Catheter fetish story

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Akelo recently published a nice article here on SoloTouch about urethral sounding. I was going to write a comment on his article but it grew long, so I figured it's an article in itself. I have a friend in his early 40s who, like me, is married, and enjoys getting together with men from time to time. He likes rough, experimental play, and so do I, although I can also enjoy ordinary, lighter stimulation and as to the rough stuff, I more enjoy giving than getting.

Here's what we did the other day:. A mother loves her son so much, she is willing to even masturbate him to bring him relief. You've gotta read it, and if it doesn't make you horny, you're not human!

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This is a description for a urethral plug sent from China. You may not be into urethral play, but I'm pretty sure you'll get a kick out of the seller's description of the us I don't remember exactly know how I became excited about urethral play, but I think it was when a nurse I was dating told me that sometimes she has to catheterize patients. She promised to bring a catheter home from work, but it never happened. A year I met Tina online, and she came over. She is a skinny, short, Asian woman, in her early forties. She came over with a large purse full of toys.

I offered her a drink, but she declined, and wanted to get right down to business. She explained that s I hadn't intended to respond to any of thosebut she sounded interesting. I'm rather experienced in things sexual, and so am always on the lookout for something new pronounced "kinky". I didn't expect I had several surgeries to put me back together. After the accident, sex was the last thing on my mind. I had no release sense before the accident over three weeks.

After three weeks with nothing to occupy ones mind however, I got so that it was hard not The same summer as I waited for my divorce to be finalized I had a bad knee injury that required extensive surgery. Back then this kind of surgery required a five to seven day hospital stay. I masturbate at least every In Up. Accidental Vampire. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 24 at the time Posted on: 20 Feb 11 comments Catheter fetish story likes 13 views Category: Masturbation General Tags: scrotumplayfulmedicalinjury.

Another story from a client. This one is kind of gross, so if you are sickened by medical descriptions, you may want to skip it. My girlfriend was laying half on the bed, playfully biting my balls. She was very gentle, and we were both having a good time. Suddenly, she slipped off the bed, and by pure reflex, she bit A History of Urethral Catheter fetish story. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 63 Posted on: 10 Jan 11 comments 3 likes 14 views Category: Masturbation General Tags: peeholeurethracathetersounding.

For those who don't know, sounding is the idea of sticking an object into your peehole, and potentially deep into your ure Peehole Play with Katie. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 35 Posted on: 14 Sep 2 comments 2 likes 5 views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: peeholeurethraurethralpeehole stretcher. Urethra stretching le to amazing orgasms.

I had fantasized about this for a while, and now it was happening. My friend Katie has had a fascination with peeholes for a long while. So have I. That's not how we met, but it bonds us. Well, other things bond us as well, but we're both peehole freaks, and we know it! Fun With Urodynamics Nurse! Well after about 7 days I went to see my urologist for a test called Urodynamics. Well I arrived with my mother and she insisted on going bac My Nurse Broke the Rules. I don't know what people will think of this one. I'll never forget this lady.

This is a little silly, but it did happen. I was in the hospital recovering from abdominal surgery in my early twenties, and the nurse thought that I wasn't 'passing enough water.

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My Own Hospital Story. Sirs: I have a hospital story of my own.

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I have a good career with the Army. We cannot all be Jason Bourne. My big war wound so far Fingers crossed is that I fell off a ladder and smash In the Doctor's Office I was having trouble urinating so I went to a urologist a month ago and part of my treatment was that he had his female nurse Catheter fetish story in a urinary catheter which would allow me to urinate freely into a bag that I would attach to my thigh.

The nurse wasn't really attractive and since I was in a lot of pain I didn't find t A Rough Time with Terry. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 62 Posted on: 19 Feb 1 comments 1 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Male Tags: glans rubbingfistingurine playsoundingcatheter. Here's what we did the other day My wonderful mother. Remarkably Weird Description. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 60 Posted on: 15 Dec 3 comments 1 likes views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: penispeeholesolo playsex toy. I was looking at sex toys on eBay, and found this remarkable description.

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Urethral Play. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 60 Posted on: 11 Nov 6 comments 3 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: urethral playfingerpeeholestirrups.

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This is a true of my first experiences with urethral play. Kinky Respondent Ties Me Up. You don't need to read my Catheter fetish story Kinky Respondent story to enjoy this one. Kinky Respondant. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 56 Posted on: 18 Oct 7 comments 0 likes views Category: Masturbation Male-Female Tags: kinkyonline advertisingasian.

I was browsing through the online, when I came across a woman who wanted to 'do something kinky' with a man. My Hospital Wank. My hospital wank Please don't drink and drive! Pre-op Adventure. This story is about a recent hospital visit after an accident.

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Catheter fetish story

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Kate’s Urethral Play Story – PART ONE!