Caught and spanked stories

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Let me start with a little background before we get to the incident. I grew up in a family of mostly women that believes in strict domestic discipline for children which includes spankings. My younger sister and I lived alone with our Mother and were spanked often growing up when we misbehaved. It was always bare bottom and over the knee with either a hand, slipper, hairbrush or a combination of the three, depending on our offense. Afterwards we were always made to stand in the corner with our bright red and very sore bottoms on display almost as a warning to the other sibling.

This form of discipline was passed down from my Grandmother. Most of the men in the family did not participate in the domestic discipline in home.

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They worked and put food on the table and money in the bank. The wives had the responsibility of keeping the home in line and disciplining. My Grandmother is a very sweet woman but she has a very strict side if you cross her. She has no limit on age for being spanked. All her children were girls and I can recall a few times that one of my Aunts and even my own mother were spanked as adults. I never witnessed it of course. It was done in the privacy of a bedroom, but I heard stories from my cousins about how they would be taken back to the bedroom with my Grandmother and it was never spoken about in front of the.

You would just see them come out a little later and they had obviously been crying and had difficulty sitting as they were constantly shifting in their chairs just as we would after our mothers had spanked us. Thoughts and dreams of these unseen encounters became fantasies as I got Caught and spanked stories puberty and my hormones were going crazy thinking and fantasizing all the time.

My sister and I visited my Grandmother for a week or two every summer at her condo at the Lake of the Ozarks and we loved those times at the lake with her. We always had a lot of fun fishing and playing around.

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We were always on our best behavior when we stayed with our Grandmother, because if we were caught misbehaving or breaking one of her rules, that sweet smile would disappear and we would be "cleansed" of our rotten behavior with an enema and then a sound spanking later that night. She always made sure we understood the importance of rules in her house and while she was nicer than our Mom most of the time she made up for that with a spanking that was more severe.

She would always start with her bare hand on our covered backside to warm us up, then have us stand and drop our drawers and then let us have it on our bare bottoms with first her hand and then her favorite hairbrush with the flat polished back and long handle. She would continue with that until the back of our thighs and cheeks were bright red and tears streaming down our cheeks, pausing only briefly to run her hands over our backsides to keep the feeling "fresh" as she said.

Keep in mind, none of this was for pleasure or fun. My Grandmother would always apply some aloe vera to our sore bottoms after and help us up and give us a big hug when she was through and we would always thank her. These were true disciplinary acts, but they did serve as a basis for my future attraction to this subject as an adult.

My mother was going out of town for a week and although I was almost seventeen at the time, my mother was not trusting of me to stay along, so I stayed at my Mom's best friend Zoe's house and they were so close that she was actually like an Aunt to me. My sister and I actually called her Aunt Zoe and she knew all about our upbringing as she'd known our family for decades. Since my Caught and spanked stories was at a summer camp, it was just me. Aunt Zoe was about nine years older than my mother and about fifty at the time.

She was still a striking woman at about 5'9" with medium length blonde hair. She was also quite voluptuous with an hourglass figure and she always dressed nicely albeit a bit conservatively. She was actually a part time singer on weekends. She had one daughter, Ashley, who was going into her freshman year of college. She was a very popular girl at school and while she was nice to me, she didn't have much use for me so she kept her distance most of the time.

Aunt Zoe's husband had passed about 5 years earlier in a car accident. Anyway, on to that week. At that age, I was always horny and thinking about sex and masturbating at least once per day but often multiple times. It was a struggle to avoid getting caught at my Aunt's house because there was almost always someone home and my Aunt had an old college friend visiting that week, as well. Her name was Christine and I had a huge crush on her. She was a petite Asian woman with a nice shape, a round butt and small but perky breasts.

Even though she was in her upper forties, she still looked in her thirties. I was surrounded by beautiful women and even though two of them were like my relatives, I still couldn't help having those fantasies. I even fantasized about being caught masturbating by them and punished, but I was really terrified of it actually happening.

My Aunt and Christine were out quite a bit that week doing things around town as my Aunt had taken the week off and wanted to show her the city and meet her friends. Christine was always very nice to me and always complimented my looks and what a handsome young man I was, which was nice for a self conscience young man to hear. I think she knew that. My Aunt was always a bit cold towards me.

She liked me well enough I suppose, but it felt Caught and spanked stories if she just tolerated me for the most part. Given some of my free time around the house and being the curious and horny young man that I was, I did some exploring when I had the house to myself.

