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Hi guys! I am a thirty-year-old guy from Kerala. I completed my medical education four years ago. This is my first erotic writing ever, so kindly pardon me if you find any mistakes. The very first year of my medical college gifted me with the most beautiful and sexiest girl in the history of our college. Her name was Nayana and she was 20 years old at that time. She was more than just an average beauty with a chiseled body and a sexy face. One could find an innocent girl and a hungry slut at the same time in the smiles and gestures she gave. Every fucking male in my college must have jerked off at home thinking of her on the first day she appeared at our college.

Most of the guys gave desperate attempts to take charge of her in many ways. The whole college was wonderstruck when she became my girlfriend by the second month itself. We were batchmates. I am a Cheating gf sex stories, dark guy with a heavy, chubby build and average looks. All the handsome eligible candidates would have really cursed my freak luck. My best friend in college, Nithin had his eyes on her from the first moment he saw her, and got very upset at my success with her in the beginning. But later, he appeared to be the most supporting mutual friend of ours.

The first six months of my love life were my most memorable times because my soft, careful steps gave me access to her lips and her beautiful size 34 B-cup boobs. She would hesitate a lot for every single sexual thing before finally saying yes.

Every kiss was hard-earned. Hot phone calls were improving day by day and led into heated night sessions. In the initial days, she made claims of virginity. But later, I successfully decoded her lies by building her trust in me. She admitted that she had been fucked before by her boyfriend in plus two many times before he broke up with her. I was ok with her past and that made us really close.

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Slowly, we entered into more erotic activity at every possible corner of our campus. And then one day, after I had caressed her a lot, her hands finally reached my pants, giving her the biggest shock of our relationship. I knew she loved big, thick dicks and admired them in every porn flick she saw. Being a tall, large guy, my dick size was never a match to my body size. I would go so far as to say that it is extremely small and thin, close to four inches, even when fully erect. She acted happy and excited but I could feel her disappointment as her hand positioned to touch me.

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That night, during our phone call, I asked her if her ex-boyfriend from her plus two days had a bigger cock than mine. He was bigger, by a lot. Time passed and we used to talk a lot about sexy stuff and gossip.

And I used to open up about things with my friend Nithin during our booze sessions. He knew two things by then: 1. I have the smallest tool around and; 2. The playboy within him started making plans without my knowledge to make my girlfriend his bitch. In a drunken state, I had told him many times that she loved big dicks and strong guys deep inside her. But now, I can recall her slutty smile and face when she would only use two of her fingers to give me a handjob.

Five ups and downs and I would always cum.

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She never expressed any sadness and I always wondered but felt proud of the sincerity of her love. Dramatic incidents were happening backstage and now comes the erotic part of the story. Almost two years of our love passed.

I used to drink at night occasionally with my best friend. One night, our senior from college also ed us to party. Plus, I had always been jealous of this guy because he had this porn actor-sized dick and was a real playboy. Nithin had been close to him for some time.

That night, when Cheating gf sex stories got drunk he told me about some top secrets that had happened between the both of them. He started off by saying I should listen with a strong mind, and without being broken. I always tried to act like a tough guy with everyone, and especially so with that senior. But my tough attitude got permanently lost in a matter of five minutes. Nithin told me that they were both fucking my girlfriend for the past six months.

That loving girlfriend of yours is one real bitch whore, bro, I swear. I sat there stone-faced, unable to digest what my best friend was confessing to. I got really angry with my friend for speaking such utter lies, and that too while my enemy was around. We know you are a good guy. Nithin took out his phone and I knew something really bad was coming.

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On his phone, there was enough stuff to watch for at least two whole hours! So you better get smart.

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First, he showed me a few hot pictures that she had sent them in the beginning. I was relieved to see that she was not nude. Then came her chats with them, with a lot of extreme flirting. I was amazed by the way she was doing them. The satisfaction she had on her face was even more surprising. While I was watching the video, Vishnu took his phone and showed me a dozen more pictures they had taken during their threesomes.

In the first picture she wearing a bra and panties, standing in a sexy pose. In the next picture, she was stark naked, with her legs in the air. Next, Nithin was banging her doggy style, holding her by her hair. In the last picture, she had cum covering her boobs and face, and she was sitting inside a car in some remote place. What I saw in those two hours shocked me like hell.

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But later, that same luck landed me in the deepest humiliation of my life. Nayana really was the sluttiest whore I had ever seen. To be continued.

Cheating gf sex stories

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