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Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. About a week into my sophomore year of college I got a note to see the school nurse. I was at a new school and trying out for football so I figured I was being called in for my physical.

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My last high school didn't require physicals and I hadn't been to the doctor since I was around When I tried out for the team I was assuming the physical was just a technicality that wasn't really enforced but there I was, sitting in the waiting room for the school nurse, twiddling my thumbs. When the nurse finally called me in I started stammering how I had been checked out by the family doctor just last month, and I was sure a physical wasn't really necessary, and I really needed to get back to class. She wasn't having it.

State law. And what an ass.

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I knew Nurse Roberts was the hottest female in the faculty even though I had only been there a week: late 20's, brown hair, blue eyes, the classic girl next door look and legs that went forever down past her nurse uniform mini-skirt. Reluctantly, I stripped down to my boxers, sat on the cold exam room table and waited some more.

It seemed like ages until Nurse Roberts came back and my jaw hit the floor when I saw she wasn't alone.

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Kelly Edwards, a bookish though cute girl from my History class, filed in after the nurse, spiral notebook in hand. Before I could wrap my head around this turn of events the school nurse explained, "This is Kelly, she is shadowing me for the day as part of the schools career month.

Kelly is thinking about going to nursing school next year. You don't mind do you? Then she weighed me, took my temperature, shined the little flashlight in my eye. The nurse was explaining every little thing to Kelly like I wasn't even there and I couldn't help feeling like I was 10 again. I could tell Kelly was undressing me with her eyes, what little there was left to undress.

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Time seemed to drag to a halt as the nurse continued explaining each procedure to Kelly. The nurse used a tongue depresser to check my throat and then had Kelly try. They used the little hammer on my knee to check my reflexes and Kelly must have done it a dozen times before she got it right. They each checked my heartbeat with an ice cold stethoscope and I swear Kelly used the chance to brush the back of her hand against one of my nipples.

Besides, Kelly will be performing this sort of procedure on a regular basis at nursing school next year, the experience will be invaluable for her. Feeling left without any options, I bit the bullet, hooked my fingers around my boxer-briefs and pulled them down to my ankles. That Cfnm medical stories the first time a girl, let alone a woman, had touched my balls and I was starting to get excited despite the nervousness and embarrassment of the whole situation. But standing there buck naked, exposed in front of these two young women, my boxers already around my ankles, I just could not form the words for a protest.

My dick twitched again involuntarily and I could tell it was beginning to grow. Boys his age should be doing periodic self-checks so you should always educate your patients on what to look for. Kelly was watching intently and her face was so close I could feel her breath on my inner thighs. The Nurse was rattling off some instructions on performing self-checkups but all I could think about was Cfnm medical stories to keep my dick from becoming completely erect. I was fighting a losing battle. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. While not strictly necessary for young boys it is very important for older men.

Colon cancer is nothing to fool around with. Can you bend over the exam table for us please? This was another first for me and it felt weird. Then she started swirling her finger around and it started to feel good. Before I realized what was happening I could feel pressure building in my balls and half my body started trembling.

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You can get dressed, you have a clean bill of health. Post a Comment. Friday A Cfnm Physical Exam. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Cfnm medical stories

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