I got a bit daring one day and went into my Aunt's room when I knew that they would be gone for a while and Ashley was out with friends. I found a collection of books in my Aunt's closet that were all romance and erotic novels. I grabbed a few of the most interesting ones that appeared to involve women together in bisexual situations and moved on in my search. I found my Aunt's underwear drawer and as I looked through her pretty panties, I found a vibrating dildo in the back of the drawer. I was excited by that to no end and after figuring out how it turned on and off, I took it with me.

I was beginning to feel like I was in heaven and about to return to my guest room when I spotted Christine's suit case. Even though she had a space on the couch downstairs, she changed and showered in my Aunt's room and bathroom. My mouth went dry as I opened up the suit case to find her dirty panties from earlier this morning before she showered. My heart was pumping through my chest as I picked them up and inhaled. I'll never forget realizing the thong crotch was still damp and immediately becoming aroused as the sweet yet musky scent filled my nose. I knew this was going too far but I couldn't stop myself.

I convinced myself that I had hours and I could return everything before anyone returned home. On my way to my room, I couldn't Caught and spanked stories myself and stopped by the hamper, grabbing a pair Caught and spanked stories Ashley's and my Aunt's discarded panties from the top of the pile before closing the door to my room and stripping down to just my tee shirt. Initially, I took turns smelling each of the panties enjoying the difference in scent from each but ultimately deciding to wrap Christine's thong around my face so I could keep my hands free to begin reading the books and slowly teasing myself with other panties.

The softness felt great as I stroked slowly. I was deep into the books when I heard someone coming up the stairs. I jumped under the covers just in case but it was Ashley, she yelled through the door that she was home and going to her room with her friend and not to bother her. I yelled back, "Okay, no problem! I was nervous as hell but also very turned on and had to continue. When I heard her bedroom door close down the hall, I felt safe to get back to my session.

My Aunt shouldn't be home for another couple hours as it was still early in the afternoon. I was really enjoying the books and they were erotic beyond my imagination. Not only was there lesbian sex, but also between older women and younger women and men.

There was spanking at times that always lead to sex and also some anal sex that I found very intriguing. It was described as increasing the sensation of orgasm for the women in the book and since I had my Aunt's vibrator, I decided to try for myself. I tiptoed to the bathroom and grabbed some lotion and returned to my room as I had read enough to know they always used something to help ease it in. I teased myself with it and felt myself opening up.

It wasn't long before I had it buried inside me to the hilt and the vibration turned on. I was still teasing myself though, almost addicted to reading more of these books before I allowed myself to release. I always enjoyed edging myself during my masturbation. I was completely lost in my own world that I never thought of the vibration being loud enough to be heard in the hallway. I must have been in a trance because I never even heard my door open. All I heard was, "Are you fucking kidding me? I froze in shock.

I think they were too. I was laying on my back on the bed facing the door with nothing covering my lower body and Christine's panties wrapped around my face. The other panties wrapped around my throbbing penis which had been leaking precum on to the panties badly for an hour now and, of course, my Aunt's vibrator deep inside my rear with the base of the bed holding it in place as it vibrated against my prostate and the foot board simultaneously.

There was no where to hide. I was caught red handed and it couldn't have looked worse. Then I heard Ashley's door open and it broke us all out of our trance. My Aunt whipped around and yelled at her, telling her to get back in her room and close the door.

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I heard it close immediately. I wasn't sure if she saw me or not. My Aunt turned back and closed the door to my room, pulling Christine in behind her. I was now trying to take the panties off my face and body but it was hard to remove the vibe since it was wedged between the bed and my body and vibrating loudly.

My Aunt looked straight at it and made eye contact with me again as she looked on with anger. I saw Christine almost laughing beside her but also looking on with pity. My Aunt told me to take it all off as she walked straight to me and yanked the vibrator up and out from my bottom, holding it with her finger tips and a look of disgust on her face before handing it to Christine and telling her to turn it off.

She looked back at me and said, "What the hell am I going to do with you? Are you kidding me, Aaron? Not only are you disrespecting my house and my property, but my daughter is right down the hall while you are doing all of this. What should we do with you, Aaron? Tell me! You know that, Aaron! And you've made a mess of them for god sake. And my books? You goddamn little pervert!! You've gone through all of my things!! What should I do?

Christine, what should I do? Christine replied, "I think you should do the same to him as you'd do to Ashley if she misbehaved like this. He clearly needs to learn some discipline. I looked on with disbelief and tried to get under the covers. She walked to the chair in Caught and spanked stories corner while telling Christine to guard the door and then turning to me and telling me to get up and assume the position as she seated herself.

I begged and pleaded and she told me to do it now and not to make her come get me as it would just be worse for me. I slowly got up and walked over to the side of the chair and she lifted her arms and I laid myself across her lap perfectly.

Caught and spanked stories

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