Car cranking stories

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Full Version: Hello everyone! You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. I'm just recently found this forum, and I'm really liking it! I'm usually really shy, but I'll do my best to post and comment on stuff when I can. I'm really looking forward to being here! Hi everyone. I'm a newbie around here. It's a long, long time since I have been on a pp forum so be gentle with me! I'm from the UK and have been into cranking for as long as I can remember probably due to walking past a gorgeous girl in killer heels every day on the way to school from about age 6 who never seemed to be able to get her Triumph Herald started!

I first found pp on the net about 15 years ago and was so relieved to find out that I was Car cranking stories alone in my permanent craving to see sexy ladies struggle with their cars. In that time I have watched many good sites come and go.

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There are a few I really miss Kimmy, Claire and Hayleigh for 3 but lots of great stuff still being produced Kate is gorgeous and I love that Uno and the grief it gives you My particular thing is cranking, teasing and stalling with begging and pleading from ladies in stiletto pumps or boots. Please say hello and have a chat - I'm happy to talk to those then genuinely share a similar obsession.

I'm afraid that just shows my age! Hello, welcome. It's great that you have bacame a new forum member and introduce yourself here. Perhaps you have a few expericenes and stories to share with and in this forum.

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I would appretiate that. I would appretiate that ;- I don't have too many personal experiences to share unfortunately but as a teenager I used to have an attractive music teacher come out to our house every week. She had a different pair of stilettos for every day of the week. She had a fairly new fiat uno which never, ever started first time. However she always got it going by the third or fourth try. I think that car was more of Car cranking stories tease for me than it was for her! I also had a ride to work from a co-worker a good few years back. She had an old Mazda and didn't know what to do with the choke.

It took her ages to get going and we stalled at every junction. About halfway to work we stopped at some lights and the car just refused to stay started again. The lights turned from red to green a couple of times before we got going again.

Fortunately for her there was no-one else around to get stuck behind us. Was a great start to the day though. That sounds interesting, especially the Mazda Story. If you go a bit more into detail, so for instance what was she wearing or did she pump the pedal etc.

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Perhaps there are some interesting experiences? Was a great start to the day though Hello I have a lot of stories with my babysitter is his Peugeot who died all the time. His engine was dying all the time, he was flooded all the time and he never wanted to start in cold and rainy weather. My babysitter was a young girl of 18 very pretty but very shy. Sometimes she had to get angry and give a lot of gas to make herself respected. In rainy weather she was forced to give second key shots, or more! If you are interested I can post these stories for you.

Greetings Yes please! Here's an episode of Alice and her bitch of !

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That day we went to the pool myself and my friends at the time. It was a very rainy Wednesday afternoon. At she was still not there and it was easy to guess why. She must have struggled to launch her and especially to keep it running.

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In rainy weather she stalled all the time, in very cold weather she refused to start and in hot weather she pretended to start, stall and drown. Around I saw a white junior approaching, it was Alice, before entering the parking lot she let a pedestrian. While the pedestrian crossed I heard Alice give a big throttle. It was a that her "cocotte" was not doing well and that she tries to stall at the slightest opportunity Alice stops in front of me and my friends to get us up. Alice had to get off the car to put our things in the trunk and of course the stalled.

While I was giving him my bag, my legs were shaking so much I Car cranking stories excited! It starts again, the engine starts and stalls immediately. She decides to put the choke and the engine starts cahin caha. We stopped in town, Alice had to make a jump to the bank. In parry it made stall his engine 3 or 4 times the last restart the engine started, stalled and drowned.

Alice gave a brief key but of course the did not want to know but we were almost penned, just a little skewed. After not even five minutes Alice was back to the car. She put on her seatbelt and checked the neutral position. With her delightful young brunette hand she turned the key to the most heroic cranking I have ever seen. I counted, the cranking lasted 51 seconds!!!! The engine finally started, Alice kept her foot on the floor for 10 seconds to clean her engine.

On the way back more problems but after the reving she gave the engine a little better.

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This did not stop him from posting when we dropped one of my friends. First attempt ; start and hold, second shot nothing, third shot it restarts it gives a reving but not as big as the one.

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Then it was my turn to go back, she kept his machine running by giving little shots of reving time that I get my stuff and I go to my room to relieve myself sexually, a huge moment of excitement. I will give expensive to relive something like this, unfortunately this kind of thing is unthinkable today.

Car cranking stories

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