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Tortured swollen testicles! Presented by Gay Bondage Fiction. Illustrated with art by Cavelo. A BDSM-curious straight man arrives for a hook-up hoping to dominate a submissive female but instead learns all about submission from an older male Master in this hot new story from Briballus with art piece by ULF. Forced to Play - 2 ». Forced to Play - 3 ».

Private Ryan is brutally electro-tortured by the SS guards before his eventual rescue in the conclusion to this hot torture series.

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Thank you steve mchalperin for sharing this with us! A young jock is twice dominated by a mysterious biker in this hot erotic short both written and illustrated by Dixon. Private Ryan is hoisted higher by his cock and balls before the juice is turned up! Private Ryan suffers a severe whipping then the poor soldier is stretched on "the rack" for electro torture!

The audience gets to in as EVERY part of Lot 's body is whipped before the poor stud is finally sold at auction! Owein spends an evening with the Cbt torture stories sons where he learns well that one man's agony is another man's ecstasy! Poor Tim gets "spit-roasted" and Caleb Wiley gets hooked up to the electrodes!

A pair of Israeli soldiers who are also lovers are captured and tortured by a group of Arab men in this HOT and very creative story by steve mchalperin! Forced to Play — 1 September 17, Briballus 1.

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Forced to Play — 2 September 17, Briballus 1. Forced to Play — 3 September 17, Briballus 2. Torturing Private Ryan — Conclusion August 16, steve mchalperin 0. Winning Shot — Part 1 August 16, Dixon 0. The Fundraiser — Part 5 May 14, Amalaric 1. Tunnel Ten — Chapters February 23, steve mchalperin 2. Search Stories by Keyword. Members Newest Active. All Models 18 years old or older. All rights reserved.

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