow jobs.

We stopped on the beach much later on the Sunday and at about we looked around and the couple lying by our feet started fucking. He had a massive dick about 11 inches long and was shoving it up his wife inch by inch. Cap dagde stories seconds about 40 or 50 single men surrounded us and this other couple all wanking their hard cocks. She started to suck on the bell end but could not get much more in her mouth she got faster and faster with her strokes and when he came she swallowed the lot. It was just so unreal seeing about 50 blokes all wanking in a circle with us in the centre.

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After another 5 minutes all the single men moved about 50 yds away to another couple that had started to fuck and Paula said she could not believe what had just happened. I expected her to say that she had seen enough and wanted to go back to the villa but she started to feel my cock which did not need a lot of attention as it had been rock hard since the couple by our feet Cap dagde stories to fuck.

Paula leaned over and took my bell end into her mouth and began sucking up and down the shaft in long slow movements. I looked around and about 10 couples who were close to us on the sand were all getting an eyeful of my first public Blow job.

Paula was sticking her rear in the air and giving me a great view of her shaven pussy so I started to feel her outer lips and then stuck two fingers in. I pushed in and out and at the same time played with her clit with my thumb. After a couple of minutes her back started to arch and she started to buck she came with a whimper rather than a scream and later told me she did not feel as if she could be as vocal as she is in the bedroom. I came just after Paula and shot most of my load over her tits all our onlookers gave us a round of applause and the man who fucked his wife said Bravo.

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Paula went into the sea to clean up and when she came back I asked her if we could fuck. She refused and said that she would not feel comfortable with all the single men gathering around. The action got much more intense with nearly all the couples around us sucking or fucking each other, Cap dagde stories even saw a few 3somes and 4somes going on. After getting back to the villa we fucked like rabbits again. I had seen an advert for a couples only sauna in Port Ambonne one of the apartment buildings at cap so I suggested we could spend the evening there.

To my surprise Paula agreed and spent the next hour getting ready. She wore a see through black dress with no knickers or bra this was not the wife I had been married to for the last 22 years any skirt above the knee had been to revealing up until this holiday. Considering the Cap dagde stories she dressed we were lucky to get to the sauna, I could have fucked her in the street outside the shops.

Her dress was fairy conservative for Cap d Agde as we saw people dressed in all sorts of fetish gear but for Paula this was a first. When we arrived at the 2 et 2 sauna we both took a deep breath and walked through the door. A young girl in a sexy dress came to a serving hatch and took our money 35 euros which included a drink each. She pressed a button and the door to the locker room opened. We both got undressed and went through to the bar where a porn movie was playing on the TV. We sat and watched the film for about 10 minutes with Paula sucking me off. Then we went through to the Sauna and whirlpool and spent 20 minutes talking to the other couples.

Paula then said it was time to play and let me by the cock through to the play room.

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The room was dimly lit but you could still see all the other people and what they were doing. Paula got on the Massive bed next to an elderly German couple who were in a Once Paula came we swapped positions and she gave me a great blow job. Her arse was pointing in the direction of the German couple and whilst Paula was working on me I could see them both looking straight up her cunt. I put my hand around the back and felt her pussy and the German man touched the back of my hand.

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This carried on for about 15 minutes and Paula did not know that the finger inside her pussy did not belong to me. After I shot my load we went back to the bar for a drink and to recover. We then went back into the sauna where I fucked Paula Doggie style with two Dutch couples watching and wanking each other. We did spend another night in the sauna that week and much the same thing happened.

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We also saw hundreds of blow jobs on the beach and about 50 couples fucking each other. I did confess to Paula about the Germans finger and she said she did not mind but would not fuck anyone else. I will have to work on that next year as we have decided to make it an annual event. If you are in Cap d Agde during the second week in sept. We may bump into you. Paula will be the blond with the big Tits, She has decided to get a boob job this winter.

Cap dagde stories

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