Centaur transformation stories

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After a long break I have at last gotten back into the groove of writing a new centaur transformation short story. I have another piece of TF bubbling up fast and intend to produce it by next weekend. And, if I can maintain my creative energy I may return to writing new installments of Coptaur. The best laid plans. Centaur transformation stories following story features gay love and is meant for adults only. Anyone under the Age of Consent 18 should move along now. So should creatures who disapprove of gay love.

Fairleigh knew that scientists were predicting bad things ahead. Global warming and all that. The same stuff his Baptist cousins claimed was Satan discounting the Lord. He knew better. All around him he saw s of rapidly changing conditions. The s were, frankly, scary. He knew he looked great for a year old man. Most guys would have killed to have a physique like his.

He rose from his clammy bed and looked out the bedroom window across the main pasture to where the creek lay. The full moon was casting its shimmering light across the oak trees and the scene looked inviting to Fair. Nobody but the horses and goats would see him walking out to his favorite bathing spot.

It was three-thirty and he would have wagered that only he was crazy enough to go swimming this late.

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Fair grabbed a disposable lighter and fished a t from the back of his bed stand drawer. He seldom smoked the Centaur transformation stories these days, but feeling the way he did it just might help him to relax.

Slipping on his boots he exited through the open window and proceeded to make his way to the line of trees and shrub on the near horizon. He much preferred his four-legged friends to most humans. Horses, he believed, never fucked with you unless you fucked with them first. If you loved them then they were more than ready to love you right back. That was the main reason he enjoyed animal company. People were busy playing games. A faint breeze made a slight effort to cool off his sweaty body. It felt good for the moment.

He pushed past the screen of tall grass and other vegetation to the quiet spot he had used for decades. Just being there brought up many good memories. It was at this sweet spot that Fair and Rainer first made love. He still could feel the amazing pleasure of that surprise. Fair admired what a good family man his buddy had become but he never had any intention of following in his breeder footsteps. Their good sex times were just memories now and nothing that was ever mentioned even in intimate conversation.

Fair had been smitten with a young fellow the year, but Mac took off without a warning or a goodbye. Fair had guessed Mac was scared of love and hightailed it. The small impacts broke up the reflection of the full moon. In a few seconds the giant nightlight returned to its full spherical form sitting on the water as if it were a place to escape.

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Fair shed his boots and lit the t. He sat on a flat rock and let his feet dangle in the cool water. He began to relax completely. It was as if all the rigidity that had plagued his body was expelled in one rush. Fair felt limp and lowered his melting body into the bracing darkness. Just what I needed.

Off a ways he could hear an owl hooting and wondered how small varmints were faring in the Centaur transformation stories of the moon. Not well he suspected. Owls were prime predators and a night like this was perfect for snaring voles and other nocturnal critters. Especially flying. For a brief instant he felt himself soaring on the wings of his high until his attention was snapped back by a noise. He could swear he heard footsteps. No, not footsteps; hoof beats. He turned his head slightly and eyed the intruder. The white spots that speckled his rump like snowflakes falling on grey ashes looked like stars in the light.

A more beautiful example of equine pulchritude would have been hard to find. Not just that. Rainer had dubbed the horse Brightline because he was about the smartest horse anyone had encountered. His personality was bold and secure.

The animal definitely showed his pride. Rainer had determined that Brighty would be the sire to an entire line of smarter and better horses. He was counting on great things from the young stud. Fair had been there when the Appie dam, Sophie, delivered her first foal. Rainer had been concerned that the inexperienced mare would have some difficulty so he called on his vet, Dr.

Hollingsworth and Fair to attend the birthing. In a few quick thrusts Sophie ejected the sac full of Brighty. Centaur transformation stories licked off and ate the placenta a little later under the dim yellow bug light that filled her stall. Brighty got his bearings and stood for the first time. He was a sight to behold. His mother nudged him, licked his muzzle, and then let out a whinny that echoed through the barn.

That little fella is a real beauty, Rain. You should be proud. They did all the work. Like two old brood hens. Fair had never felt so connected to a horse as he did this one. He made certain to be nearby as much as possible and watched the colt develop into a fine stallion.

Smell the dope did ya? Instead the stallion walked right into the pool with Fair. Like they were midnight swimming buddies. Skinny-dipping the night away.

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Fair laughed but was amazed when the animal managed to cross under his floating body and then lift him onto his back. Fair had to adjust himself quickly as the horse carried him out of the creek and broke into a gallop. In fact, no one had. Fair was so good with horses that every time he mentioned making for other parts Rainer raised his wages for fear of losing his best hand. By the way Brighty was now carrying off Fair it seemed he must know that truth, too.

He could feel the finely tuned muscles undulating as the animal moved. Naked, cooled by the wind the horse made running though the warm night air. Fair closed his eyes and relaxed dreaming a little in his pot-induced buzz of how it Centaur transformation stories be to be forever connected to Centaur transformation stories a fine beast.

Again his attention was snapped forward when he thought he heard something unknown break the calm night. Something louder than hoof beats, but still indistinct. Was it a voice? He listened closer as best he could. There was a rhythm to the sound like words being chanted. But he had no idea what the words were or where exactly they were coming from. He felt he ought to be scared by such a strange occurrence, but instead his native curiosity was suddenly peaked. Brighty proved his worth at that point and headed of toward the chanting sound. As the chanting became louder Fair became more relaxed until he felt a trance close in soft and warm around him.

He felt profoundly good. Forgetting any pains or aches or even his aging. Contented and closely connected to both the sound of the chanting and the body of the horse he was riding. Brighty entered the forest and the light of the moon fractured among the branches and trunks as the horse weaved his way through the trees and toward the rhythmic chanting.

Fair took in the words and found he was almost unconsciously repeating them in his head. It was as if they were familiar words to him. As if the chant was one he knew and now was the time to remember it. To say it aloud, and so, he soon came to speak the words in unison with the voice. A voice he was beginning to recognize. He said the words with soft passion and let the chant wash over him as his connection to Brighty became more intense and vivid. Then from out of the dark woods a figure emerged and made its way toward him.

Centaur transformation stories

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