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Chapter 1 Amber had always been the beautiful girl next door, or so thought her best friend Paul. Amber and her father had move in three doors down from Paul when he was only four. The two met only days later, at the annual community block party held on the fourth of July weekend. From that time on, the two were practically inseparable. The two remained very good friends through elementary and middle school, and then a funny thing happened.

Amber became a hottie. From the skinny little girl he knew, Paul watched Amber disappear into the popular crowd. And rightfully so, he guessed. She had highlighted her sandy blonde hair, and let it grow only slightly longer than the tops of her shoulders. She still had the best personality of anyone he had ever met, and her smile was enough to light up even the most dismal room. Through high school, the Cast fetish stories grew far apart, enough that it was only at a graduation party senior year that the two talked again. She was on her way north to a college that had offered her a full ride scholarship for lacrosse, a game that Paul had never taken to.

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Amber had also made plans to spend the summer in Minnesota with her aunt and uncle, running their small ice cream shop on the lake. Paul would be spending the summer at home, detailing cars for one of his fathers many car dealerships in the area. His dating history in high school was almost nonexistent, but that was ok, he though.

He sincerely hoped that college would be something different.

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The two Cast fetish stories for what he figured to be the last time, said goodbye, and that would be the end of what was once a beautiful friendship. That summer would prove to be three months that Paul would never want to end. Customers were in and out about as frequently as the journeyman sales force that seemed to slow sales more than help it. Paul had been out washing the new Lexus SC that the sales manager had put on the pedestal out front, when he noticed an older couple browsing the used car section.

After about ten minutes, no one had made their way out to help them. Paul decided to do his best to help the two. The sales exam was about as easy as any he had ever taken, and Paul ed the sales force by the end of the week. His first day was uneventful, and the customers were limited to only a few due to the immense rains the area was suffering through.

Late that afternoon, Paul had almost given up on making his first sale when a maroon Dodge Caravan pulled up. A mother and father got out, followed by their daughter Emily, a girl Paul had known through his younger sister Kerri. They were excited that Paul would be their salesman, but little selection time was necessary. Em had already decided on a Yellow Beetle, the choice ride for teen girls on a VW lot.

With a little help from Al, the sales manager, Paul finished the paperwork on his first sale. Em and her parents thanked him, and within two hours, were on their way home. A tall brunette, Paul guessed to be about 28 or 30, walked up to his desk, and asked if he could help her out.

Her story was one that immediately peak his interest. Karen was a successful realtor with a new development on Cast fetish stories outskirt of the city. She was in need of a new sedan to haul clients around the development, and her lease was about up on her old Explorer. She also wanted something fun to drive. They wandered out to the lot, but Karen seemed uncomfortable in both the Jetta and the Passat.

When Paul inquired further, she told him that she would need a vehicle with additional legroom in the front two seats. My leg was sore, but I decided it would be ok for another run. I lost my balance and crashed big time. Ski patrol carried me down in one of their little orange sleds, and the medics at the emergency care facility were more than kind as I whimpered through x-rays.

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It was Cast fetish stories nasty Tibia fracture, but it had been clean enough the doctor thought it would heal on its own, and since I was a wimp, I opted out of surgery. To make a long story short, the three months of casts and boots were a waste. The two made their way across the lot, and stopped first at the A4 lineup. Again, it was too small, and they decided to try the larger A6. The foot wells were big enough she decided, but why not go for the fun one? The S6 Avant, a hp grocery getter would haul clients and haul ass. The 5 speed automanual would be fun enough, so she selected the silver one and went inside to fill out the paperwork.

Paul was sweating as the two filled out the Audi Financial paperwork, and before the 6pm close, Paul had successfully closed the deal. Karen would return the following afternoon, after service had removed the protective plastics and detailed the car for delivery. She smiled and said she might, and then he thought he saw a wink tossed his way. Damn this was fun. That night, Paul decided that he was in the mood for some casting himself.

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For as long as he could remember, bandages and casts had been his little quirk. He never could quite explain it, but never felt as though he had to justify it. When he was little, he and Amber had played doctor like every other little. They were more creative though, and had gone into Cast fetish stories garage and gotten the crutches his mother had from years past.

The two would wander the house, with ace bandages and socks doubling as casts, each taking their turn on the small wooden sticks. He knew that Cast fetish stories father had worked very hard to give his family what they had. He booted up the Dell that his parents had given him for his college schoolwork, and waited to connect to the cable network installed in their house only months ago. He made his way from his e-mail to Castfetish and Castroom, browsing the various sightings and web finds.

After wandering around a few other sites, he made his way back to download the latest vid-clip from Mr. A beautiful blonde was the newest model, and her cast was as nice as any he had ever seen. It took only seconds, and soon, he was admiring the girl crutch through the park. He asked his father at dinner if anyone was using the cottage at the lake that weekend, and the answer was no. It was always no, as no one ever used it until the annual fourth of July picnic.

Paul managed a chuckle, but he knew that his father would be pissed if he left the cottage the way he did the last time. His research led him to buy what he thought would be the proper supplies, and a post on the message board gave him the added ingredients for a potentially killer weekend. At the last second, he decided to add some sort of space aged cast protector, something he could use in the shower to keep a cast dry.

He had the order shipped to the post office box his family kept near the lake, and made sure that it was sent priority mail. His friend Kelly was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever met. She was always tan, and short with a beautiful frame. She was also the first one to try something crazy, and never seemed to turn him down when something came up. They had gone to the lake together twice before, and even when it poured for three days, they never stopped laughing. Paul called Kelly at eleven that night, and asked if she was free for the weekend.

She was getting off at three from her job at The Gap, and would love to go to the lake. The next two days seemed to drag on at work, but Paul had no trouble finding a replacement salesman for the second half of his shift on Friday. He had expected to sell another two cars each day, matching his first day total. Little did he realize that a two vehicle day was a rarity, especially with high end vehicles like the Audi. Looky-Loos were everywhere, but no one was reaching for their checkbook.

He spent most of the day studying sales paperwork, and catching up on specs for each of the models. Friday at around noon, Paul met up with Tom, a new friend of his at the dealership. After a quick swap of a stash Tom had picked up for him at the liquor store, he handed over a customer that had been mulling Cast fetish stories a new Jetta for the past hour, and was more than amused at the thought of Tom having to try to close the deal. He swapped his Patterson Imports polo for a clean t-shirt, and jumped in his truck.

His first stop was at the grocery store, for some grub for the trip. Near the produce section, Paul saw a young girl with a long arm cast trying to carry a gallon of milk to her mothers shopping cart. It was enough to make him chuckle, and think about the weekend ahead. He filled his basket with a few goodies, but decided not to buy anything fresh until he got there. His final stop was at the Sports Authority, for some new sandals. As he was about to check out, he saw some wool socks on sale, leftovers from the winter season.

He went home to pack, and luckily no one was home yet. He rushed up to his room, and dug the crutches he kept in his closet. He had gotten an aircast from a thrift shop, and had made it look real enough for his friends. He had never broken a bone, and had yet to experience a cast himself.

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He took the crutches down to his truck, and buried them under the random items that had piled up under the tonneau cover. Hidden enough, he thought.

Cast fetish stories

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