Centauress transformation stories

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Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Centaur Shifted by darkness Rated X. Published: May 6th, Tags: ftm 0 intercourse 0 female to hermaphodite 0 centaur 0. Emily is changed in a big way. Rated R. Published: Jul 4th, Last Updated: Jul 6th, Tags: horse penis 0 masturbation 0 messy 0 circe 0 forced change 0 centaur 0 unwilling change 0 cum 0 unwilling 0 magical transformation 0. A Boring Life by thedarkhorse.

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Published: Mar 8th, Last Updated: Mar 9th, Tags: centaur 1 desire 0 fur growth 0 wish 0 big cock 0 wishing 0 male character 0 horse penis 0 messy 0. A man just wants a not-so-boring life. Now he gets what he wants, though it came out more unique than he expected. Magic lotion at a discount by SenorIncongnito. Published: Mar 3rd, Tags: centaur 1 female and male 0 stays female 0 transformation 0 stays male 0 equine 0 straight 0. Centaur fun at a perfect price! Magic is really real! Published: Jul 21st, Tags: magic 0 transgender 0 centaur 0. Finishing the story, life is good I find the woman of my dreams but also that magic is real.

I have to give Centauress transformation stories my human life in order for her dream to come true. Mom's fantasy job Monthly tale - 5 by SenorIncongnito. Published: Dec 2nd, Tags: centaur 0 transformation 0 fantasy 0. Being a single mother can be even harder on a fantasy world. The Pact - Part 2 by sasquatch. Published: Apr 26th, Last Updated: May 22nd, Tags: merging 2 hermaphrodite 1 conment 1 herm 1 fth 1 female 1 centaur 0.

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Rebecca and Zachary have been loyal followers of the succubus, Cassandra, for many moons. But, disappointed by the slow pace of their alchemical studies, they decide to take on a new project without their mistress' permission - two of the succubus' acolytes wish to be ed together forever as a mythical beast. Two women into herm centaur.

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The Centauride, Parts by horsewriter. Published: Jan 1st, Tags: love 0 centaur 0 magic 0. Horse by PrematureMetamorpher. Tags: mtf 0 transgender 0 centaur 0. Initialtesting by KCRock. Tags: the lab 0 centaur 0.

Freakshow2 by DrBob. Tags: centaur 0.

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Testsubject7 by DrBob. Tags: woman 0 cow 0 centaur 0. Talonsclaws16 by Topaz Tags: satyr 0 archer 0 elf 0 centaur 0. Soulmate Conspiracy by Topaz Published: Apr 1st, Tags: dragon 0 centaur 0 satyr 0. Men to Dragonet, Satyrs, Centaur, Ect. Bodies Entwine by Leasara. Published: Sep 20th, Tags: centaur 1 merging 0 unicorn 0 transgender 0. Pet Shop by Lupus Rated PG. Published: Jul 16th, Tags: dragon 0 centaur 0 naga 0 mermaid 0 drider 0.

Centauress transformation stories

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